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Published at 1st of April 2020 07:43:44 PM

Chapter 32

Qi Xiao Yan parked and helped Yang Wei from the car .

As she leaned on his shoulder, he could hear her mumbling indistinctly, "Qi Xiao Yaaan . . . . you are not a person, you are an egg . . . "

He turned a deaf ear and continued helping her forward . Yang Wei swung her bag at him . "Why can't I drink, huh? I'm determined to drink! And if a toothbrush faces the left, so what? Will the sun fall?!"

This man was just too much! He was even dodging her bag! Angrily, she grabbed a handful of his curly hair . "You even dared run over to Song Jin's house . I'll cut it off . Cut it off!"

Qi Xiao Yan: " . . . "

He looked down at Yang Wei, and on his mouth hung a little smile . "What would you do if you cut it off?"

Yang Wei was dumbfounded a moment, then beat him with her bag . "I foolishly thought I was a little pretty and got carried away . Was this how you seduced Song Jin too?"

As his arm was being battered, he frowned . "That's enough . Be careful not to fall . "

As if she hadn't heard a word, Yang Wei barged on, roaring drunk . "Must have been an awesome first love to plaster it all over the papers . Burn in hell you two! Burn in hell!"

Qi Xiao Yan breathed out a long, long sigh, but held her tighter .

Upon getting indoors, he threw Yang Wei on the sofa, selected two oranges from the fruit basket, and squeezed a glass of orange juice for her . "Here, drink this and sober up . "

Yang Wei flopped over impatiently and lay limply on the sofa . "I won't drink! I'll rely on my amazing perseverance to survive!"

Qi Xiao Yan: " . . . "

He let out another sigh, then gulped down the orange juice himself . Setting down the cup, he got up to carry her to the bedroom . She thrashed around in his arms . "Let me down! I won't drink!"

Qi Xiao Yan threw her onto the bed and loosened his tie . "Yang Wei, if you dare run out and drink so much wine again, you're dead . "

Yang Wei grabbed a pillow and smashed it into his face . "Qi Xiao Yan, you little thief! You stole my pillow! Tell me, what have you done to my pillow?!"

Ignoring her, he took off his jacket and went into the bathroom . Although he had taken a shower before going out, bringing her back home had made him sweaty all over again .

Yang Wei seemed tired as well, and finally quieted down . When he left the bathroom, she was sleeping quietly on top of the quilt . He walked over and sat on the bed beside her .

Her eyelashes were very long, and they cast little shadows under her eyes . Qi Xiao Yan stared at her for a while with the smallest of smiles, brushing her eyelashes with his hand . Her eyelids fluttered uncomfortably before she opened her eyes to look at the person who had interrupted her dreams .

He was still smiling, and the lingering scent of the shower hung around him, stirring up the alcohol still in her .

She frowned a little, looking at him . "You little thief, are you seducing me again? Let me tell you, the thing I hate the most is seduction . " When she finished, she grabbed his arm and pulled him down to kiss him on the lips .

Qi Xiao Yan froze for a moment, but soon the guest became the host, and he pressed her down under his body . They were both intimately familiar with the other's body, and it took no effort at all to light the flames . Greedily, he kissed the side of her neck and flung her coat to the floor . “Wife . . . ”

His voice had always been very sexy when filled with emotion, and the sound of it now dragged her down into the deep mire . She followed his lead and murmured, "Husband . " His slender fingers traced through her hair, and he breathed in her ear, "If it's been a while, it might be uncomfortable . But you're almost ready . ”

"Hnnn . . . " Yang Wei responded vaguely . It was like that enormous curly-haired dog again, enveloping her in his warmth . Her body temperature kept rising, and as she lost her head, she could only give everything she had to him .

"Curly-bae, it's too much . . . a bit lighter . . . "

Qi Xiao Yan kissed the wetness at her eyes and slowed down . "Is this better?"

"Mmm . . . " Yang Wei looked up at him, a glistening in her brilliant beautiful eyes . His own gaze sank just for a moment, but then her hand cupped the back of his head, and he lowered his head back down to her lips .


Outside the heavy curtains, the birds were chirping happily at each other . Yang Wei mumbled in her sleep before scratching her head and opening her eyes .

She found a man sleeping beside her . He was handsome, and bore a striking resemblance to Qi Xiao Yan . From what she could see of his body uncovered by the quilt, he was very likely naked .

Her hand flew to her own body, but what she felt under her fingers was not cloth, but her own skin . Her heart quivered . Enchanting images from last night flashed through her mind like a lantern . Yang Wei’s eyes widened . Her hands flew to her mouth as it fell open in a silent scream .

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Good heavens! Had she really been so hungry as to sleep with her ex-husband?!

Having vented, she searched cautiously for her clothes on the floor . Wrapping herself in a quilt, she edged slowly to the side .

The arm around her waist tightened suddenly, and Yang Wei was hauled back into Qi Xiao Yan's embrace . "Where are you off to? Leaving after eating?"

Though his eyes were close, she could feel his gaze on her like a needles poking into her skin .

She stiffened . "Aren't you the one who took advantage? You're lucky I'm not holding you responsible . "

He opened his eyes then, and stared unblinking at her with his warm dark eyes . "I am willing to take responsibility . "

Yang Wei licked her lips and looked at him, not speaking . Qi Xiao Yan leaned close and said, intent, "Darling, let's remarry . "

In his voice was the slightest hint of entreaty . She raised an eyebrow and pushed him away . "Qi Xiao Yan, a year ago, you married me after sleeping with me . Now you want us to remarry because we slept together again?"

Qi Xiao Yan was silent a moment, then asked, "Will you let me pursue you, then?"

"No, I won't!" Yang Wei wrapped herself up in the quilt and jumped out of bed . She walked barefoot to the closet, dug out a few pieces of clothing, and brought them into the bathroom . Outside, Qi Xiao Yan listened to the sound of running water, staring at the ceiling and running his hand through his hair .

In the bathroom, Yang Wei stood in front of the mirror, inspecting the hickeys on her skin . She huffed out a breath . How many times had they done it last night? Twice? Three times? Qi Xiao Yan was an animal!

The steaming water eased her sore body a little . Massaging herself, she had a flashback to the scene in which she had pulled him down and forced a kiss on him .

. . . so this was still what drinking changed her into?

No! How could this be her fault?! As a man, how could he not have some strength of will?!


As she was in the bathroom, Qi Xiao Yan was also taking a cold shower . By the time she emerged, two cups of freshly squeezed orange juice, a few slices of bread, and two poached eggs were already waiting on the table . On the golden eggs, a smiling face had been made with ham . Yang Wei looked down, forked up the egg, and bit it in half .

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Qi Xiao Yan sat down across from her and took a sip of orange juice . "Are you sore?"

Flushing lightly, she ate the remaining half of her egg .

After breakfast, she left the table without clearing it, picked up her bag and left the house . Qi Xiao Yan followed her onto a bus and sat down next to her . Yang Wei frowned . "What are you doing here?"

"Do you own this bus?"

She glared at him, then turned to stare out the window . Two stops later, an elderly couple climbed on . Seeing them, Qi Xiao Yan stood up from his seat . Yang Wei was still looking out the window and he called to her . "Yang Wei . "

Yang Wei turned her head impatiently, but stood hastily upon seeing the elderly couple approaching . The couple sat down in their seats and thanked them with a smile . A little embarrassed, Yang Wei smiled back . "It's no problem . "

Qi Xiao Yan stood beside her . Looking at the two of them, the old lady asked, "Are you two a couple? You look good together . "

Embarrassed again, she replied . "No . I don't know him . "

Qi Xiao Yan gave her a look, but said nothing . The old lady burst into hearty laughter . "What's wrong? Are you quarreling?"

The old man next to her complained, "Wife, don't be so meddlesome . What do you know about the household matters of young people?"

His wife shot him a look, unconvinced . "It's not like I've never been young . Look at how well-matched they are! What a pity to be divided . "

The old man shook his head . He looked up at them with a smile and said, "Don't pay her any attention . She loves to blindly worry all day . "

"Oh, I love worrying blindly, huh? When you can't find your fishing rod, don't come looking for me!"

Yang Wei smiled . "You have a very good relationship . "

The old lady rebuffed her words . "Who's got a good relationship with him? He's as stubborn as an ox, acts rashly, never listens to advice, and hates cleaning . He hasn't changed his socks in days!"

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The old man's ears reddened and he retorted, "Are you saying I should change socks three times a day, like you? Also, saying I don't listen to advice - you don't listen either! When your whole family opposed our marriage, didn't you still decide to run off with me?"

"Oh, haha, listen to those beautiful words . If you hadn't knelt in my house for three days and three nights, do you think that I'd have married you so easily?"

Yang Wei grinned . Qi Xiao Yan asked, "You two should be around the golden anniversary of marriage?”

The old lady sent a wink his way . “What sharp eyes young men have . This year is indeed our 50th anniversary . How time flies! I've actually been married to him for fifty years . ”

Her husband grumped, "Say whatever you want, but what's with the winking?"

"He's a handsome young lad . I'd have chased him if I were a few decades younger . "

The old man let out a snort . "Do you think everyone's as blind as I am when looking at you?"

His wife pinched him silently . Then she looked up . "Young man, don't be mad at me for this unsolicited advice . There aren't any couples in this world who don't disagree, but the key is a lasting marriage is to learn to be kind and tolerant to one other . Look at this lovely girl . If you can't be considerate to her, others will line up to do it for you . "

Qi Xiao Yan nodded . "I know . "

At that moment, the bus slammed on the brakes . Yang Wei was holding onto the ceiling rings, and as the vehicle came to screeching halt, she tumbled into his arms . Qi Xiao Yan held onto the back of a seat with one hand, his other arm wrapped about her waist . "Are you okay?"

"It's nothing . " Yang Wei quickly broke his hold and stood . She got off at the next stop and walked along the street for a long time, Qi Xiao Yan always right behind her . When she finally felt fatigued from walking, she turned into a dessert shop on the street and ordered a cup of double skin milk . 1

Qi Xiao Yan followed her into the store and sat down in the empty seat across from her . He waited in silence as Yang Wei ate her dessert, and when the last spoonful of double skin milk had disappeared, Yang Wei picked up the rose-printed napkin and wiped her mouth . She looked up at him . "I suppose I'll allow you a second chance to court me . "

A smile broke over Qi Xiao Yan's face, like a gloomy winter sky ushering in the first warm ray of sunshine in early spring .

Yang Wei licked her lips and added, "But you should know that one of the possible outcomes of pursuit is failure . "

As if he was making a vow, Qi Xiao Yan replied, "I will keep chasing success . "

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