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Published at 9th of May 2020 05:45:00 PM

Chapter 42

The students were bubbling up to see how Li Gou Dan had advanced by leaps and bounds .

Nine Nine Eight: Congratulations to classmate Li Gou Dan for successfully completing the leap from kindergarten to fifth grade . [Applause]

Kiki's Meow: A congratulatory telegram from your senior sister .

Cocoa: Did you paint a flower fairy?

Li Gou Dan: No, my wife :)

Yang Wei: " . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . "

Say it louder for the people in the back! What the hell was the problem with the students in this class, huh! Huh?!

"Let's recess for a ten-minute break . We will discuss the rest of the homework afterward . " Yang Wei then closed the teaching software, picked up the phone on the desk and made a call to Qi Xiao Yan . The call connected quickly, but before he could say a word, she had already begun yelling into the microphone . "Qi Xiao Yan, what the hell is wrong with you?! Is it fun coming to my class in your Li Gou Dan alt account?!"

When put beside Yang Wei's bad temper, Qi Xiao Yan seemed even more straight-faced than normal . "I think it's very interesting . "

Yang Wei: " . . . "

"Bull! The registration fee for that class is three thousand yuan! Why don't you just help the government build roads if you have so much money to waste?!"

"I wanted to build you up instead . "

Yang Wei: " . . . "

Before she had even become aware of it, Professor Qi had already cultivated to the highest level of what people called 'the most shameless under the sun' .

"Darling, I never wanted to divorce you right from the beginning . I was hoping that learning to draw might help me learn more about you . "

" . . . Must I make you a math paper in exchange?"

" . . . I wouldn't mind . "

Yang Wei’s jaw twitched . From the other end of the line, Qi Xiao Yan called, “Darling . ”


“I also wanted to hear your voice . ”

Yang Wei choked on her own saliva and fell silent . Not only was Professor Qi thick-skinned, but he had even somehow become good at saying loving words! "Did you find those words from the Internet? The Complete Encyclopedia of EQ?"

" . . . I just said what I really felt . " He paused, and then said solemnly, "That painting is my gift to you . "

Yang Wei's eyebrow leapt up . " . . . Isn't it a bit too ugly to be a gift?"

"But you recognized it as you, didn't you?"

Yang Wei: " . . . "

"That's because you painted it while looking at my photo!" Yang Wei's tone once again became testy, ruthlessly suppressing the urge to drag Qi Xiao Yan out from the other end of the phone . She hung up and stared at the homework Li Gou Dan had handed in .

Although the figure and background were very simple and the lines drawn stiffly, it was plain to see that the heart of the artist was in it . It was not some perfunctory drawing made in ten minutes for the purposes of catching up with homework . Yang Wei curled her lips into a smile and saved the picture .


At that very moment, Liang Ming Hao was also studying the drawing on his computer . Although it wasn't exactly the same, many of its features were consistent with Teacher Yang . He thought about it and concluded that the woman in the painting must indeed be Teacher Yang . But Li Gou Dan had said just now that this was a painting of his wife . . .

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Good heavens!! He thought that he had been already been hiding himself in this class, but little had he known that there were still others here lurking in deeper waters! Teacher Yang’s ex-husband actually came in person to learn how to draw . No wonder uncle lost!

Just as Liang Ming Hao was slowly getting over his shock, Yang Wei started up the class again . Her voice came out through his headphones, "Let's continue with the graduation projects . As classmate Li Gou Dan's picture just now was drawn by copying a photo, he will receive a zero for this project . This is not up for debate . "

Li Gou Dan:  . . .

Li Gou Dan: Teacher, I think you should treat your students equally .

"If I wasn't treating you all equally, I would have already kicked you out of the classroom . " At that, Yang Wei closed his painting and dug out the next student's homework .

Once all the projects had been revised, Yang Wei summed up by saying, "As of today, this course is over . You've all worked hard, and after studying for so long I believe that everyone should have improved . I hope that in the future, you will be able to draw better and better . If you would like to continue learning more about art, please contact the academic office . Until then, goodbye . "

Cocoa: You're too cute, Teacher Flower Buns, I'll miss you qaq

Nine Nine Eight: You've worked hard, Teacher Flower Buns! Will you continue teaching? I still want to attend your classes~

Future Mr . Perfect: Teacher, could I meet you in person? :)

The chat rang with the students' farewells . Yang Wei even felt a little sad . “I likely will not be teaching classes for awhile . If destiny wills it, then we shall meet again . 1"

She quit the classroom after having said that, but many of the students stayed to continue chatting .

Qi Xiao Yan did not stay to watch, but followed her out of the classroom . He had not been lying just now; having taken her class, he really did know Yang Wei better now than before . Just as different people solved math problems in different ways, so it was for art . As he watched her paint fresh colour onto a piece of white paper, he found that perhaps they had neglected too many little things when they were together .

It was when she was in class, chatting with the other students, that he learned that she had once fallen off the horizontal bar as a child during PE, and then never again dared play on it .

He had realized then that they had never been able to sit down and just talk . . . . Well, he had really wanted to talk to her, but he had never been able to find a topic, so he always defaulted back to Goldbach . Though he knew that Yang Wei didn't like it, he hadn't known what she did like .

Listening to her drawing and chatting with the other students, he felt like he had faintly begun to understand how to carry on a conversation with her .

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Picking up his phone from the table, he wrote a text message to Yang Wei . "Good night, Teacher Flower Buns . I liked your class very much :)"

Yang Wei: " . . . "

Qi Gou Dan, if you're sick, take your medicine quickly! Don't give up on treatment!


Qi Gou Dan did not take medicine, of course . He had a beautiful sleep and headed to T University to give a guest lecture the next morning . The head of the school received him very warmly, then led him to the elaborately decorated main hall like a hotel welcoming a VVIP guest .

On the podium was a bright red banner - Warmly welcoming Professor Qi Xiao Yan from the Mathematics Department of Imperial City University to our school .

Today was Sunday, and usually students would still be asleep or outside at this time, but the hall was full and more lively than the cinema .

This wasn't Qi Xiao Yan's first time being invited to give a speech at another university . Skillfully concluding his opening remarks, he started in on the meat of his formal speech .

Yang Ming had just woken up right then . Leaning on the railing of his bunk bed, he peered down at his roommate playing video games below . "Yo eldest, didn't you say that you had an appointment with Miao Hua2 from the music department today?"

Eldest's brow wrinkled, and he corrected sharply, "Her name is 'Guan Hua'! She went to Professor Qi’s lecture . ”

Yang Ming paused, then sat up on his bed . “Professor Qi? Which Professor Qi?”

“The one from Imperial City University . Haven't you heard? It's rumoured that he's very handsome, so much so that even someone like Guan Hua, who gets scores like 8 points in her math exams, brazenly attends lectures . "

Yang Ming: " . . . "

He hopped down from the upper bunk, washed, and dug out a black jacket . "Do you know where the lecture is?"

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The tapping sounds of the keyboard suddenly ceased . Eldest turned slowly to look back at Yang Ming . "Old Fourth, this is a road of no return . "

"Huh?" Yang Ming frowned . "What are you talking about?"

Earnestly, Eldest told him, "Listen to your elder brother's advice . Go find a lovely sister, and have a wonderful chat about love . "

Yang Ming: " . . . "

He approached Eldest, placed a hand on his shoulder, and asked: "You wanna know why you haven't been able to get a girlfriend all this while?”


“Because you think too much . ”

Eldest: “ . . . ”

Upon leaving the dormitory, Yang Ming asked a classmate about the location of the lecture . By the time he arrived at the main hall, it was already so crowded that people were spilling outside . Skillfully worming his way through the gaps in the crowd, he found the inside of the hall full of seated students, many others standing at the back of the hall .

He never knew that the students of T University had such enthusiasm for mathematics .

Qi Xiao Yan was on the stage, explaining the study methods from Imperial City University in a calm manner . His elegant appearance was enough to take in any number of young girls . Yang Ming stood at the door, listening to to him for a while, until the lecture proceeded to the question and answer session .

When the host announced that they were free to ask questions, half of the girls in the audience raised their hands . Yang Ming looked a little closer . The emcee on the stage was the flower of the Broadcasting Department, who hosted a good many large-scale events at school .

Qi Xiao Yan randomly picked a girl . She was dressed in a plain manner, a pair of thick glasses on her face, and her hair caught back in the most traditional ponytail . If one were to go by appearance alone, she ought to be a practical nerd through-and-though .

Yang Ming figured that Qi Xiao Yan had also thought likewise, which was why she had been picked to ask a question . However, as the saying goes, you can't judge a book by its cover . As soon as that classmate stood up, she asked excitedly, "Excuse me, Professor, but do you have a girlfriend?"

The faces of the school head and the host immediately dropped in embarrassment . However, Qi Xiao Yan, the party concerned, reacted in a free and easy manner - from his pocket he pulled out a wedding ring, sliding it onto his ring finger .

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