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Published at 9th of May 2020 05:45:00 PM

Chapter 43

The indoor lighting glanced off the ring, reflecting it's dazzling brilliance . From somewhere, Yang Ming seemed to hear the distant sound of a slap to the face .

The girl sat down in disgrace . Qi Xiao Yan glanced around at the other students at the stage and asked flatly, "Any other students with questions?"

More than half of the previous students who had had their hands raised lowered them . Perhaps to avoid reliving the tragedy from just now, Qi Xiao Yan chose a male student this time .

Lectures from guest experts in university had not only the simple goal of imparting knowledge but also the sharing of wisdom and life experience . Therefore, that male student held onto the microphone tightly and asked for advice with reverence, "Professor Qi, how does one pursue a girl?"

Yang Ming almost burst out laughing . He was almost under the impression that Qi Xiao Yan wasn't here to give a speech, but rather a press conference, with all the students sitting below pretending to be paparazzi .

Sneaking a peek at the podium, he could see the sublime look on the faces of the school leadership . Not in their wildest dreams must they have thought that they would see this scene at an expert's guest lecture .

Out of everyone on the stage, Qi Xiao Yan was still the most calm . He surveyed the students before him, and through the expensive microphone, his icy voice flooded the hall . "If you are able to enter the university at the age of 14 and graduate at 22 with a doctorate, you will naturally know the answer . 1"

Male student: " . . . "

But at 22-years-old, he was still an undergraduate .

He sat back down indignantly, and when the host once again invited questions, only a few hands rose . Yang Ming silently sighed . That classmate just now had had just too weak a mental stronghold . Professor Qi had only been looking down on his IQ, not his appearance .

After two hits by Professor Qi, the questions finally returned to normal . Sitting behind the podium, the anxious school leadership had just sighed quietly in relief when Yang Ming raised his hand .

Qi Xiao Yan had noticed him as soon as he had first come in, and when he raised his hand, the host spotted him as well . Seeing this handsome young man standing at the end of the hall, actively searching for knowledge, she had the microphone passed to him .

It took a while for the microphone to get to Yang Ming . He tested it out before fixing his eyes on Qi Xiao Yan . "I would like to ask Professor Qi what is more important to him? His wife? Or Goldbach?”

The school leadership felt like flipping over the table . Had all the students been kicked in the head by donkeys?! He didn't want to admit to being a leader in this school! No, he just couldn't admit that they were all students in this school!

Fortunately, Professor Qi was accustomed to drama . Even confronted by tough questions, he did not even frown . "My wife, of course . I'm not married to Goldbach . "

A titter rippled through the students, as if afraid that someone else would come up with some exotic question . The school leadership shot the host a veiled look . Picking up on the signal, she hurriedly announced that the question and answer session was over .

Once the speech came to a close, the students began to leave . The school had wanted to take Qi Xiao Yan out to lunch, but he politely declined, making his way to his parked car upon leaving the hall .

He ran into Yang Ming halfway . Qi Xiao Yan did not delve into the matter of whether he had been specifically waiting there . Hands in his pockets, Yang Ming walked up casually and asked, "Professor Qi, I hear you've divorced . Why do you still carry your wedding ring around? Do you plan to remarry?"

"I am pursuing your sister again . "

Though his voice sounded no different from when he was giving his speech, Yang Ming’s heart was stunned . He looked at him like he was looking at the Eighth Wonder of the World . “Pursuing my sister? Aren't people in your IQ realm not interested in secular love?"

"That's a misunderstanding of the common people . When you reach this level, you too will understand . "

One of the common people: " . . . "

Is it okay for you to talk to me like this while you're courting my sister?

"Say hello to mother and father for me . " When Qi Xiao Yan was done talking, he got onto his car . Yang Ming stood still and watched him drive away . Frowning, he muttered, "They're my parents, not yours . How thick-skinned . " Then he pulled out his phone and sent Mother Yang a proactive text . "Reporting to the empress, former brother-in-law says that he is courting my sister again!"

Mother Yang quickly sent a reply . "Who told you that? Does courting your sister mean that they want to remarry?"

Yang Ming's thumb streaked across the screen . "Former brother-in-law said it himself, which should mean that they do . He's been carrying his wedding ring around with him . "

This time, Mother Yang’s return text did not come . She had made a direct phone call to her daughter . "Wei Wei ah, I hear from Ming'er that Qi Xiao Yan is courting you again . Is this true?"

Yang Wei's brow could not help but leap up . How did Yang Ming know? Was he a part of the CIA? "There is that . . . . . . "

Mother Yang cross-examined further . "What do you two mean to do, then? Are you going to remarry?"

"Ah, something like that . . . . . . "

"I just can't understand how you young people think . You get divorced soon after getting married, then you re-marry two days after getting divorced . The Civil Affairs Bureau doesn't need you to generate income for them so faithfully . "

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Yang Wei: " . . . "

"If you'd really like to remarry, then you must put some actual thought into this and don't come and go so casually . Anyway, if you bring him home your father will have to beat him up again . "

Yang Wei: " . . . "

With a sigh, Mother Yang said, "Well, I suppose that since this is happening, I'll help you postpone those blind dates for now . "

"Mom, I never promised . . . " Yang Wei said with some helplessness .

“After you think it over, bring Qi Xiao Yan back for dinner . Your father may not necessarily agree, but he can’t run away from it," Mother Yang instructed .

Mother Yang hung up . Fumbling with her phone, Yang Wei immediately called Yang Ming . "Yang Ming! Who told you that Qi Xiao Yan was chasing me?"

"He said so himself . He came to our school today to give a lecture, and when we met, he asked me to say hello to his parents for him . "

Yang Wei: " . . . "

"Oh, and did you know? He brought his wedding ring along~"

Must you speak in such a singsong tone?!

She bit her lip and hung up, and was still trying to figure out how to deal with the matter when Jian Shuang called . "Wei Wei!!! Come to Imperial City University right now! Quickly! Immediately!"

Her tone was urgent and excited . Yang Wei froze, then asked, "What?"

"Film Emperor Mo is here guest-starring in <Green Time>! There are already tons of people watching!" Jian Shuang's words were incoherent . "He's playing a university professor whom the heroine has a secret crush on . They tried to keep it secret for fear of having too many onlookers, but as soon as he appeared at the university, the students went crazy! I'm going crazy! It's all over the Internet, so come quickly!"

Yang Wei was stunned for a long time before asked a stupid question . "Why is he guest starring on this movie?"

"KaiHuang Entertainment is an investor for <Green Time>, so it isn't too surprising that they could get him as a guest star . Both the hero and heroine are juniors from KaiHuang, too . ” Jian Shuang was speaking very fast . “But that isn't the point! He's about to leave, if you don't make it here soon when will you ever get to see him again?! This is your high school idol we're talking about!"

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Yang Wei finally came back to her senses . She couldn't believe that she might have the opportunity to be so close to her idol . She had only managed to grab a seat in a back corner of the concert before .

"Alright alright, I'll be right there!" She hung up excitedly and not caring about dressing up, snatched up her handbag from the sofa and sped out . It wasn't until she had flagged down a taxi that her pounding heart calmed a little .

Taking out her phone, she scrolled through Weibo . The news had already spread, and sneak photos from students were flowing out . Though the photos weren't too clear, the man depicted in a suit was without a doubt, Mo Zhen .

According to Weibo, Film Emperor Mo was playing a role that would only appear in the heroine's memory . Though he only had a few scenes, it would be a highlight .

Many locals from City A were posting on Weibo, saying that they would immediately be going to Imperial City University to catch a glimpse of Film Emperor Mo . Yang Wei was a little worried . Was there the possibility of a stampede? She was no longer the same as before . There was a little bun in her oven, and she could no longer push and squeeze with a crowd .

She considered it with some helplessness . Forget it - to be on the safe side, she would stay at a distance . In any case, was there the possibility of meeting Song Jin? After all, she was the movie's heroine . . . She had been avoiding the film in disgust due to that .

For Film Emperor Mo to have made a guest appearance . . . Yang Wei squeezed her lips shut . Song Jin must have saved 250 universes in a previous life .

By the time she got to Imperial City University, entrance to the university had already been restricted . There were many people were outside the door, but it was blocked by security guards . Only a smaller door was open, from which people could pass through one by one by showing one's student ID .

Yang Wei eye twitched . She remembered how the school had once prevented them from going out for a demonstration by deploying such a policy . Standing outside with a group of people, she was at a loss at how to get in until she heard the voice of Qi Xiao Yan in her ear, "Yang Wei? What are you doing here?"

The sound of his voice was heavenly music to her ears . Was this the rescuer the monkey had sent?!2 Turning, she clung to Qi Xiao Yan's arm . "Film Emperor Mo is filming inside and they won't let me in!"

His mouth twitched . Then he pulled his arm away, "Oh . " No wonder he couldn't drive in .

Yang Wei saw him about to leave and quickly ran after him . "Curly-bae, take me in with you!"

In return, Qi Xiao Yan hooked his mouth up into a smile . "Heh heh . "

The security guards at the door recognized him and waved him through . Yang Wei clung to his back, but was still stopped by them . "What do you do here? Do you have a student ID card? "

Yang Wei looked at them and asked sincerely, "Does it count if I have one from another school?"

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Security guard: " . . . "

The guards were like mountains in her way . Watching Qi Xiao Yan walking away through the gap between the iron railings, she called out to him in a tragic tone, "Curly-bae . . . "

Qi Xiao Yan paused in his tracks and turned back . "This is a student from my class . She forgot her student ID . "

Having secured Professor Qi's assurance, the guards allowed her through . The rest of the crowd waiting at the door saw the whole thing and gazed at Qi Xiao Yan with deep affection in their eyes . "Professor, I'm also a student in your class! Don't you remember me?!"

Qi Xiao Yan: " . . . "

Yang Wei followed after Qi Xiao Yan into the school gate, as happy as a colorful alpaca running free on the open plains3 . Walking beside her, Qi Xiao Yan sneered, "Are you that happy to see Mo Zhen?"

"Of course! I've liked him since high school!"

"Ha ha ha . "

Yang Wei looked at his profile and could not help but chuckle, taking his arm . "In fact, I've never been able to figure out why anyone would be jealous of a movie star?"

Qi Xiao Yan turned his head to look at her . "Oh? I wonder who it was who thought I was a fan of Song Jin and blackened her in front of me?"

Yang Wei lifted her chin and looked away .

When the two had walked a little way, Qi Xiao Yan asked, "Do you know where they're filming?"

" Well . . . " Yang Wei looked about . The school was enormous . "Somewhere where there's a lot of people?"

Qi Xiao Yan thought for a moment, then brought took her to a building . It was surrounded by people and separated by a yellow cordon .

The first floor was an amphitheater, in which students could take public classes . Although it was a long way away, Yang Wei relied on the strength of her contact lenses to peer through the window and spot Mo Zhen standing on the podium . Though the classroom was full of students, she also recognized Song Jin near the podium at a glance .

She let out a little cry, inadvertently trailing after Mo Zhen as he moved . Just as she was about to call Jian Shuang to ask her where she was, the person in front of her bumped into her, and she took a step back . To her surprise, behind her was a step . Her foot landing on air, Yang Wei fell .

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