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Published at 30th of May 2020 05:16:34 PM

Chapter 44

The step was not high . When Yang Wei fell, she threw out her hands behind her, cushioning herself from the jolt .

However, the fall had scared her a good deal, and the sudden cramp in her abdomen made her face turn white . Qi Xiao Yan saw her tumble and rushed over . "Darling, are you alright?"

He knelt to lift her back up . Yang Wei grabbed his arm, her slender brows pinched together in pain . "It hurts . "

Qi Xiao Yan became nervous upon seeing the pallor of her features . "Where does it hurt?"

"My stomach . . . " Yang Wei looked up, holding onto his arm even tighter as though afraid of something, "Curly, Curly-bae, the baby . . . "

He frowned . "What baby?"

The sudden chill in his face frightened Yang Wei . Panicked tears swirled in her eyes . "Curly-bae, I'm so sorry I didn't tell you . I'm pregnant . "

Qi Xiao Yan's hand tightened around hers, and even his breathing seemed to stop . Several students at the edge of the crowd had seen someone fall and came running up to them . Taking a deep breath in, Qi Xiao Yan lifted her off the ground and yelled at the students around him, "Out of the way!"

The students were shocked to hear him shout . They had never before seen Professor Qi so anxious . A way quickly parted for him, and holding Yang Wei close, Qi Xiao Yan left quickly .

Yang Wei leaned against his chest and listened to the heavy sound of his heartbeat . She couldn't help but fret, "Curly-bae, do you think the baby will be alright?"

"Of course . Don't be afraid . " He kissed her forehead soothingly . She hadn't bled . It was hopefully not too serious .

When he placed her into the car, a thin layer of sweat had oozed from her forehead . He wiped it away and carefully fastened the seatbelt for her . Although he was as nervous and anxious as she, he did not dare drive too fast . Glancing at Yang Wei next to him, he took her hand gently . "Darling, don't be afraid . It'll be all right . "

"Nnn . . . . . . " Yang Wei's voice was weak with the cramping pain . She turned her head to Qi Xiao Yan and felt her nose become a little sour . "I'm sorry Curly-bae . I should have told you earlier . . . "

Qi Xiao Yan laced his fingers through hers and slowly tightened them . "Stop talking . "

Yang Wei let out a sniffle and didn't let out a sound afterward . When they arrived at the hospital, Qi Xiao Yan parked quickly and took her to the emergency department . The nurse in the hallway saw him rushing in and hurried to meet him . "What's wrong with her?"

"She had a bad fall . It might have hurt the baby . "

'Might have hurt the baby' was a broad term . The nurse took Yang Wei into the ward and pulled the curtain closed, leaving Qi Xiao Yan outside . Soon after, another nurse led the doctor in, a woman with a low ponytail and rimless glasses, who looked very young . The two let themselves behind the curtain and no sound of movement could be heard for awhile .

Standing alone outside, Qi Xiao Yan felt as though every nerve in his body was taut . He stared at the dark blue curtains, hardly even blinking . Who knew how long he waited before the curtain was finally pulled open again? From behind the curtain, the doctor emerged . "Are you the patient's family?"

Qi Xiao Yan moved his mouth but could not answer . Finally, he just nodded .

"Do not worry . There are no signs of miscarriage . I gave her an injection, and the situation has stabilized . Let her lie down a little longer . "

He let out a sigh of relief, and his fists slowly unclenched . "Thank you . "

"Don't thank me just yet . The early stages of pregnancy are the riskiest, so don't be careless . Let her rest as much as possible, and keep her relaxed and happy . " The doctor took a couple of steps forward, and then turned back . "Oh, and don't get angry with pregnant women . "

Qi Xiao Yan let out an inarticulate sound . When the doctor had left, he took a deep breath and stepped into the ward .

Yang Wei was lying in bed, her face still pale . Qi Xiao Yan made his way to her side and sat down next to her, touching her face gently . Yang Wei opened her eyes and turned to him, looking overwhelmed . Qi Xiao Yan took his hand back . "Are you still in pain?"

Yang Wei shook her head and seemed to try to say something, but nothing came out . Qi Xiao Yan was still looking at her, and in a light and gentle tone, asked, "Yang Wei, why did you hide this pregnancy from me? Did you mean to give birth secretly? Or abort?"

"No," she blurted out . "I wasn't going to keep it from you . I just wanted to give you a little more time . The doctor said that I should come to the hospital next month for a checkup, and I was going to . . . "

Before she could finish, Qi Xiao Yan leaned over and kissed her . His kiss was gentle and light, like kissing a rare treasure . Not knowing why, Yang Wei felt her nose somehow sour again . She turned her head away . "This is a hospital . "

He buried his head in her neck and cradled her in his arms . "Darling, you almost scared me to death just now . . . "

Yang Wei bit her lip and put her arms about his waist . "Curly-bae, we're going to have a baby . Are you okay with that?"

His head was still buried in the crook of her neck, so she couldn't see his face, but in his voice she heard a rare smile . "I'm okay . I'm very, very okay . "

She smiled, then closed her eyes and said nothing more . Qi Xiao Yan kissed her on the cheek and said softly, "The doctor said that you should rest a little longer . We'll leave when you wake . "


Yang Wei slept there in the hospital for over an hour . When she woke, Qi Xiao Yan carried her out . It was already afternoon, and neither of them had eaten . He helped her fasten her seat belt and asked, "Hungry?"

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Yang Wei nodded . "Yeah . "

Not wanting to let her eat takeout, he brought her home so he could cook for her himself . Allowing her to rest in bed, Qi Xiao Yan asked, "What would you like to eat?"

"Hmmm . . . " Yang Wei thought for a bit . "Cabbage stirfried in vinegar, sweet and sour pork, and a tomato soup . "

Qi Xiao Yan looked at her for a while . "It seems like Curly-baby1 is a going to be a boy . "

Yang Wei blinked . "Who's Curly-baby?"

"The one in your tummy . " Qi Xiao Yan headed to the kitchen . As he was cooking, he paid extra attention to the seasoning . He thought that he might buy a guidebook on cooking for pregnant women and write down everything that should be avoided .

Yang Wei was very satisfied to have a meal that she didn't have to make herself . After the meal, she showed him her medicine and handbook for pregnant women before she was rushed back to bed . Nestling in the quilt, she looked at Qi Xiao Yan standing at her side and asked, "Are you going back out?"

"Mmm . I'm going to the university to bring all my things back . "

Yang Wei: " . . . "

She had just known that this would happen .

Qi Xiao Yan seemed to suddenly think of something . "Do your parents know about the baby?"

"I didn't tell anyone," Yang Wei whispered .

"So I was the first to know?" Qi Xiao Yan smiled at her, then bent and kissed her on the forehead . "Sleep well . I'll be back soon . "

Yang Wei closed her eyes obediently . Meanwhile, Qi Xiao Yan drove back to the university dorm, preparing to move his things back in batches . He loaded a cardboard box with his books and materials, then took out a suitcase from the closet and stuffed some summer clothes, his computer, and divorce certificate into it . Looking around the room, he packed in the photo frames that he had once taken away, one by one .

Yang Wei was still asleep when he got home . Qi Xiao Yan didn't wake her up, but instead quietly began to unpack . When Yang Wei opened her eyes, she saw him hanging his shirts up in the closet . Though she had seen him do this many times before, she was a little touched to be able to see it again .

She crawled out of bed . Hearing a noise, Qi Xiao Yan looked back at her, "Awake?"

"Mmm . " Yang Wei wrapped her arms around his waist from behind and nestled herself onto his back . Qi Xiao Yan chuckled, looking down at her . "What are you doing? Playing spoiled?" Yang Wei used to do this from time to time, and he actually liked watching it .

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Yang Wei only rubbed herself on him, making no answer . Qi Xiao Yan turned and hugged her, then asked, "Hungry?"

She couldn’t help but laugh . "Curly-bae, I've discovered that now that you know you're going to be a father, you're much gentler than before . "

Qi Xiao Yan disagreed . "I've always been very gentle . "

Yang Wei did not even attempt to disguise her laughter, and he gave her a kiss in return . Looking up at him, she said lazily, "You've also become much more fond of kissing . "

Qi Xiao Yan smiled, but said nothing . His darling had a little baby in her belly . Just thinking about it made his heart soften .


At dinner, Qi Xiao Yan talked about going through the formalities of remarriage as soon as possible . They also had to tell their parents . Yang Wei thought about how her mother had said that Professor Qi would be getting a beating, and her eyes were full of sympathy .

They agreed to have dinner with her parents the next Sunday, and Qi Xiao Yan went to the kitchen to wash the dishes . Yang Wei curled on the sofa, eating fruit and watching TV . Had she known about the refreshing days of being served hand and foot waiting before her, she would have told Qi Xiao Yan the good news earlier .

Qi Xiao Yan washed out their bowls, then took the key and made as if to go out . "I'm heading to the supermarket . "

"I'll go too . " Yang Wei got up from the sofa and went to the door . Qi Xiao Yan frowned, wanting her to stay home . "The supermarket's crowded . What if you get pushed?"

Yang Wei took his arm as she slid on her shoes . "Mr . Qi, you're overdoing your nervousness . I'm going to school tomorrow . Were you planning on having me resign?"

Qi Xiao Yan reasoned logically, "It would be fine if you did . I can support both you and Curly-baby . "

Yang Wei tilted her head up to look up at him, then pulled him out the door . "You're willing, but I'm not . Children are expensive . We should save up for milk powder while we can . "

The two left the neighbourhood . Yang Wei thought about it, then said to Qi Xiao Yan, "Curly-bae, let's go to the supermarket further away, just to take a walk after eating . "

"Sure . " It was said that pregnant women still needed to have the appropriate amounts of exercise . Qi Xiao Yan decided to accompany Yang Wei out for a walk every night .

After strolling around the supermarket's food section, Qi Xiao Yan made his way to the fruit and vegetable area to pick fruit . "Eat more apples . The baby's skin will be better if you do . "

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"Really?" Yang Wei raised her eyebrows, trailing behind him as he chose apples . She didn't like them very much, but for the sake of little Curly-baby she would eat one a day .

"When grapes are in season, eat more of those, too . I hear that that gives the child large eyes . "

Yang Wei blinked and looked at Qi Xiao Yan standing beside her . Then she sniggered . Qi Xiao Yan gave her a sidelong look . "What are you laughing at?"

"None of this has any scientific basis . It's not like you to say such things, Professor Qi . "

Qi Xiao Yan refused to reply, and went off to choose oranges . Yang Wei followed him, poking his face with her fingers . "What should I do? Father-to-be Professor Qi is just so cute! Ahahaha . "

Pushing her hand away gently, he looked at their two bags of fruit, changing the topic . "Still need lemons?"

"No, there are plenty at home . "

He did not give a return opinion . Instead, he pushed the cart toward the check out, leaving Yang Wei to take care of herself .


When she came out of the shower that night, Qi Xiao Yan had already lain down in his old position . He had brought back the kidnapped pillow . Yang Wei lay down beside him, said good night, and turned off the light .

In the darkness, it was hard to ignore the pair of unusually bright, intense eyes watching her . Yang Wei finally could not take it anymore and said, "Curly-bae, I won't be able to sleep if you keep watching me like this . "

Qi Xiao Yan stroked a strand of hair back from her face . His voice sounded particularly charming in the darkness . "I just want to look at you . "

Yang Wei frowned, helpless . "I have to go in to work tomorrow . "

He leaned on his side and just looked at her for a while . Then suddenly, he smiled and took her into her arms . "Darling, I'm just so happy today . I'm so very, very happy . "

In his arms, Yang Wei considered the matter for a while . Then she suggested, "If you really can't sleep, you could go down and run five laps around the neighbourhood . "

Qi Xiao Yan: " . . . "

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