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Published at 30th of May 2020 05:16:34 PM

Chapter 45

The next day, Qi Xiao Yan woke Yang Wei up . Fumbling with her phone, she found that it was already seven o'clock .

A little shocked and weirded out, she wondered, "Why didn't my alarm clock ring?" She had always set it to 6:40am, and hadn't adjusted it at all .

Qi Xiao Yan stood by the bed, watching her . Even though she had just woken, it looked like she had already finished washing up . "The alarm is too noisy, and I was afraid it might scare you . I decided to wake you myself . "

Yang Wei looked at him, blinking, and did not express her feelings .

"Get up quick, breakfast is ready . " Qi Xiao Yan turned and left . Slowly, Yang Wei climbed out of bed, digging out a navy blue striped dress from the closet and putting it on . After washing, she headed to to the dining room, where laid out on the table was a bowl of oatmeal, a small bowl of steamed egg custard, and a small cup of milk .

Yang Wei pulled out a chair and sat down, then looked at him with a raised brow . "How fancy! What time did you get up?"

"It didn't take long . " Qi Xiao Yan was having the same meal as she, but with a larger portion size . He handed her a cup of warm lemonade . "I made this specially for you to relieve morning sickness . "

Yang Wei took a sip of lemonade . Her heart was bubbling over with happiness . This must be what it felt like to be a little maid who was suddenly made into an empress .

She hadn't vomited much recently, but her appetite was much better than before . Although Qi Xiao Yan had given her a smaller portion knowing that she didn't eat much, he thought that he could make her a normal breakfast tomorrow based on the current situation .

When Yang Wei had eaten and drank enough, she went back into the bedroom to do her hair . When she came out, her dark hair was fastened to one side with a flower rhinestone hairpin . It looked fashionable and pretty . "How does it look?"

"It's beautiful . " Qi Xiao Yan bowed his head to kiss her, then took her by the hand and made his way to the door . "If you don't hurry, you'll be late . "

Yang Wei followed him into the car . As it started, Qi Xiao Yan told her, "I'll pick you up after work . "

She thought about it . "Isn't running back and forth like that inconvenient for you?" After all, there were a good many things in the university that demanded Qi Xiao Yan's attention, and it wasn't a small distance between Imperial City University and the city .

"It doesn't matter . I'll talk to the school leadership today . " Speaking of which, he felt like Yang Wei's school should also know . Thinking so, he met with the leader of the fifth grade at the school gate .

The grade leader was a middle-aged man who looked warm and gentle, but actually had quite a hot temper . He could be quite sarcastic when ripping into a person, and Yang Wei was just a little bit scared of him, much like she had been afraid of her class teacher when in school . However, Professor Qi had no such worries . He and the grade leader had a good long chat at the school gate .

"What, Teacher Yang is pregnant?" The loud exclamation of the grade leader attracted the looks from a lot of passers-by . Even the fat security guard at the door pricked up his ears .

Qi Xiao Yan nodded . "I hope that the school can take a little extra care of her . " Students in elementary school weren't the same as those in university . It was the age when they were most lively and active, and he was really worried .

Although the leader of the grade had a hot temper, he loved his teachers and students dearly . "Mr . Qi, please rest assured . We will certainly protect Teacher Yang from any heavy work . "

Yang Wei felt a little embarrassed, but the more embarrassing part was yet to come . During morning self-study, the grade leader ran over to Class 2, Grade 5 in person during morning self-study and announced, "Boys and girls, your Teacher Yang is pregnant, so you must be more careful to listen to her . Don't make her angry and don't get into fights in the corridors and classrooms . If you run into Teacher Yang, you can only compensate her with yourself . "

Having heard his words, the students were silent for a moment before the noise began . They all gazed at Yang Wei, intently curious, making her really feel the pressure . The grade leader came over and patted her on the shoulder . "Teacher Wang will be back next month, and you'll be able to relax then . "

Yang Wei nodded and followed him back to the office .

Liang Ming Hao finally recovered from shock . Wasn't Teacher Yang already divorced? How could she still get pregnant? Whose child was it?!

In his heart, he complained about the grade leader not covering the key points . Secretly digging out his flip phone from his schoolbag, he sent a text message to his uncle . "Uncle! Teacher Yang is pregnant . You really are screwed . "

Fang Cheng Ran: " . . . "

Though he stared at the text message silently for a long while, he resisted the urge to call Yang Wei .

But in just one morning the tale of Yang Wei’s pregnancy had spread throughout the grade . After class, Teacher Yao walked quickly up to her, English book in hand, and asked, "I heard the grade leader say that you were pregnant! Is it true?"

Yang Wei licked her dry lips . "It's true . "

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Teacher Yao plopped down beside her, and took her hand in excitement . "Whose child is it? "

Yang Wei pulled her mouth down in a frown and replied, "Qi Xiao Yan . "

Teacher Yao's eyes widened in surprise . After looking at her for a long time, she said, "But . . . doesn't he like men?"

Yang Wei: " . . . "

She coughed drily and changed the subject . "You were talking about going on a blind date last time . What happened?"

Teacher Yao winked at her proudly . "I found an intelligent hobby that isn't tiring . "

A little curious, Yang Wei asked, "What?"

"Playing mahjong . "

Yang Wei: " . . . "

So in the end you two successfully became . . . card players?

She'd better return <The Art of War> .


In the afternoon, Qi Xiao Yan picked her up from work right on time and cooked dinner upon returning home . Meanwhile, Yang Wei was looking through something in the living room . As he brought the food to the table, Qi Xiao Yan asked, "What are you looking at?"

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"Oh, this . " Yang Wei looked up and handed him the brochure . "Someone sent me a flyer to a parenting class . "

"Parenting class?"

"Yeah, it's supposed to teach new fathers and expectant mothers how to take care of their babies . " Yang Wei looked at him . "I was going to sign up, but it requires two people to participate . "

Qi Xiao Yan read through the brochure . "It looks pretty good . " He put the flyer back onto the coffee table and bent down to look at her . "I'll go with you . "

Yang Wei smiled . "Then I'll sign us up . "

"I can do it . Let's wash our hands and eat . "

The days passed quickly under Qi Xiao Yan's care . On Sunday, Professor Qi dressed up, bought Father Yang’s favorite Pu'er tea, and marched onto the battlefield - that is to say, the Yang family house - with Yang Wei .

Since she had given her mother a heads-up, the family home was very neat that day, and even Yang Ming had come back home to watch the excitement .

Yang Wei looked at her parents sitting close together and called out flatteringly, "Mom~"

Mother Yang gave her a helpless look . Today's ball was in Father Yang's court . Qi Xiao Yan handed over the beautifully-wrapped gift . "Father . . . "

"Who's your father?!" Though he had only said a single word, he was immediately interrupted rudely by Father Yang, "You've divorced our family's Wei Wei, so don't address us in such a confused manner . "

Qi Xiao Yan was still holding the gift, and without turning a hair, said, "I came here to tell you that Yang Wei and I are planning on remarrying . "

"So just because you say that you should remarry, you will? What are you taking our family's Wei Wei for?!" Father Yang stood up from the sofa and looked down at Qi Xiao Yan . He put the gift on the table and met Father Yang's gaze . "We were indeed too impulsive when we got divorced . This time we have made this decision under careful consideration, and will no longer be so hasty . "

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"Careful consideration? Is that what you were doing with that actress?!" When Father Yang got angry, he tended to gesticulate wildly . For a while it was chaos as the chickens flew and the dogs jumped . Qi Xiao Yan dared not fight back, but could only endure . Too anxious to watch, Yang Wei quickly protected Professor Qi's head, fearing that her dad might really do him an injury and the country would come looking for them to settle accounts .

"Dad! If you beat him to death, then what of the child I'm carrying?"

That single sentence reversed the entire situation . Both Father and Mother Yang stared at her open-mouthed . Sitting on the small sofa next to them, Yang Ming grinned quietly . His sister was good! Had she watched TV dramas to come up with this?

Father Yang quickly returned to himself . “What child is there that you're carrying?! Do you think I'll believe this nonsense?”

“We've already decided the name, Qi Juan Bao1!" Yang Wei ransacked her bag . "Look, the hospital certificate . And the medicine the doctor gave me, I take it every day . The handbook for pregnant women . "

All these miscellaneous things were strewn on the table . Mother Yang stared at it for a while, then looked up at her with surprise, joy and doubt warring on her face . "Darling, are you really pregnant? But weren't you guys divorced? When did this happen?”

Yang Wei scratched her nose, a little embarrassed . “Well . . . I was drunk just once . . . ”

“What!!” Father Yang jumped back up and attempted once again to fling himself at Professor Qi . "You son of a bitch! Bullying my drunk daughter! Is that how you behave after a divorce?! Watch if I don't kill you today!"

Inserting herself in front of Qi Xiao Yan, Yang Wei pleaded, "Dad, can't we be civilized? Let's use our words!"

"I've got nothing to say to this bastard! I don't care what kind of rare animal he is!"

Father Yang's movements were not small, and Qi Xiao Yan pulled Yang Wei behind him . "Darling, stand aside, you might really get hit . ”

Mother Yang also hurriedly grabbed onto Father Yang . “How many decades old are you, yet still acting like Ming'er! Does something have to happen to Wei Wei to make you happy?"

Father Yang opened and closed his fists in anger and stood there for a while, breathing deeply, before finally frowning at Yang Wei . "Are you really going to name the kid Qi Juan Bao?"

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