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Published at 17th of April 2020 07:35:10 AM

Chapter 15.1

“tsk… . Those kids . Scatter, scatter, scatter… . . ”


 I done for, I was fed up with it .

 I’m ----- The “Bloody Tigress”, head of the “Crimson Cats”, Vicky-sama, has to go through all of this trouble because of those kids .


 It would be a great loss if I let them escape like that .

 The deal with “Her” will start at tomorrow morning .

 I have to catch it by that time and finish the “processing” .

 I’m going to have to stay up all night tonight .


 It’s becoming so annoying… . . . Ahhh, it’s so annoying .

 It seems like I can’t get rid of this stress without destroying one of the villages .


 Ah, Yes, I have a good idea .


 Before, I’ve heard that there a prince with pretty good features .

 He about the same age as that damn kid, and he’s clever that people called him as a prodigy .

 There’s a story that he’s going to enter that royal spirit school next year .


 … . . . I don’t like it .  

 I don’t like geniuses at all .

 It’s not fair if you don’t have to go to any trouble as you can live comfortably thanks to your talent .


 So I’ll take it for my next game .

 Let’s kidnap it, play with it, make a good ransom, and then sell it off .

 The desperate faces of those aristocrats come to my mind .

 I think I can drink a barrel with that imagination .


 … . … . Oops, I need to tidy up the work in front of me first .

 What the hell is that kid?

 he is not just a kid . he clearly being trained .

 When “Her” told me to kidnap at that time, I didn’t think about it much … . … . This is quite suspicious .


 AAh, no no 

 Don’t put your head into things that I don’t even understand-----

 That’s the key to longevity .


 “ . . . . . . uhm?”


 There’s something that keeps pricking up my ears .

 I can’t keep the voice of “that guy” down .


 “AAAh… . … . I’m understand, I’m understand . They’re there, right?”


 According to the information, their movement would be .

 Thereupon, I can see about 10 brats far away .

 It’s them .


 “it’s about time for you to pay the annual tribute, you damn brats”


 If I keep pushing them like this, they will meet a the end .

 That brat seems to possess a Spirit Art that erases the weight but, it can’t make all the kids float together .

 If it can then it would do that in the first place .

 And also, I not a fool to fall for that trick for a second time .

 If it tries to fly away, I’ll knock it down with my [Fathomless Pit] .


 I lick my dried lips with my tongue as I walk in the hallway .

 Soon after I go out to the courtyard, I see that brat’s figure .

 There’s also another person with it, that brat’s woman .


 …… . But .


 “Oi, brat”

 “What, you old hag”

 “Where did the other brats went to?”


 There are only two people here .

 Before the time I see them, All of that damn brats had already escaped .

 And then, all of them ran on this way… . … . .

 That damn brat hid it eyebrows from my eyes, as if it laughing .


 “I don’t know, Why don’t you teleport to find them?”
“ . . . . . . . . . . . . . ”


 This boy… . … . what is it planning to do?
I don’t know what this brat’s immature brain thinking--------

 I put my hand into my pocket, and take out a knife .

 When it saw that, that damn brat respond with it eyebrows twitched .


 “Haaha! After all! You can only use your Art Spirit to the thing that you touch, aren’t you? So if I use weapons like this, you can’t able to float your opponent the moment you being attacked!”

 Just only a slight touch and you will be floating in the air and unable to move .

 It would be a burden if it happens, so I must have a counter-measure .

 All I have to do is watch it short arms .  

 I hope it won’t feel about that .

 Pro is not going easy on their opponent even if it just some brat .


 “ . . . . … . if that the case then, this side will use weapon too”


 It said that----

 the damn brat, brought a sword from behind it back .

 Which warehouse did it take that from?


 I don’t care .

 A brat who is like to have a promising future like it-----

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 ----made my life become this messy once .


 “Dieee… . !!”


 I thrust the sharp knife on the spot .

 ----- [Fathomless Pit]

 through the hole and opened in the empty space, I stabbed that damn brat at it stomach .

 Just as I planned .


 “It disappeared . . . . … . ?!”


 The damn brat’s figure disappeared .

 No, it isn’t .

 The corner of my vision is barely caught it .


 A shadow, surrounded me as it jumping around .

 Fast .

 And also, sharp .

 Af if it ignored the laws of physics, it was turning with an acute angle repeatedly .

 The small ball of Rolette when people cheating in a casino moved more natural than this .


 Is this also a way to use Spirit Art of erasing weight?

 I see, you seem to be studying hard------right!


 I stopped that damn kid’s sword that was swung down from above with the knife

 Heavy .

 The weight of the sword is restored right at the moment of cutting .

 that brat frowned faintly on it face, as it took a pause, then it started it high-speed maneuver again .


 certainly that it is a genius as using that Spirit Art .

 However, just as I thought about that brat . Lack of muscle strength .

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 If it was an adult, I wouldn’t be able to stop that blow .


 Basically, weight is strength .

 This brat familiar with it and uses it as a way to attack .

 That’s why it’s developing .

 But now it muscle strength and weight is lacking, so this brat’s tactic hasn’t been perfect yet…… . !


 Take a close look at the damn brat, you will see---

 And combine with the sixth sense, you will able to counter it death blow .


 It was so difficult .

 It was fast, but with the random orbit like that, doesn’t has much different to a stray dog .

 I’m a shadow who can’t live in a town . The wild beasts are my fighting friends .


 After countless times of blocking it attack, I laugh at the eyes of that brat .


 “What’s wrong? You keep doing the same thing for a while now, aren’t you? . . . . . . . Are you waiting for something?”


 The damn brat flew away from me .

 This time, it stopped getting into high-speed maneuvering, but began to make a gap and prepare it sword .


 “Haaa . are you trying to buy time? to distract my eyes so that the other brats would be able to run away?”

 “It’s no use . it’s useless and meaningless . If you were smart, you’d know that I can always know where you are . If I combine that with my [Fathomless Pit], no matter how much distance you made, it’s all useless . ”

 “It’s maybe true---- but”


 It’s smiled .

 That damn brat, expressed that damn cheeky smile .


 “about that [Fathomless Pit], if only you are able to use it------like you said”


 ……… . . What………?