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Chapter 9

With Pyeonsu's remark, Yeoni grabbed at Gnaghyuk's trouser, which was almost taken off as it was not tied firmly .

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"What are you doing?"

"I am sorry . I think it is not good manners to let a savior go like this . " Yeoni used a male voice again .

"Ha?" Ganghyuk laughed, aghast . She was trying to pretend a man with her hair untied .

Once they saw him laughing heartily, the rest of the group also tried to hold him still, especially the man who had a club, who was now even more passionate in keeping him there .

Because he had sinned against the savior, he wanted to make an apology . "Sir, pardon me all to hell . Please forgive me and have a drink . "

"Ha" Ganghyuk was not angry at all, so he could not reject their offer . When he turned to take a seat, he found Dolseok already sitting down, his face all smiles as he poured a drink by himself .

He must have been thrilled because he did not need to spend money for the drinks .

"Okay . I guess this will be my first time drinking here . "

Hearing this, Dolseok made a strange face . Ganghyuk would win the first place if there were a contest for drinking in Suwon . As far as he knew, the latter had caroused here just three days ago .

However, nobody mentioned it at all . After all, he was the most important guest in the room right now .

"Then, I will take a sip . "

As Ganghyuk held his glass, Pyeonsu poured him a drink . "I am Weolbaik Peyonsu, leading this group . You can call me Pyeonsu . "

"Good . "

Ganghyuk drank the alcohol he was poured with a gulp .

"Ka" It was considered good to make an exclamation .

The alcohol was clear like Soju, but the taste was profound and mysterious . 'Sweet, with a little bit acidity… It is good . "

When they went to have a drink even in the hospital at the other world, he always finished a glass in one go; he always drank bottoms up .

Keeping that habit up, he did the same thing in this world as well .

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The group liked his drinking habit very much, as it made him look broad-minded and magnanimous .

"Sir, I am Yeoni . I would like to offer you a drink as well . "

"Ok, ok . "

"Please keep the secret that I am a woman . It is a top secret . "

"Don't worry . " He was pretty good at keeping secrets .

If he started telling secret stories of patients that he came to know during examination, he would have to spend many nights .

Ganghyuk nodded his head and drank the glass .

Next was the man from the swing . By now, he had left the club far aside, and approached Ganghyuk on his knees . "Sir, I am called Makbong . I have gravely sinned . . . Please pardon me . "

"It is OK . Pour the drink . " Ganghyuk looked very cool . Although not to this extent, he had already experienced such threats from patients and their guardians in the hospital .

The relationship with guardians of the patients depended on the status of the patient . If the patient were getting better, the relationship would be good . But, if the patient were getting worse, then the relationship would go from bad to worse .

Therefore, there was nothing to worry now .

There were many people who wanted to pour a drink for him after Yeoni and Makbong . Ganghyuk was the savior of Pyeonsu, and his drinking pattern showed that he was a broadminded person . He was a true hero .

Ganghyuk himself was a person who would not reject a drink . Additionally, he had many things to think about at that time .

As a result, he drank all the glasses that they poured for him and got drunk .

Dolseok could not drink because he had to take care of his master, although it was he who wanted to have a drink the most .

"Then, I will see you later . " Ganghyuk bid farewell while leaning against the side shoulders of Dolseok .

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"Yes, sir . Thank you for the time . " Makbong bowed, bending his body to the maximum .

At that moment, Yeoni ran to him and asked . "Sir, when can I pick up the medicine for my father?"

"You should visit me every day . Come to my house tomorrow . "

"Yes, sir . I will visit you as soon as the curfew is lifted . "

"Ok, ok . "

And with that, Ganghyuk and Dolseok left the salon for home .

It was not much dark inside because of the lamps, but it was completely dark outside . Dolseok held a torch carefully to light up the way ahead .

"Sir, why did you drink that much? It was not a very good drink . "

Ganghyuk smiled without saying anything . His thought arranged themselves and all came to be clearer with drinks .

'There is no way to go back . '

All his wishes and hopes were shattered . He wished so much that it were all a dream .

But, how could a dream be real like this? How could a person experience something that was totally new to him?

'Should I live here?' Ganghyuk thought as he walked while leaning on Dolseok, who seemed to be accustomed to this .

'Then… I cannot live like this . '

His eyes blinked in the darkness .

He became a young professor and played important roles in the hospital in that world . He had a desire to be better than others, and an ability to realize that desire .

Even though he came to Joseon against his will, this propensity of his did not change .

'I can make it happen . '

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Gagnhyuk looked at the bag that he grabbed firmly enough to cause his vessels in the arm to show up . Then, he returned to himself and straightened his body .

"I am sober enough . Let's take a walk slowly . I would like to watch the stars . "

"Eh? You watch the stars every day . Nothing special, sir . "

"You are my servant . Don't talk back to me . "

"Yes, sir . But, do not walk too slowly . The Injeong bell will ring soon . "

"Yes, I must be careful . "

"Yes, yes . You might stay fine, but my buttocks will have some serious pain . "

When they got back home, Seungmun was sitting in the hall . Although he did not show any special facial expression, his face looked sad . He hoped to see his son doing something good, but the latter came home drunk again . He was obviously not happy seeing him drunken .

"Are you coming home just now?"

He did not expect any good answer . It was natural considering the life of Ganghyuk in this world . But, the problem was that he was not the same person anymore .

Ganghyuk had already made his mind . If he could not find out how to go back, he might as well live a good life in this world .

"Yes, sir . I am a little late . "

"A little? Do you hear the bells outside?"

And indeed, there were bell sounds coming from the distance… The Injeon bell notifying the time of curfew .

It was an evidence that Ganghyuk had arrived at home very late .

"Yes, I do . "

"Thankfully your ears work well . Son, you are twenty four years old now . You must do something . "


So, this was the reason why he felt light . He was much younger in this world .

Ganghyuk looked at his hands for a while .

The skills of the hands, knowledge in the head, and materials in the bag…! He would be able to achieve something here even though it would not be the level that the old man wanted .

"Don't worry . I will do something . " He did not look like a drunkard anymore as he made the decisive remark .

Seungmun was clearly softened on hearing that remark . He used to be a strict official, but now, he was a weak father .

"Ok, it is all up to you . I will be going to bed . You don't need to come to my room to say good night . "

"Yes, sir . Have a good sleep . "

After that interaction, Seungmun went back to his room . He was an exact replica of Ganghyuk's late father, not only in terms of appearance, but also the personality .

'He tries to be unfriendly, but I know that he will not keep it at last . '

One good thing in this world was that he could see the old man . He felt like he was seeing his late father .

'I will show him my success . '

Although he looked healthy, nobody would know when the old man would pass away . And here in Joseon, the probability would be even higher .

While he was standing there with an empty mind, Dolseok came to him and whispered . "The wind is very cold . Please come inside . "

"Yes . You must be tired, too . Take a good rest . "

"Yes, sir . "

Ganghyuk let Dolseok leave and then went into the room . He still held his home visitation bag, and the tablets he had taken out of it were in his pocket .

'I should check how it works . '

Ganghyuk laid down on the futon, leaving the bag and pocket wide apart .

If he were right, all of the medicine would be in the bag again .

'If that is the case… I can live here in this world even better than in Korea . '