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Chapter 700

“You’re not bragging, are you? You have no proof . I don’t believe that Lu Shaoyou couldn’t take ten sword strikes from him . ” The first reaction of the conversing genius was disbelief . He believed that they were merely exaggerating . For example, the two of them might have exchanged ten moves, and one side felt that his own sword arts were somewhat inferior and voluntarily gave up . This kind of matter was not uncommon . However, during life and death battles, they could easily exchange several hundred moves more . It carried an entirely different meaning than saying that one side couldn’t even take ten moves .

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“Bragging? You can ask around the Western Ocean and see for yourself if they have heard the name West Ocean Sword Master Liu Wujian . ” The woman in the multicolored robe snorted .

The Sword Master of West Ocean was not titled West Ocean Sword Master . It meant that he was the Sword Master in the West Ocean . Upon leaving the continent, Ye Chen could also be called the continent’s Sword Master . After all, Ye Chen was granted the title by the continent, and thus, would only be recognized in the continent .

Evidently, everybody recognized the worth of West Ocean’s Sword Master and sucked in cold breaths . What was happening? Usually, neither the continent nor the four oceanic regions had Sword Masters . Who would have expected that after Ye Chen, Lu Wujian would also appear? One was the Sword Master of the continent, and the other was the sword master of West Ocean, standing before each other like legs of a cauldron, vying for supremacy .

“So, he is also a Sword Master . No wonder is unaccepting of Ye Chen . ” Everybody immediately understood .

“West Ocean Sword Master…Ye Chen, you sure have an opponent now . ” Hai Wuya smilingly said to Ye Chen .

“What does West Ocean Sword Master regard as? Our continent is the orthodoxy . ” A disciple of Mysterious Sect who revered Ye Chen said in a low voice .

“Junior brother Wang, don’t run your mouth off . ” Although Yan Fengfeng said so, her face had a smile .

“Yes, Senior Sister . I won’t speak, but everybody already knows . ” The disciple chuckled .

Ye Chen smiled indifferently, “Having an opponent is good . Instead, I fear not being able to find a single opponent under the heavens . ”

Experts were lonesome . Although Ye Chen hadn’t attained the Life and Death Realm, in Sea of Soul realm, he’d already attained a realm where it would be hard for him to find a worthy opponent . Lu Wujian’s appearance didn’t foil his mood; instead, it made him feel gratified . Outside the continent were four shallow oceans, and outside the shallow oceans was the boundless ocean . The experts under the sky was like carps in the river . He really didn’t have to worry about finding an opponent .

Murong Qingcheng was indeed the one who understood him the best . She knew that he was a sword freak who wished to have a battle with all his power . She couldn’t help but feel a little proud . Under the table, her soft and delicate hand took hold of his hand .

The genius who was questioning the trio went silent . The counterpart was not nameless; he was the West Ocean Sword Master, and had a status equal to Ye Chen . If that were the case, Lu Shaoyou might not have been able to take ten sword strikes from him . There was at least a possibility of such a thing happening .

“What happened? Got nothing to say?” The woman sneered .

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“Hmph!” That genius went back to his seat .

Turning her gaze toward Ye Chen’s table, she raised her head and loftily said, “The title of Sword Master is not anyone can assume . If you’re smart, give it up, lest you shame yourself . ”

“Nalan, if he is titled Sword Master, he must have some skill . At the very least, the continent’s Luo Shaoyou was quite strong . You need not talk down others . ” The slender-fingered youngster had yet to raise his head . It seemed as if nothing could catch his interest, and he spoke in an indifferent voice .

“Elder Brother Liu, I simply speak what I feel . I don’t think there is anything wrong with my words . Don’t you agree Elder Brother Gu?” The woman asked the majestic-looking young man .

“Indeed!” The latter nodded .

Murong Qincheng was clear that either Ye Chen wouldn’t act at all, or he would strike like a thunderclap . The woman in the multi-colored robe was evidently not enough to arouse his anger . After all, if one stopped one person’s mouth, one couldn’t stop everybody’s mouth . If anybody’s few sentences could make one lose temper, one’s state of mind would be too lacking, rendering his or her skills useless . However, she was Ye Chen’s woman, and the counterpart was also a woman . A woman should naturally be dealt with woman . She couldn’t endure the counterpart talking down her man, and thus, promptly replied, “Strength is not something you can speak of . Your exaggerated words reek of delusion . ”

“Who are you?”

The multi-colored robe woman’s brows stood erect as she asked in an unfriendly voice .

“I’m his girlfriend . Who are you to West Ocean Sword Master?” Murong Qingcheng asked back .


The latter tried to speak for a long time but couldn’t . It was true that she admired Liu Wujian, but she didn’t dare say she was his girlfriend . Once she said so, it would undoubtedly arouse his disgust . After all, there were several others with quite a good relationship with him .

“You’re courting death . ”

With face flushed, the woman in multicolored robe raised her hand . A red-colored Zhen Yuan condensed and whipped toward Murong Qingcheng, who was sitting a few dozen of meters away .

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“Break!” Murong Qincheng’s finger turned black as she pointed it toward the Zhen Yuan Whip .


The Zhen Yuan disintegrated inch by inch . A storm arose inside the restaurant, rushing outward through the windows . It seemed like pillars of light flowing out .

“You sure have some skill…Take my move, Bloodsucker Three Strikes!”

The multicolor-robed woman’s face changed and her expression turned slightly grave . Raising her palm high up, she made a pulling gesture . With that, the red-colored Zhen Yuan transformed into a three-headed red python . This Zhen Yuan python was extremely strange . Its body was short, but the neck connecting the three heads was much longer than its body . It could instantly attack thrice at a faraway target .  The three-headed python puffed out its crimson tongues which gave off a fiery feeling, and pounced at Murong Qingcheng .

“Dark Sky Curtain!”

Murong Qingcheng slashed out a circle before with her left hand, and a dark barrier immediately enveloped her surroundings . As soon as the dark barrier formed, Hai Wyua and Yan Fengfeng were astonished . They felt as if they had been separated from the world outside .

“What a powerful profound!”

Hai Wuya originally thought that although Murong Qingcheng’s strength was high, it couldn’t be too high . However, at present, he discovered that he no longer had the confidence of beating her . He smiled bitterly, thinking that Ye Chen was powerful, but even his girlfriend was so powerful! Should others just go die?

Only Ye Chen knew that her strength was not merely this . Not to mention Hai Wuya, even Yan Fengfeng might not be able to prevail over her . With the perfect integration of demonic bloodline and demonic power, she was basically a member of the demonic race, and thus, her strength could be well imagined .

Blob Blob!

The three-headed python colliding with the dark barrier didn’t create a huge explosion, but merely a faint blast, seeming as if all the energies were sucked in by the barrier .

“Impossible!” The multicolor-robed woman didn’t expect Murong Qingcheng’s strength to be so high .

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“Why don’t you take my move as well?”

Scattering the Black Sky Curtain, Murong Qingcheng once again pointed toward her . This was the Demonic Finger . Even though her two wings were not perfectly coordinated, it still had fifty-sixty percent of its full might .

“Fire Crystal Shield!”

The opponent woman promptly raised both her hands before her, condensing out a seemingly red crystalline Zhen Yuan shield . The surface of the shield brimmed with complicated veins, containing shuttling streams of light .


Unfortunately, Murong Qingcheng’s Demonic Finger was a purely offensive martial skill, without a trace of impurity . It easily split open the Fire Crystal Shield, and was about to hurt the multicolor-robed woman .


Right at this moment, the calm and indifferent Liu Wujian moved, as he could not bear to keep watching . His left hand’s sword fingers were raised, producing a white stream of sword Qi which cut through the demonic finger .


White sword Qi, like a fish finding water, suddenly accelerated and shot toward Murong Qingcheng . He was not targeting her, but Ye Chen . If the latter couldn’t even resist one move from him, his would not be worthy of the title of Sword Master, and thus, unworthy of him paying any attention to him .

The white sword Qi streaked toward Murong Qingcheng like lightning . Perhaps she would be able to block it, but if she couldn’t manage to control it, it would tear the restaurant apart . So, she chose not to do anything, for she knew Ye Chen would act .

Similarly raising the sword fingers, Ye Chen let out his own Sword Qi, which was much thicker and sharper than the white Sword Qi . It cleaved through the white Sword Qi like paper . Thereupon, it didn’t scatter, but continued on to attack the counterpart .

“Good method!”

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A gleam flickered in the West Ocean Sword Master, Liu Wujian’s eyes . He extended his hand and clenched it, grabbing Ye Chen’s sword Qi . The sword Qi struggled like a slippery fish, but as the latter exerted faintly, the strand of sword Qi scattered with a puff .

“Worthy of being the continent’s Sword Master…You’re qualified to be my opponent . But, this bit of strength is merely enough to raise my interest . It won’t be too late to have another round in the future . ”

Liu Wujian stood up and said to his two companions, “We’re leaving!”

“Hmph! Count yourself lucky . ” The multicolored-robed woman fiercely glared at Murong Qingcheng .

As the three were leaving, one genius couldn’t help but ask . “Why not fight now? Could it be you’re afraid and think your current strength is not enough . ”

Liu Wujian said indifferently, “I’m here in place of my master to see Master Sky Sword . There will be no lack of opportunities once I defeat him . You all can come to see—the venue will be the so-called Nine Dragon Lake of yours! Now, that would be meaningful . ”

“See Master Sky Sword?”

The genius who spoke was stupefied . Master Sky Sword was a legendary expert of the older generation . Although he was not Sword Master, many considered his strength to be enough .

“Give my regards to Master Sky Sword when you see him . The battle a year ago was quite fulfilling . ”

“Give your regards?”

Liu Wujian’s eyes squinted . He didn’t know the strength of Master Sky Sword . However, his master once lost at the hands of Master Sky Sword, At present, he’d already surpassed his master, and sought to defeat Master Sky Sword in place of his master . Hearing Ye Chen’s tone, it was evident that he’d already fought with Master Sky Sword, and even the victory and loss seemed clear .

“Interesting!” Liu Wujian smiled and walked down the staircase .

Suddenly, a voice came from below, “September eighteenth, Nine Dragon Lake…Let me take a look who are the geniuses of the True Spirit Continent!”

September eighteenth was the day of many battle appointments, and his meaning was clear . On this meaningful day, he wished to defeat numerous geniuses of True Spirit Continent and spread the fame of the West Ocean Sword Master . Wherever he went, nobody should be exempt from bowing down .