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Don’t be So Proud - Chapter 11.4

Published at 31st of December 2017 02:15:32 AM

Chapter 11.4

Chapter 11 . 4 — A Sweet Burden (4)

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While carrying her on the back, He Zhi Zhou walked past one street lamp after another, the creamy yellow color light was watered down by the rain and fog to become ash gray, like being wrapped by many layers of gauze . From the lane entrance, there was probably another two hundred or more meters, with blocks of old houses on the side and a courtyard in front . A lot of Japanese roses were planted in the old courtyard encircled by iron fence, the color unclear at night, but the fragrance of the flowers was blown around by the chilly wind .

Petals were knocked down by the stormy rain and fell into the mud .

Shen Xi was very comfortable, being carried on He Zhi Zhou’s back . She moved her head and affectionately kissed He Zhi Zhou’s ear, giving him a kiss as a reward .

Heehee . The corners of He Zhi Zhou’s mouth curved upwards and he gave a short chuckle . He really did not expect such a twists and turns difficult night, can also change into a different kind of experience .

Dating had turned him silly?

Thunder continued to roar, quick bolts of lightning streaked across the sky, illuminating the entire sky in spit second . Shen Xi was afraid of this kind of thunderstorm, so she closed her eyes, buried her head in He Zhi Zhou’s back and lay motionless, waiting for the thunder and lightning to stop .

He Zhi Zhou felt itchy at the back, because Shen Xi’s fluttering long eyelashes, were like two fine and soft brushes, resulting in a red-hot imagination . He suppressed the newly developed thoughts, carried Shen Xi into a large iron gate of a courtyard with a calm face and arrived at the entrance of the corridor .

When Shen Xi did not have any intention to get down, he continued to carry her .

At the same time, the taxi driver who was following behind and carrying the luggage, walked over .  It was really  difficult to earn this fifty dollar, not to mention one has to brave the rain all the way, but also has to watch the couple in front making a public display of affection .  But he has never seen such a loving couple,  regardless of the weather or location, comparable to his own youth .

The taxi driver had already put down the luggage but Shen Xi was still lying on Zhi Zhou’s back and has not been “offloaded” yet . She was reluctant to come down, He Zhi Zhou also did not urge her . He continued to carry her and did not put her down, even when paying the taxi driver .

He Zhi Zhou directly took the wallet out of his pocket and handed it to her . Shen Xi took the wallet handed over by He Zhi Zhou and took out a hundred-dollar for the taxi driver: “Thank you uncle, keep the change . ”

He Zhi Zhou chuckled aloud .

The taxi driver scratched his head: “Little girl, altogether two hundred and seventy dollar, since I drove all the way from Wuping . ”

Well, she was once again slapped in the face by a very wealthy person! Shen Xi hid behind He Zhi Zhou and started to feel embarrassed, then handed two a hundred-dollar note to the driver .

It was He Zhi Zhou’s money, so she did not feel distressed .

The driver left, very satisfied . The corners of He Zhi Zhou’s mouth curved into a joking smile: “My girlfriend is so generous . ”

“Of course . ” Both of Shen Xi’s hands were wrapped around He Zhi Zhou’s neck, she was planning about her future, “spending her husband’s money” happy life, “In the future, I’ll tip every time I go out and you cannot stop me . ”

He Zhi Zhou did not know why he started to smile, looking very good under the lighting in the corridor . He heaved a sigh:”Truly is a rich person . ”

“Yeah” . Shen Xi behaved like a puppy who had just learned to be cheeky and shameless . She scratched He Zhi Zhou’s back and said “Because I’ll be a rich man’s wife in the future, you know a rich married woman . When they are outside, they always tip or else no style . ”

He Zhi Zhou couldn’t help laughing and shook his head, he really had not met that kind of rich married woman . However, to let Shen Xi become that kind of rich married woman, will there be a lot of pressure on him?

Some things can be happy burden .

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The old apartment did not have elevator . Since they have to walk up the stairs, Shen Xi has to come down from He Zhi Zhou’s back . Although reluctant, what to do with the luggage if He Zhi Zhou was still carrying her?

“What’s the weight of the luggage?” He Zhi Zhou asked her .

Shen Xi: “About twenty kilos . ”

He Zhi Zhou groaned and said: “Hold tight . ” Then with one hand on her, the other hand carried the suitcase upstairs .

Wah … how her man can be so powerful!

Shen Xi shouted “wah-wah” in a low voice and held on to He Zhi Zhou’s back, feeling happy as well as sorry . When He Zhi Zhou reached the third floor in one breath, he “unloaded” her . With a red face, she praised He Zhi Zhou: “Big brother He, you are so awesome . ”

“Oh . ” He Zhi Zhou took out the key to open the door . In this world, there is no boyfriend who does not want to show off in front of his girlfriend . His wrists were all red, but he looked very relaxed, simply not treating it as a big deal: “Really that awesome? That is because you are too light . ”

Shen Xi laughed and said: “Yes, yes, yes, I’m too light . ”

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After He Zhi Zhou opened the door, Shen Xi still stood at the entrance and felt ill at ease . Her shoes were wet, each step she took will leave a watermark . Although the apartment looked old from the outside, the interior decoration was very exquisite, moreover the living room was covered with navy blue carpet .

She asked He Zhi Zhou: “Big brother He, do you have spare slippers?”

He Zhi Zhou stood in front of the shoe cupboard, but there was not even a pair of spare slippers . Shen Xi came too sudden, so he did not prepare anything, including woman’s slipper, bed sheet and quilt cover for the small room . A few days ago, he even reminded himself to go to the shopping mall on his way home from work, to buy a pink color four pieces bedding set . Thus even if Shen Xi was to come over, she will have a place to sleep .

However, every time, he also forgot . Sure enough, man is not suitable to do such a thing .

He Zhi Zhou let Shen Xi wear his own slippers but she felt very uncomfortable with a size 43 big slippers . Wearing them, she strolled around He Zhi Zhou’s small apartment: the house was very clean, as if time has not left any mark on it . The furniture and deco were simple but traditional, looking a bit like a cadre room in the nineties .

Shen Xi strolled around and noticed a problem —— no bed for her to sleep .

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He Zhi Zhou hurried Shen Xi to go and bathe . Shen Xi stopped her wandering and opened her suitcase to look for a change of clothes . She chose the most beautiful nightgown, and to be prepared for any eventualities, she also chose the best looking underwear .

Shen Xi carried them into the bathroom, but the panties which was slipped in between the nightgown accidentally fell out .

Shen Xi was not aware of that, but He Zhi Zhou turned around and saw it . He frowned and picked up the panties . The sound of water running came through the bathroom .

He Zhi Zhou hesitated, then decided to knock on the bathroom door .  Because he was holding a woman’s “soft” little thing, even the voice has also become soft and pleasant to hear: “Little Xi, open the door a little . ”

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Little Xi …

Why he sounded so intimate …… Shen Xi who was bathing inside, turned off the hot water, looked down at the floor tiles, felt nervous and tense for a long time, then whispered: “Big brother He, this is not …… good la . ”


He Zhi Zhou took a deep breath, put the panties on top of the cabinet outside of the bathroom and before leaving, said: “You come out and get it . ”

What was the matter! Inside the bathroom, Shen Xi turned on the hot water again, terribly annoyed . Half an hour later, she started to put on her clothes and finally noticed what was missing .

Boo hoo hoo, she knew her mistake! Big brother He, do not go ah …

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How to sleep at night? This was a big problem confronting them tonight .

After Shen Xi finished bathing and came out of the bathroom, He Zhi Zhou was steaming something in the small kitchen . He has not taken a bath yet, and because the shirt was already wet through, he can only take it off .

Shen Xi walked into the kitchen and saw such a strong and sexy chest, her face redden slightly, the chest shape was still like she remembered!

He Zhi Zhou was cooking simple steamed egg . He turned around and saw Shen Xi who looked ill at ease . He said to her: “Please help me to take a T-shirt from the wardrobe . ”

Shen Xi knew He Zhi Zhou wanted to cover himself up, she quickly waved her hand: “It’s nothing, I have already seen it all . ” She did not want to cause He Zhi Zhou any inconvenience .

Heehee .

He Zhi Zhou lowered his head to taste the steamed egg, so-so, she should be able to stomach it . He took out the steamed egg and said in a humorous tone: “No need to remind me, I know you have seen it all . ”


Shen Xi sat on the dining chair like a well-behaved child waiting for her meal . He Zhi Zhou put down the steamed egg in front of her and said to her: “You eat first, I’ll go and take a bath . ”

Shen Xi nodded, waved her hand and said: “Go go, don’t catch a cold . ”

Nevertheless, He Zhi Zhou behaved like a host and made clear before leaving for the bathroom: “After you’ve finished eating, put the bowl directly in the sink, I’ll wash it tomorrow . ”

Shen Xi nodded firmly, thinking big brother He worried too much!

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Shen Xi scooped up one mouthful after another from the bowl of steamed egg to eat . It tasted like the kind she can stomach, definitely not delicious, but she was exceptionally happy eating it . After all it was the steamed egg that she loves ah!

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In the midst of eating, Shen Xi thought about the problem of where to sleep tonight: All along, she and He Zhi Zhou have not mentioned about this problem, as if they purposely avoided talking about it, but eventually she has to sleep …

Thinking about it made Shen Xi blush and her heart beat wildly . After eating only half of her steamed egg, she went and climbed into the bed first to sleep . Since this was a difficult problem, just give it to He Zhi Zhou to deal with it . Anyway, she will fall asleep very soon, so she won’t know anything …

He Zhi Zhou finished bathing and came out of the bathroom . Shen Xi was no longer in the kitchen and left half of the steamed egg for him . There was even a note on the table —— “Big brother He, let you eat the remainder . I am very sleepy, so will go to bed first . ”

Go to bed? Where did she sleep?!

He Zhi Zhou quietly finished eating the rest of the steamed egg . While eating, he was thinking of a problem, afterwards should he sleep on the sofa? Or both of them can squeeze together on a bed?

He Zhi Zhou put the bowl in the sink, washed his hands and arrived at the bedroom door .

The door was not locked, just slightly closed; the light inside was still on, but the person on the bed “seemed” to have fallen asleep, quiet and peaceful, leaving only the pitter-patter sound of the rain .

He Zhi Zhou walked to the bedside . When Shen Xi who was on the bed, heard footsteps sound, she quickly squeezed her eyes tighter . She had already fallen asleep, big brother He must not wake her up to do multiple-choice questions ah!

Utilizing the warm yellow light, He Zhi Zhou quietly looked at Shen Xi . He knew that she was not asleep because her normal sleeping posture was not so good-looking .

This bed was only one point five meter wide . Currently, Shen Xi only occupied a very small part on the right side . As to the vacant left side ……

Did she deliberately leave it empty for him?

He Zhi Zhou’s palms were burning hot, but his complexion was calm when lying down on the left side of the bed . For the whole time, Shen Xi was lying motionless, putting on a very good act . He wanted to turn off the light but found out that the power switch was over on Shen Xi’s side . He said to Shen Xi, “Shen Xi, please turn off the light . ”

Shen Xi will definitely not fall into this trap, she continued to squeeze her eyes shut to sleep .

He Zhi Zhou has no choice, but to stretch his body forward to switch off the light . Shen Xi opened her eyes slightly because half of He Zhi Zhou’s body was leaning over her . Suddenly, her body stiffened like an insect in hibernation, until the “snap” sound, turned the entire bedroom into darkness, only then she heaved a sigh of relief .

Such heavy breathing sound . He Zhi Zhou chuckled, closed his eyes and went to sleep .

Lightning still striking and thunder still roaring outside, as if the continuous lightning wanting to break through the window to come in, the indoor light was also flickering, but because there was a person beside her, she did not feel fearful .

Shen Xi snuggled closer to He Zhi Zhou, did not know who took the initiative, but they ended up cuddled together . Thinking carefully, it seemed that she grabbed the corner of the lower hem of He Zhi Zhou’s clothes first . After that, He Zhi Zhou put his hand on her shoulder, then in the normal course of event, they cuddled together . It looked like there was an intriguing magnetic force between them .

The air conditioner’s temperature was set at 23 degrees Celsius, moreover it was stormy outside, the two of them cuddled together, happened to become the only warmth to each other . Such feeling was very moving and reassuring, as if tomorrow is the end of the world, she also can sleep peacefully until daybreak .

Shen Xi moved her body in He Zhi Zhou’s embrace and found a more comfortable position .

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It was still stormy and raining outside, strong wind beating against the windows, the pitter-patter sound . Shen Xi who nested in He Zhi Zhou’s arms, slept until dawn and in the middle of the night, she only dreamed about eating strawberries until her mouth salivating .

In contrast to Shen Xi, He Zhi Zhou’s night was obviously a little more enriching .

He dreamed what traditionally was something every man will dream about, and he thoroughly, for the first time, experienced first hand what is meant by “a spring dream leaves no trace . ” (saying that means things of the past will vanish as quickly as a dream, but “spring dream” is also used as a metaphor for romantic fancies or, in this case, sexually explicit thoughts) . In the dream, a fair and oh-so-delicious girl took the initiative to wiggle into his blanket, bury herself under his arm, throw herself against his chest, so playfully naughty he did not know what to do . Finally he reached out and grabbed her . Her skin was silky, and the feeling was so crazily wonderful .

Finally, he pressed her down, regardless of everything .


In the second half of the night, he continuously did push-ups, probably a few hundreds . In short, he cannot stop .

The first glimmer of light appeared outside, He Zhi Zhou woke up and the leading actress in the dream was still sleeping in his arms, like a little tortoise lying on his body … . .

He Zhi Zhou closed his eyes in sufferance, the feelings in the dream engulfed him once again, such as that kind of “in and out” or “rocking back and forth” feeling… . .

He Zhi Zhou opened his eyes again, lowered his head to kiss Shen Xi’s mouth, to quench his thirst by thinking of plums (Chinese idiom meaning to console himself with illusion) .

Shen Xi got up later than He Zhi Zhou . When she woke up, He Zhi Zhou was already sitting upright on the bed and playing with his mobile phone .

Why was he playing with the mobile phone so early in the morning? Shen Xi moved closer to take a look, but He Zhi Zhou did not let her see .

Shen Xi deliberately used more energy than needed to push aside the quilt and got out of bed angrily . Not only pushing aside her own, but she also pushed aside He Zhi Zhou’s quilt . He Zhi Zhou was wearing a pair of shorts and lying on the left side of the bed with a pair of long legs crossed .

Shen Xi lowered her head and saw that big-headed big ding-a-ling . She was too familiar with this scenario .

He Zhi Zhou’s face stiffened, the stiff face can still turn slightly crimson .

Shen Xi gave a dry cough, in order to fix the awkward situation, she said: “Need any help?”

He Zhi Zhou was stunned and pretended to blink his eyes: “What?”

Shen Xi pointed at the big ding-a-ling: “This ah!”

He Zhi Zhou also coughed aloud and tried to calm down .

Shen Xi saw that He Zhi Zhou appeared to have tacitly accepted her offer, so she did not say anything further and directly stretched out her hand to press and press …

He Zhi Zhou was completely petrified .

Shen Xi has her own technique and completely pressed the big ding-a-ling down in no more than three attempts . In the end, she clapped her hands and looked like a veteran: “You see see, so easy!” (Shen Xi was speaking English)


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