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Chapter -1

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Hi! I'm Claudia Winter James. We've met briefly in Discovering Something Special. Now it's time for my story ^.^

So here it goes...

I met Justin Bolton when I was 16. I liked him at first sight, and he seemed to like me too. He was joining the Air Force because he didn't want to go to graduate school. He had enough of college already. He was 21.

The next time I met him was at a bar, Jazz bar. I was 20, and he was 25. I walked up to him to make sure I wasn't mistaken. His eyes lit up when he saw me but only for a brief moment. He was the guy I dreamt about for 4 years.

We got talking and reconnected. I got to know his rank, and he got to know my building. I thought there were sparks between us, there definitely were. As soon as I realized this, he pulled away. But why?

My heart broke into a million and one pieces. Thankfully, I had Summer and Autumn to get me through this. If you're not familiar with these names, they are Seraphina Jacob and Flora Jenkins. They are the best girlfriends a girl could wish for. They were my support pillars. They were unconventional girls who didn't look down on me for being the "chaser" instead of the "chasee".

This chapter is scrapped from

But was Justin really gay? That thought disappeared the time we shared our first everything: first kisses, first embrace, first night, first cuddles, amongst many other firsts to come. But why did he shut me out?

Don't go breaking my heart is my story, mine and Justin's. It tells the story of my beautiful youth falling in love with a distant man. It tells of my doubts, struggles, and determination.

It is my love story.

Stay tuned... @@
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