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Chapter 13

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A month passed with nothing eventful to take note of. Justin returned a week ago, but he seemed distant than before. He didn't want to meet up nor did he come for a haircut again.

"Why do you think he's doing that?" She asked.

"Maybe he is actually busy and came home for a short time," Flora answered as she filed her nails

"Maybe his last task was really heavy, and he is taking his time to adjust."

Seraphina was the most reasonable among us, so it didn't come as a surprise that her answer was more rational.

"I'll just wait for him then."

She had already waited 4 years. Waiting 4 more wouldn't pose a problem.

Like that, Justin stayed away from Claudia's world for 6 months. It wasn't that they didn't talk, it was just the way the conversation went.

Winwinnie: Hey

Military man: Hey

Winwinnie: How's your day going?

Military man: the usual. Not much, yours?

Winwinnie: same here.

Military man: take care of yourself

Winwinnie: you too

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The conversations were getting shorter. Sometimes, he never even bothered to reply. She always initiated the conversations, and he always ended them awkwardly.

She didn't want to put Kev in a tough spot, so she never asked him. It was hurtful that he suddenly turned against her without reason. She hadn't even caught a glimpse of him since he left that day during lunch.

"Did he feel uncomfortable from my approach? But I didn't even approach him yet," she thought endlessly. She could only sigh and look forward to the next time they met.

Now 21, she was able to drink to heart's content. This time she came alone to Jazz bar. Summer was preparing for a conference while Flora was head-deep in her books.

"Winnie." The voice sounded from behind her.

"It is you." This time, the voice felt closer.

She looked up and saw his face.


She jumped into his embrace, and he spun her round.

"You're back. You're really back." She giggled happily.

In the corner somewhere, Justin saw this scene, and he instantly wore an ugly expression on his face.
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