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Chapter 19

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Unlike before when Claudia was so embarrassed about the sudden video call, it didn't really matter to her this time around when she hit on Justin without reserve.

Her grandmothers were very proud of her approach, and they gathered the next day to give her some pointers.

Janet: you need to be shameless.

Barbara: you need to be very thick-skinned.

Regina: you need to be seductive.

Claudia listened closely to what the 3 stooges preached. It was no wonder they all became best of friends. Their approach towards this subject was the same.

"But before we go on, we need to make sure you are really into this guy," Barbara said softly.

"What do you want from him?"

She hadn't really thought about it. She just knew she liked him like no other. Not only did she want him, her heart wanted him too. She wasn't a patient person. Hopping from one hobby to another without commitment could prove that. The fact that she waited for him for so long meant he held a position in her heart.

Had she been approached by other guys? Yes

Had she crushed on different guys growing up? Yes

Had she been swept off her feet then? No

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Had her heart raced like crazy just by remembering their faces in her mind? No

Had her heart ached so much she couldn't breathe when they stopped communicating? No but the last 3 questions were yes... yes... yes when it came to Justin.

She developed a fondness for him over their haircut sessions. The way he looked at her everytime made her heart tickle. His dad jokes were amusing, and his smile was breathtaking. She couldn't imagine ever feeling the same way for another man. Thinking about him doing the same for another girl also made her angry.

"I want to be with him. I want to be good to him for a lifetime," she answered resolutely.

The 3 stooges sighed with relief. They 100% supported their granddaughters in whatever they wanted to do. The reason for this was because of how passionate the 3 amigos got. They would never push them towards harm.

Since she felt this way about Justin, they would support her in her pursuit. They had also approved of him from the very beginning, so there was no way they'd let him slip away.

"Since that is settled, let the lesson begin."
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