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Chapter 20

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"Are you sure?" She asked with uncertainty.

"Yes... go for it... we are cheering for you," they all answered with smiles on their faces.


Upon getting back to her room, Claudia picked up her phone and called Kevin. The 2 friends agreed to meet at Jazz's in the evening. If she wanted a breakthrough, she needed to have his brother on her side: Lesson 1.


Over on Kevin's side, he was currently in his brother's room flipping through Menshealth magazine.

"Bro, what's up with you and Claud?"

His brother, who had fervently stalked Claudia since high school, changed out of the blue. He became more attentive towards him, he spoke less about Claudia, he went on and about about preparing a brothers' bonding trip, and all other cheesy programs. He had no idea what was going on in that head of his.

"Nothing. I just thought it was time to move on " he answered calmly.

"Is that so?"

Before Justin could reply, Kevin continued in a teasing tone.

"But why don't I believe you?"

"You're giving up on her, but why do you go to Jazz bar every night you're home?"

"Why do you keep looking at that picture of her?"

"You take me to eat at her favorite places too."

"Moving on? That's just bullshit."

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His brother had liked Claudia for the longest time. He had cheered for him even before Claudia knew of his existence. He was happy every single day since he met with Claudia.

When they had met again after 4 years, his brother was floating on the clouds for weeks. Everyone at home was curious about the girl that could make the military man's mood fluctuate.

At this moment, he finally understood those fans who shipped celebrity couples, then all of a sudden, their ships capsized. He was glad when Claudia called him. That meant she did care for his brother. He was going to make it workout between them.

He was going to give it his all.

Justin didn't say anything anymore. His brother knew of his feelings all too well, so there was nothing to talk about. Kevin also didn't push for an answer. It didn't matter anymore.

Evening came, and they met up.

"Hey Kev," she said as she approached him for a hug. He arrived before she did.

"Claud," he replied, returning her hug.

They sat down and kept quiet for a while.

"Kevin, I want to seduce your brother".

Lesson 2: Seduction.
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