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Chapter 33: 33

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Bolton Home

When Justin arrived, the first thing he did was look for his brother. Not seeing him in the living room, he headed over to his room.

Kevin worked as a model so most times, he was busy all day. He had few days off. He must had been working all day for him to sleep this early. Usually, he waited for Justin to come home before heading to bed.

Justin sat at the edge of his brother's bed and just stared at him. From a very young age, his brother had been his closest company. Their parents were missionaries. They traveled a lot for peace work. During times like that, their aunt would come over to stay with them.

As time went by, the brothers came to depend on each other more. When one is hurt, they hurt together. When one smiles, they smile together. They tried to make up for each other's shortcomings.

He probably felt someone staring hard at him, so Kevin woke up a bit.

"What are you doing there?" He asked groggily before going back to sleep.

Justin smiled and joined his brother in bed. Instinctively, Kevin moved to make space for him, but he still kept his eyes closed.

"I made up with Claudia," he whispered.

"About time you did."

"I'm sorry Kev, for putting you in a difficult spot."

"Good that you know."

He ruffled his brother's hair and told him about grey.

"I'm sorry," Kevin said quietly.


"I wasn't there for you to rely on. Probably why you made that stupid decision on your own too."

Justin laughed, "I think that's why too."

They talked for a while more before falling asleep.

He didn't forget to send Claudia a good night message before turning the lights off.

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James Home

By the time Claudia got home, the living room was empty. It was empty, but she had a bad feeling about that. She pulled out her phone and sent a message to her salon's chat group.

Bosslady: I won't be at work tomorrow

Employee 1: is everything okay?

Employee 2: are you feeling uncomfortable?

Employee 3: are you sick?

Her employees' messages poured in uncontrollably. They were worried she got sick or injured.

She was younger than most of them, so she felt warm from all of their care.

Bosslady: I'm fine guys. Just going on a date ^.^

Beverly: The guy that came by last time?

All the other employees were curious too.

Bosslady: yesssss

They all chipped in on how she should act at the date: blush, be shy, and eat less.

While she was engrossed with her phone, 5 shadows cast over her.
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