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Published at 13th of May 2016 10:55:45 PM

Chapter 7

Volume 3 Chapter 7: Don’t tell me this is the poisoning by Ji Ping (2)

“I was planning on sending an assassin, but now I can save the trouble . ” State Uncle, who sat in front of me, said meaningfully as he clapped a few times .

I, Ji Ping, came to State Uncle the moment I received Imperial Chancellor Cao’s orders . After I’d explained what happened, State Uncle clapped and commended the situation .

“Haa…” I felt uneasy seeing State Uncle being so jovial . “Then what you mean is…”

“Since Cao Cao has asked you to deliver medicine to her, then you can be the one to poison her . ” A rich young master– Wang Zi Fu said as he drank wine happily, with no majesty about him whatsoever .

I really don’t know what I was thinking then, to have joined them in their plot .

“But, just m, me? Alone?!”

“Maa, little lady, everyone has their first time when it comes to murder~ Don’t be so nervous . ”

It’s too difficult . How could they let a weak young girl do this alone .

And though it seemed like a simple affair from what he said, in reality these are just empty words . When it comes down to it, no one else would dare to volunteer .

Hai~~ I really am unlucky . To think that I have to risk my life when I’m only a young girl in my teens . Just the tiniest mistake, and my life will be over .

The Han is important, but sometimes the value of life is higher .

“What are you mumbling about there huh?” State Uncle tightened his face and shouted at me on seeing my unwilling expression .

“Ah, nothing nothing, I’ll do it . ” I hurriedly allayed their concerns and nodded as I smiled before leaving quickly .

Maa, forget it, no need to think too much . If I don’t do it, I’ll probably be toyed by these royals to the death anyway .

I steeled my heart, and went to prepare the herbs .

(TL: In the original, Ji Ping was truly loyal to the cause . )

(TL: This is the same reason our Xuan De here can’t rat on them to Cao Cao . If he does, it will be easy to find out that Xuan De was the one who blabbered and then he and his subordinates will become targets for revenge . You might argue that Cao Cao could just execute the lot, which the original did by the way, but that would lose a lot of support from the Imperial Court, the people and the Emperor . )

It was now in the evening, and I brought my herbal pouch that was filled with the poisonous concoction into the Imperial Chancellor’s house .

“Speaking of which, why is Lord Hua Tuo following me?”

I looked at the wavy haired girl beside me who was about one head shorter and felt that she was a nuisance .

This fellow is a skilled medical practitioner as well and it will be over if she detects something wrong with my herbs .

“Don’t mind me, I came here to learn . ” She smiled innocently, and seemed like she really was here to learn from what I did .

I’ve spent a fair amount of time with Hua Tuo so I understand what she’s like . To put it bluntly, she’s just a kid .

But I can’t be careless, who knows if an unintentional act of her’s will ruin my plans?

For now, I just hope she doesn’t ask about the herbs I’m using .

“What kind of herbs is Lord Ji Ping planning to use today?”

“!!” She asked it just when I was thinking about it!

“Un?” She looked at me with curious eyes and I couldn’t help but look away .

My heart was racing badump badump and my scalp was getting drenched in sweat . I felt uncomfortable all over– This must be the stress from guilt .

“Ah… Ju, just some ordinary herbs which help facilitate blood circulation . ”

I instinctively held my herbal pouch tighter . By the time I regained my composure, I realised that my actions were suspicious even from my own perspective .

“Un? Really?”

“What? Don’t come so close~~”

Hua Tuo squinted her eyes and stood on her tiptoes as she leaned over . We were already standing pretty close to begin with but now that she was leaning over, that distance became ever more miniscule . It feels… Like a distance at which I can kiss her– What am I thinking?! We’re both girls~

And this wasn’t the time to think about this, I had to dispel her suspicions first .

But this could be difficult . Unlike the past, children aren’t so easy to bluff these days .

“I got it!”

“!” Hua Tuo’s sudden exclamation of realisation gave me such a scare that I nearly dropped my herbal pouch . “Wh, what did you get?”

Hua Tuo smiled confidently when she heard my question . Her smile, only induced greater fear in me .

How much does she know? … Ah! Could she have smelled the pungent smell of the herbs? Indeed, the poisonous herbs used this time have a distinct sourish smell .

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I’m done for .

Kuh, I didn’t think I would be found out before I could even execute the assassination . And of all people, I was found out by a little kid .

I didn’t want to accept it but I could only give up as I loosened my clenched fist . Any amount of struggling won’t work now that I’ve been found out . I looked outside at the night sky in despair as I waited for the nightmare to begin .

“I understand,” Hua Tuo said as she took a step forward and gave me some breathing space . “The stuff you brought this time must a new concoction you made yourself so you’re not willing to tell anyone . ”

“Hah?” I couldn’t understand what she said at that moment and responded instinctively .

“So as I was saying, the herbs you brought today must be a new mixture . ” Hua Tuo sneered as she elbowed my back . “You cunning fellow, I didn’t think you would be working so hard behind the scenes . ”

… Could it be that Hua Tuo is just an idiot?

“Ah… Ah, right right right . I can’t believe you found out!” I quickly seized the opportunity before me and went with the flow as I slapped Hua Tuo’s back .

“Don’t, underestimate, me . Apart, from carrots, nothing is, beyond me . ” She said choppily as I slapped her back .

Good, looks like she doesn’t suspect me at all . I was thinking too much as expected .

As I turned around to look in front once more, Cao Cao’s room was in sight . The sleeping quarters were still lit and Cao Cao’s shadow was cast on the paper window shades by the candlelight .

That sagacious figure, was about to fall .

On entering the room, I was greeted with the picturesque sight of a beautiful white haired girl . She wore a plain sleeping gown and held a bamboo scroll on one hand while the other held a cup of steaming tea .

“Un?” She hurriedly put down the tea and scroll and got up to welcome us when she saw us come in . “You must be Ji Pong . ”

“I am a palace physician– My name is Ji Tai Ji Ping . ” I said as I respectfully bowed .

Cao Cao sized me up, before nodding, “I know I know, I’ve heard of you . ”

I shivered as I heard those words, and then Cao Cao asked a servant in the room to receive my herbal pouch . “Go and brew the medicine and send it to me . Don’t just stand there, Physician Ji Ping and Hua Tuo . Come and have a seat . ”

Cao Cao gestured us as she said so and we sat on 2 vine chairs . As we sat down, servants from Cao Cao Cao’s household brought us 2 cups of hot tea .

“Try it . It’s a fresh batch of oolong tea . ” Cao Cao then returned to her bed and picked up the cup of tea from earlier which she gingerly drank from . “Un, this fragrance is not bad . ”

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I picked up the cup as well and blew on the steam that floated on top of the liquid . As I blew, some of the steam brought the fragrance of the tea leaves into my nose and warmed my body from within .

“*Shiku*~~~~ Too hot!” Hua Tuo drank it a little too quickly and got scalded .

She really is a little kid…

I tested the temperature with my teeth before taking in a small sip of the slightly bitter tea . Un~~~ This is the first time I’ve ever had such good tea . It has the richness of black tea, and the aroma of green tea . The taste lingers in one’s teeth and lips, making one crave for more .

I probably won’t ever be able to buy such good tea leaves even with my lifetime’s wages as a physician .

“How is the Emperor’s health recently?” Cao Cao asked me, as she put down the cup .

“Ah, the Emperor is doing fine mostly . Thanks to the hard work of the Imperial Chancellor, the Emperor’s appetite has also returned to normal . ” I answered truthfully, as the bronze cauldron which Cao Cao had sent was highly praised by the Emperor .

“Un, that’s good . The Emperor’s health is more important than anything else . ”

“… Ah, that’s right . ” I went with the flow and replied as such . What right does someone like you, who is clearly trying to usurp the throne, have to talk about the Emperor? Though I am just a physician, I am still loyal to the Han . You, Cao Cao, have made the Son of Heaven your puppet, and massacred Xu state . How could you possibly hope to gain the hearts of the people?

“The medicine is ready . ” Just then, a servant brought in a small bowl containing soup made from the poisonous herbal mix I prepared .

“Oh, leave it there first . ” But Cao Cao did not drink it immediately . Instead, she asked the servant to put it at the side while she continued talking to us .

I felt uneasy at the current situation, and my uneasiness only grew as the situation dragged on until I couldn’t resist and asked . “… Imperial Chancellor, are you not going to drink?”

On hearing my words, Cao Cao got up and brought the bowl of soup over and looked at it before putting it back on the table . “It’s still too hot, my tongue can’t take it . ” Cao Cao smiled helplessly with a frown as she pointed at her tongue .

… No good, I can’t let this drag on .

“Come, let me blow it for you . ” I said, and hurriedly brought over the bowl before waiting for a reply .

“No need no need, how I can possibly trouble you?” Cao Cao quickly got up when she saw what I was about to do and tried to stop me .

But how could I let you stop me?

“Haha, it’s fine it’s fine . Your health is more important . ” I anxiously blew at the soup as I said so . “*Shiku*—- Wu!”

Damn it! I drank some of the soup when I breathed in! Speaking of– Too, too hot!

“Hahaha, I didn’t think a physician would be so careless~~” Cao Cao, who did not know what was really going on, only felt I was clumsy and laughed as she clapped .

Stay calm! If you swallow it, it’s all over . I have to spit it out fast–

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“Oi, are you alright?” Hua Tuo patted my back concernedly as she looked at my pained expression .

“*Gudu* … Ah!!! What have you done?!!” It’s over, Hua Tuo’s pat made me swallow it!


This damned lass! She ruined everything!

The antidote! … Antidote my foot! When did I ever prepare one?

“Un? What’s the matter? You don’t look too good . ”

“I, I’m fine… A-re?” I realised that my vision had become blurry and my legs were like lead . With just a small breeze, my back bent over and my legs gave way .

… Am I going to die like this?

I slowly opened my eyes, and 2 faces appeared . It was Cao Cao and Hua Tuo .

What happened?

“Are you awake? Aiya, that really scared us . ” Hua Tuo said as she heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that I had awoken .

“Seems like you got poisoned . At least Hua Tuo was nearby, or you would have been dead for sure . ” Cao Cao smiled as she rapped my head . “You’re still in my room . No need to rush . Rest for a bit before you leave . ”

… I’m still alive .

“That herbal mix seems to have contained poison . ” Cao Cao continued . “Perhaps someone snuck them into your mix when you weren’t paying attention . ”


“Really, to think this sort of poison was actually used . Looks like whoever did it has quite a good understanding of medicine . ” Hua Tuo said as she took out some powder from my herbal pouch– The powder was the poison I had brought .

But why?

Perhaps these next words were tantamount to a confession but I had to know, and steeled myself as I asked–

“… Doesn’t Imperial Chancellor suspect me?”

“Un? What sort of nonsense are you spouting?” Cao Cao said as she stroked my fringe and said as a matter of factly . “Someone who practices medicine, could never do something that brings harm to others . ”

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