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Chapter 53: 53

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In her room, ShuangAi examines TanTan's back wound . The wound seems has healed but leaving a mark .

'What a pity to have such mark on woman's body . . . ' ShuangAi sincerely feels bad for TanTan,

The examination has finished and while TanTan puts on her clothes, ShuangAi asks in worry,

"Just now you are talking about your killers? Are you really looking for them, MuTan Jie?"

TanTan is silent, she is thinking before can giving ShuangAi proper answer . She looks to ShuangAi . She knows the risk, but TanTan feels she can trust ShuangAi, so she decides to give an honest answer,

"I . . . just want to find some information about my enemy . . . enemies perhaps . . . I want to know why did they want to kill me . . . maybe HuaMuTan . . . ehm I . . . really did a terrible wrong in the past? I need to know for sure so I can . . . "

She pauses, as she continues the words in her mind, ' . . . fix it somehow and return to the future?!' She sighs .

ShuangAi feels confused,

"What can you do after you find them, MuTan Jie? Isn't better if you leave this problem to Li Ge . . so he can punish them for you . . . "

TanTan smirks sadly hearing it and she says again in sarcastic,

"Maybe not if he is involved . . . "

ShuangAi widens her eyes,

"Oh, no . . . MuTan Jie . . . you don't think Li Ge was the one who wants to kill you . l, do you? . He was almost killed to save you, remember? Besides what reason he would kill you for?"

TanTan still looking at ShuangAi and raises her eyebrows,

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'The reason might be for you, silly girl! But ShuangAi is right! He did help me, so I also doubt that he is involved, but still, I don't want to ask his help . . . '

"You really change, MuTan Jie . . . if in the past, you would not hesitate to force Li Ge to help you . . . "

TanTan grins a little bit, 'Jeez . . . its HuaMuTan who didn't hesitate . . . not me . . . " Then TanTan realizes she is also didn't have a chance to ask ShuangAi . She knows ShuangAi has a wide knowledge about medicine so she might know some similar case like her?

"ShuangAi, I know that you have knowledge about medicine and other things like that . . . so can I ask you something?"

"Sure, what is it?"

"Is there any case like me before? I mean, someone who has a lot of changes after losing memories?" TanTan hopes that she might not the only one who pulled into this ancient time .

ShuangAi takes a while to think, but at the end, she shakes her head,

"No . . . losing memory case is rare . In fact, you are my first patient of losing memory . . . " ShuangAi thought that TanTan asking about it because she wants to know a possibility to gains her memory back so she calms her, "but don't worry, I and my father are still trying to learn more about your case . . . "

'I am not worried at all about it' TanTan just can answer it in her mind . As she finishes to clean her up,

"Thanks, ShuangAiMei . . . for coming to check up on me . . . "

"It's my duty . . . Please don't forget to drink your medicine as well and tell me if any changes you fell afterward . . . the medicine is good to boost your health and hopefully helps you gain your memory back . . . by the way, have you remember anything yet?"

Remembering what she sees in HuaMuTan's memory makes TanTan can't hold to ask,

"ShuangAiMei, do you really want me to remember all I've done to you and others?"

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ShuangAi startled, well, as everyone had said, the current HuaMuTan is much better than the old one . She must agree to it, but somehow ShuangAi still want HuaMuTan to remember,

"No . . . honestly I prefer you for not remembering all bad memories, but still I need you to remember, MuTan Jie . . . coz . . . "

The words of ShuangAi is stopped when they hear knocking and XiaoRue's voice at the door,

"Xiao Jie, Minister Hua is waiting for you . . . "

'Minister Hua . . . Uncle Hua? That's right . . . ' TanTan just remember the promise,

"XiaoRue, tell him I will come to meet him now . . . " TanTan turns to ShuangAi . In a second, she can see a worried look on ShuangAi's face, TanTan wonders,

"ShuangAiMei, what do you want to say just now?"

"Ah . . . nothing, . . . " The look right away changes, "MuTanJie, why does Minister Hua come to meet you?"

"Oh, it seems he is fulfilling his promise to teach me playing guzheng . If you want, you can join also . . . " TanTan walks out from the room, asking ShuangAi to join with her .

ShuangAi looks hesitated but she nods and then follows TanTan,

"Do you know Minister Hua also?" In the way, TanTan feels curious because ShuangAi's reacted when he heard the name just now .

ShuangAi just shakes her head, "Not really . . . I know that in the past, you are quite close to him . . . " Suddenly ShuangAi stops, it wonders TanTan,

"What's wrong?" she asked .

ShuangAi looks a little bit confused,

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"It's just MuTan Jie, you ever mentioned something about him to me before you lost your memory . . . I think you should know it now although you don't remember it . . . "

"What did I say?" TanTan feel weird for ShuangAi looks so serious about it,

So ShuangAi explains,

"You return from the palace at that time and when I came to talk with you, you look scared and want to cast me away at first . . . but after that Minister Hua came to see you but you oddly rejected him and even told me that he couldn't be trusted . . . "

'HuaMuTan scared to her uncle? Why?'

TanTan tries to process it in her mind . And then suddenly a small hug comes from her back,

"YangMu . . . Pretty JieJie . . . "

Aunt Tong who follows behind FangFang also comes and gestures politely to them .

"YangMu, I have done with my study . . . can we play now???" ask FangFang excitedly,

With a regretful look, TanTan answers her, "No . . . I am sorry, FangFang . . . I have a guest so we can't play today . . . "

A disappointing look occurs right away on Fang Fang's face,

"But YangMu, you promised!!" she says in a little bit high tone .

TanTan looks to FangFang in regret,

"I am really sorry, FangFang . I'll make it in tomorrow, okay . . . "

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"But I want you to be with me now!!" FangFang shouts and holds TanTan's hand and pulls her hard, it surprises TanTan . FangFang behaves like a pampered girl and it makes TanTan feels unpleased a little bit,

"FangFang, don't be like this!" Inside her mind, she wonders why FangFang acts too spoiled suddenly .

ShuangAi can see that TanTan becomes upset, so ShuangAi immediately talks kindly to FangFang,

"FangFang, how if I accompany you playing now?"

FangFang looks to ShuangAi and then to TanTan, and she answers short .

"Ok," But FangFang seems still sad .

"Now, be good and wait here . . . " ShuangAi pats FangFang's head and then immediately drags TanTan away and whispers to her, trying not to be heard by FangFang,

"Please don't be angry to FangFang, I know you don't remember . . . but tomorrow is her birthday . . . and also the day her parents died . . "

TanTan shocks,

'So that's why she like that . . . ' Now, she feels guilty . She wants to bring FangFang with her but after hearing about Minister Hua from ShuangAi, she considers that she better goes alone .

ShuangAi continues,

"Don't worry, I'll accompany her until you finish the practice" TanTan doesn't react anything else except just nodding to her .

But she then approaches FangFang, squatting at her front and touches FangFang's cheeks with her hands,

"Hey, listen . . . FengEr, I am really sorry that I can be with you right now but I promised as soon I finish practice, I'll play with you, is that okay?"

FangFang looks to TanTan for a second and slowly nods her head . And then ShuangAi takes FangFang leave . After that, TanTan continues walking to the guest room, where Minister Hua has waiting for her .

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