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Published at 21st of September 2018 12:40:46 PM

Chapter 145

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Chapter 145: Resting at the Relay Station

She could only get proper treatment once they returned to the capital, particularly in regards to her face . Even though he didn’t mind, it didn’t mean she didn’t . A woman cared most about her face, especially a beautiful woman . But, would she really sleep the entire way back to the capital?

He actually wanted to talk to her, see her smile at him . Then he would pinch her cheek and have a little fun with her . They’d likely have reached the capital by the time they were done with that . But looking at her sleeping visage, she was so peaceful and lovely, so small and delicate…

Why did he suddenly feel like he was looking at his daughter; wasn’t she his woman? If this woman bore him a daughter, it would definitely be a cute baby . No . Before that, he needed an heir . Her eyes suddenly opened just as he pondered on his heir . He felt a pang of guilt because he’d just been thinking of how to have her bear him a son .

Bai Xiangxiu just so happened to catch the sudden change on Prince Li’s face . The corners of his mouth had just been turned up in a smile, but he immediately became serious when he saw that she was awake . However he didn’t push her away . Wasn’t this guy just a bit awkward? Or perhaps he was just used to putting on the airs of a general in front of the army and had found it hard to return to his own personality?

She smiled faintly, but didn’t crawl out of his embrace . Perhaps it was because they had been intimate that these kinds of actions didn’t make her bashful anymore . Plus, it was cold, and waking up nestled in his arms was very comfortable .

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Long Heng was also in no hurry to have her get up . Instead, he pulled a light quilt over her . But he was not used to idle chatter . Even though he was still cold towards the girl he liked, his actions and expression were not as cold as they’d been when they’d first met .

Bai Xianxiu really didn’t fear him anymore . She kept thinking that the male lead in the novel was an earnest person . It wouldn’t be so bad if things stayed like this . No, wait . She had to go back! But well, if she couldn’t go back, did that mean she could have the male lead forever? She was conflicted, wanting to go back, yet not willing to . It seemed that a lot of things had changed after they’d been intimate .

“Just bear it a little longer . We’ll rest for a bit at the relay station up ahead . ” There was a relay station outside every city on the way to the capital, and they weren’t just used to change city patrol horses . It was also a place for traveling merchants and government officials to rest . In addition, the staff inside had simple, clean backgrounds . After all, it was a branch of the local government .

There was also a place specifically for female members of official families to rest, accessible through a long passageway . Of course, horse-drawn carriages could enter, heading directly to the rear compound where female attendants awaited them . Long Heng didn’t alight from the carriage from beginning to end . Not because he was sticking close to Bai Xiangxiu, but mainly because he didn’t like to be seen unless it was necessary .

Bai Xiangxiu wasn’t as weak as he thought . Her spirits had long since recovered after sleeping for a day . Although she was still achy and sore, it wasn’t as bad as before . It was only later she learned that Long Heng had used medicine on her, and more specifically, Red Pearl…

Now that she thought of it, she didn’t dare take off her pants to look down there . That stuff didn’t wash off easily, alright? It was a good thing that it wouldn’t come out, otherwise her skirt and her underwear… Her eyes brimmed with hot tears of resignation when she thought about this . How could he casually smear that stuff down there?

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Well, there was no sense in worrying about it . There was nothing that could be done anymore . If he dared touch her tonight, he would be the one disgusted!

Bai Xiangxiu thought about it thoroughly, then delicately, gracefully alighted from the carriage with Long Heng’s hand for support, and entered her room .

Indeed, Xiaoshi wanted to help her down but was too late . She was actually quite irked because of this . Xiaowu was the same; she had come on this trip to wait on her mistress . She’d finally snatched Ye-mama’s position, but the male lead somehow managed to supplant her every duty . Even here, she couldn’t stay by her mistress’ side . It was a wholly unpleasant feeling .

Long Heng now treated Bai Xiangxiu with delight and respect, but was still hungry for more intimacy . So they stopped before it was dark and went directly to their rooms in the relay station to wash up .

After washing they quickly arranged dinner . By the time they’d finished a pensive dinner, the sky had yet to darken . Food held no taste for Long Heng right now . He swept her up in his arms, carrying her to the bed to have his way with her . Kissing and groping was unavoidable, and Bai Xiangxiu kept wanting to push him away . It was a pity that her feeble efforts went completely unnoticed .

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“It’s still light out, can’t we… talk?” Articles of clothing were fast disappearing from her body . She didn’t want to do it again before the sky darkened .

“All right, what do you want to talk about?” Long Heng found a comfortable position so that he could still reach into her clothes . The more she squirmed away, the more he wanted her . But it was indeed still early in the night, so he restrained himself from playing with her .

“Mm, tell me, why did you want to exchange Miss Lin for me?” Exchanging the female lead for the supporting female was the dream of all cannon fodder supporting characters . Don’t ask why, but Bai Xiangxiu just felt incredibly vindicated that she hadn’t been affected by the female lead’s halo .

Long Heng’s face darkened at the mention of Lin Qianzi, but didn’t immediately stir to anger . That was controlled more or less by the feel of that warm pliable body beneath his hands . Soft and fragrant, how could he think of anything else?

“You know what sort of woman she is, casually flirting with that man . When I went to save her previously, I discovered that she was already not the noble, innocent Miss Lin . ” He scoffed . After he’d seen that, she was already nothing to him, no matter how beautiful she was . Besides, he’d already had his sights set on the young woman before him . He stroked her face . “Why must you bother about her?”

“But, maybe she was forced . ” Definitely forced, because that Miss Lin had a flaw, a flaw that all female leads had, it was that she affected a cold air . She would never take the initiative with a man, but after being forced she would blame and reproach him . But when someone else hurt that man, she would feel that he had treated her well and have all sorts of tender feelings . Thus, she would end up mistreating the male lead .


The male lead had quite a good temper . Though sometimes he might mistreat the female lead, in the end, he was still quite tolerant of her . Of course, the female lead would finally realize how good the male lead was in the end, culminating in a happily ever after for the two of them . Wasn’t that how these novels usually played out? Bai Xiangxiu had not finished reading it, so she could only take that line of reasoning .

“Forced? Forced her affections toward that man? When has she viewed me as her fiancé? She’s despised me since the beginning, so why would I I attend to her all day long?” He stroked her hair .  “Perhaps you’re also thinking about turning against me, hmm?” His voice quickly turned cold .

Bai Xiangxiu immediately felt immense pressure and she shook her head so fast it nearly fell off .

“You know your mistake?”

“Yes . ” A good child would definitely correct a mistake . Too bad she didn’t expect that she would be framed by others .

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