Double Souls - Chapter 11

Published at 18th of January 2019 07:04:26 AM

Chapter 11

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Next morning, after having a restless sleep last night, John wake up lazily when the clock's alarm is ringing . After shutting down the alarm, John pats his head that still feels dizzy after drinking last night . He slowly gets up from the bed and goes to the bathroom .

"Ugh…my head is dizzy…what I had last night?"

John is looking at his face on the mirror above the sink . He takes an aspirin pill and gulps it .

"Ah right…I met brother Wei in the bar last night, and he offers me something that boss needed most right now . I must go to the office immediately and report this thing to the boss"

John takes a bath hurriedly and goes to his office in a quick manner . He even drives on the allowed maximum speed so he can arrive in the office sooner and met his boss .

In his office, he waits for a minutes before his boss arrives in the office .

"Good morning, Sir"

John greet him like usual when he met his boss

"Morning John, it's rare to see you come before me . Are you having a good time last night?"

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"Well, Sir, actually last night I met with an old friend from high school, and we have a conversation"

"Ah, I know where this conversation went . You met a girl from your high school time, after exchanging news, she knows where you work and asks if she can work in here too, right?"

"No, sir . I met a guy last night"

"Oh, my bad…so he wants to work in here too?"

"No, sir, he's already quite a successful businessman himself . He offers me something that we really need right now"

"A business proposal? Let me see what his proposal first before decide to accept or not"

"Uh sorry sir, but his goods is not something that our company dealing with . It's related with young miss"

Joseph's face becomes serious when John mentions about his daughter .

"John, let's talk about that in my office"

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"Yes, sir"

John followed his boss enter his office to continue the conversation .

"Miss Lin, hold all my schedules today until I said I'm ready, okay?"

Mr . Joseph orders his secretary that sits on her post in front of Mr . Joseph office .

"Yes, Sir"

After closing the door and sit on their respective chair, Mr . Joseph start the conversation again

"John, I'm not misheard when you said your friend you met last night can provide something that my daughter needs, right?"

"Yes, sir . You hear it correctly"

"Is he comes from the medical community?"

"No, Sir . He's a broker and not comes from the medical community"

"Then…can I assume that his goods did not come from the formal channel?"

"Unfortunately…yes, Sir"

"Did he say how he gets his stuff?"

"Yes . He said his stuff comes from convicts that get the death penalty in mainland China . After they executed, their organs sold to whoever need organs transplantation"

"Are you sure? This kind of matter never comes up in media"

"Sir, they will never allow this kind of matter arrive at media"

Joseph closes his eyes and thinking, he already running out of hope to get what his daughter needs through the formal channel . His assistant offers actually gives him a streak of light in the darkness of his heart . After thinking for a while, finally, Joseph make a decision

"So, it's convict's organs huh? Actually, I can't imagine a heart of a convict placed in my daughter body… . but I don't have any other options"

"Sir, is that means you agree with his proposal?"

"How much he asks for that heart?"

"Usually he asks ten million dollars, Sir . But consider with young miss situation, I'm afraid the price will be more than 10 million dollars"

"That's fine . I also understand how delicate my daughter condition was . Alright John, I agree with your friend's proposal . Can I ask you to deal with this matter? Since this is illegal transaction, you allowed using the fund that comes from my own account, we should use money that separate from company money, and not let your friend control the price . Be careful and don't let this deal leaked to others, also beware with frauds . This is a dangerous proposal and very risky if press or media know we involved with something like this"

"I understand that, Sir . I will extra careful dealing with this matter for young miss sake"

"Thanks, John, I'm really lucky to have you on my side"

"You welcome sir, and excuse me, I will contact my friend to set a meeting with him"

"Alright, you can go"

John leaves his boss' office and prepares to contact his friend, Ding Wei, to set a meeting and discuss the deal with him .