Double Souls - Chapter 4

Published at 18th of January 2019 07:04:45 AM

Chapter 4

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Next morning when Mr . Steven wake up early as usual, and when he left his room, the fragrant aroma of tea that being brewed came from the kitchen . In the kitchen he sees Richard pouring some tea liquid into the pot and preparing two cups along . There are some sandwiches ready in the plates .

"Good morning Richard, you wake early"

"Good morning Mr . Steven, I'm sorry I use your kitchen without telling you first" Richard greet him back .

"It's alright, what do you make there?" asked Mr . Steven .

"I make breakfast for you sir, although I don't know if this meets your taste"

Mr . Steven surprised . He doesn't remember ordering Richard to make breakfast but he actually made it with his own initiatives .

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"I'm not picky with food, so sandwiches are okay . Let's take breakfast together then"

After they finished their breakfast, Mr . Steven talk to Richard,

"Young man, you come with . I found a job for you . I'll take you there"

"Really Mr . Steven? Thank you very much!"

"Alright, you change your clothes and wait for me in front . I'll be readied the car"

After saying this Mr . Steven goes to the garage to make the car ready, Richard also goes to his room to change the clothes . After 5 minutes they meet in front of the house .

After driving around 20 minutes they arrive in a construction site . It's a condominium building with 15 floors . Mr . Steven takes Richard to meet a foreman there, named Mr . Chow .

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Mr . Steven: " Hello Mr . Chow . This is the kid that I talking about last night"

Mr . Chow: "Hello Mr . Steven . Your offer comes at the right time . My boss wants this condominium finished faster than the scheduled time . I need additional labor to meet his demand . Is this the kid you talking about?" (Pointing at Richard)

Mr . Steven: "Richard, meets Mr . Chow, He's foremen in this construction site . I recommended you to work here"

"Richard: "Hello Mr . Chow, How are you?"

Mr . Chow: "Good! Can you do painting job?"

Richard: "I can Mr . Chow"

Mr . Chow: "You don't mind if I test you first, do you?"

Richard: "No, I don't mind Mr . Chow"

Mr . Chow: "Yoo…you over there! Come here!" Mr . Chow waves his hand to one of his workers to approach him .

Mr . Chow: "Get a bucket of paint and paint gears for this young man . And take him to paint room number 101"

Worker: "Right away Sir! Young man, please come with me"

Mr . Chow: "Richard, you go with him and start to paint room number 101 . I'll check your job after 30 minutes . Mr . Steven, how about we have some tea in my office?"

Richard: "Yes sir"

Mr . Steven: "Alright . I'll hang around here for a while . I also want to see how his work" .

Richard following the worker to get paint and painting gears, meanwhile Mr . Steven following Mr . Chow to have some tea and conversation in Mr . Chow office . After 30 minutes they leave the office to check Richard work at room number 101 . When they arrive there, the room already half-finished to paint . Richard work in steady, neat and orderly manner . Before painting an area, he put some old newspaper first on the floor below painting area . With this manner, the splatted paint will not any stain on the floor .

Mr . Chow nodded with a satisfied expression .

Mr . Chow: "You doing fine, young man . Alright, you're hired . Finish this room first and then come to my office to sign some paperwork . This project should be finished within a month, so you'll be hired around one month . You can start work from today, Is that okay?

Richard: "Thank you, sir! I don't mind to work right away"

Mr . Steven: "I leave you here then Richard . Work hard and carefully okay?

Richard: "I will Mr . Steven . Thank you" .

So, Richard works at that construction site for a month . He finished his job well and Mr . Chow gives him some bonus because he manages to finish it before 30 days . He also made some acquaintances with some workers there .