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Chapter 323: 323

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Chapter 323: That’s mine

Mo Boyuan nodded and sat on the sofa beside her. He held the cup that was half-empty and started gulping. Jiang Tingxu wasn’t able to stop him in time.

“Hey, th-that’s mine! Yours is over there!” She was pointing at the untouched cup of milk in the tray beside him.

But he didn’t stop—he finished his drink within a few mouthfuls.

“I like this cup better. You can have that one.” He had no shame in doing so. It was like this cup had belonged to him all this while. He thought that since his wife was his, her belongings would’ve automatically become his as well.

Jiang Tingxu had felt her jaw clenched, but she had to refrain from cursing at him in front of their son. She could only sulk.

Mo Boyuan had been paying attention to her reaction. And his amused grin widened. He’d been counting how many times he’d gotten on her nerves that day. And she was almost at her limit. He knew he had to stop fooling around, or else he’ll be digging his own grave.

“Ahem, Mo Zhining. Have you finished your homework yet?”

Mo Zhining had already finished his milk and was curling up on the sofa. As he heard his daddy, he sat up straight in a good posture. “Well, just a little bit more!”

Mo Boyuan was in a good mood. He didn’t mind when the kiddo hadn’t finished his homework all this while. “Mmhmm, keep it up,” replied him softly.

As long as he’d finish his homework by tonight, it’ll be fine. He won’t have any time tomorrow.

Jiang Tingxu was still concerned about Gu Ranzhi. But the thought of Wen Jie being there with him had eased her a little.

Mo Boyuan could guess what was on her mind. He got up and walked towards her. “Are you worried about Ranzhi?” he asked.


“Don’t worry. He’ll be fine.”

Gu Ranzhi was feeling conflicted. He had unresolved issues about his past. His hatred. His pain. And the death of Old Madam Gu. They’d all come at him, and it was understandable that he didn’t know how to respond.

“It’s getting late. Go take a shower.”


Jiang Tingxu’s wandering thoughts had instantly vanished as she heard his words. They had another more important issue on hand—how was their family of three going to sleep tonight?

The suite next door, which Gu Ranzhi was staying in, had two rooms. But this one had only one. The resort manager had known that Young Master Mo was staying at their resort as a family. Hence, he’d only arranged a one-room suite—it wasn’t practical if a happy family isn’t going to stay together. If he’d not made this arrangement, he might get himself fired.

Indeed, Mo Boyuan was particularly satisfied with the manager’s arrangement this time.

Jiang Tingxu’s eyes started to twitch. She felt uneasy when she met his gaze.

On the contrary, Mo Boyuan was feeling totally at ease. The weather was fine, and the air had felt fresher. Phew, isn’t being alive wonderful?

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“C’mon, kiddo. Let’s take your shower.” She needed a moment before dealing with this matter.

“Eek, but I’m still doing my homework.”

Jiang Tingxu was a little annoyed. “Well, that can wait. We’ll do it later. Let’s go. Mommy will wash you.”

The kiddo had thrown his pencil away. “Alrighty, mommy. Let’s go. I love bathing.”

As they went to the shower, Mo Boyuan let out an almost malicious smirk. She had finally fallen into his trap.

While they were taking a shower, Mo Boyuan quickly replied to a few text messages, and he browsed his social media to look at the news today.

The news about his revealed marriage was still trending No.1 on Weibo. It had nearly one billion reposts. It was shocking when the news broke, and it had caused a nationwide discussion.

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