Dragon Hermit - Chapter 12

Published at 7th of May 2020 10:47:27 PM

Chapter 12

“Scoundrel!” Liu Xue’er almost threw away her phone in a fit of anger . As the beloved daughter of Liu Shan, no one had ever dared to talk to her rudely like Xia Yan . Unfortunately, she couldn’t get angry as she needed this guy to save her grandfather!

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“Bloodsucker! Bottom feeder!”


Although she scolded him repeatedly as she had found him, Liu Xue’er didn’t dare to call Xia Yan again since the Liu family was in the wrong before . She believed it was better to wait until the morning .


Liu Shan also felt infuriated when she called him to explain the situation . Yet, he too was helpless against the situation like Liu Xue’er .


Liu Shan wanted to invite someone else, like a Buddhist monk from Zhaojue Temple, or a Daoist priest from Qingyang Palace . But because of the influence of Elder Liu, someone who had never believed in the supernatural . Their family didn’t have any contacts with these personages from the religious circles . As such, they didn’t have a grasp of their skills, he couldn’t invite them rashly .


However, since Xia Yan had accurately predicted the incident and also left behind some advice, it was proof he could solve this issue . Since this was the case, he was the best choice to cure Elder Liu’s ailment . Liu Shan knew that the solution to the Liu family’s current predicament laid in the hands of this student that didn’t hold the Liu family in high regard .


[Let’s wait then . Father’s life signs are stable, so he probably isn’t in danger for now . There’s no harm in waiting . ]


☠ ☠ ☠


For a mage, meditation worked even better than sleep for recuperating .


Xia Yan felt energized while meditating . He had converted half of the undead elements in the Soul Storage Horcrux into magic power by now . The purple flames inside the first floor of the magic tower in his mind had increased a lot .


He estimated that he could begin constructing the second floor of the magic tower after converting the remaining half of the undead elements into magic power . He would then become a novice mage and could learn more powerful undead magic .


Xia Yan felt excited when he recalled all those powerful magics from his memories .


☠ ☠ ☠


Zhao Qiang and Qin Jian were still in deep sleep while Hou Xiaotian had woken up . He called out to Xia Yan and freshened up before hurrying outside .


Xia Yan knew his destination was the hospital . Other students had a carefree university life, but Hou Xiaotian had a rough start .


Xia Yan caressed the Soul Storage Horcrux while looking at Hou Xiaotian’s back . [If I can convert all the undead elements inside, maybe I can help him . ]

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Xia Yan booted up Zhao Qiang’s laptop after that . Since it was early in the morning, he naturally wasn’t planning to look at those 300 gigs of materials .


He logged into the school forum . As today was the second day of enrollment, the forum was already very active . The freshmen weren’t that familiar with the situation yet, so they had posted little to nothing . Most of the threads were by the seniors, and a lot of them were discussions about the freshwomen .


The registration period hadn’t ended, yet a lot of data about the freshwomen had already appeared on the forum threads . The power of the masses was appalling in situations like these .


‘A Powerful Competitor for the Campus Queens, the Black-Haired Beauty with Long Hair – Wang Xiaoxi (Pic Attached as Proof)’


‘Top Ten Students of the Chinese Language Department with Good Prospects, Graded Objectively!’


‘That Breeze Which Awakened the Memory of My First Love – True Account From the Orientation Day Student Speaker’


There were all kinds of ridiculous threads . Xia Yan clicked the thread that had ‘Pic Attached as Proof’ in the title and found that it was just the photo from her ID card . However, the girl’s makeup-free face looked very pure . He graded her a seven .


‘A True Miss . Perfect, Last Boss Grade Freshwoman, the Goddess of Millions of Fans Is About to Grace Us with Her Presence!’


“What a pompous title!” Xia Yan couldn’t help but roast it . But he still clicked the thread to see who had got such an evaluation as he felt the chances of someone playing a prank were higher .


The thread didn’t have a photo attached, but its content attracted a lot of attention . It only had a single line – “Qin Ziyu is about to enroll in Sihe University’s History Department . Fans, let us grovel in appreciation!”


The fellows groveled in succession while howling like wolves .


“So Ziyu is coming to Sihe University, it wasn’t just a rumor!”


“I’m already groveling!”


“Which Qi Ziyu?” A brother asked .


“Bruh, are you a Martian? You don’t know Qi Ziyu?”

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“I know Qi Ziyu, but is this one the same one I know?” That brother asked humbly in a reply .


“It’s her . ” The OP commented at this moment . “Sihe province’s liberal arts’ top scorer, the only daughter of Fengyu Jewelers, and a top pop star – Qi Ziyu!”


“OMFG! It’s really her!”


Soon after, many people had uploaded images . Since she was a singer, there was no lack of her photos .


Xia Yan had also heard about Qi Ziyu . Qi Ziyu’s perfect face and body had appeared in his dreams many times and made him wash his underwear stealthily .


Such an innately blessed woman should have strived to progress her career as a singer or prepared to inherit billions worth of assets . Yet, she had taken part in the national entrance exam . She then got into Sihe University with her top score in liberal arts . Xia Yan felt that the word ‘amazing’ was an apt descriptor for her .


Xia Yan wondered whether the goddess planned to experience the mundane life here .


No matter what the reason was, Xia Yan looked forward to it too .


After that, Xia Yan looked over the threads he hadn’t read yesterday . He saw An Xiaoru and Anna’s name in the Top Ten Campus Queens’ ranking . They ranked seventh and tenth, respectively . This made him recall An Xiaoru’s thong, her bare body, and also the two captivating cherries under Anna’s silk nightgown…


[Should I look at those 300 gigs?] Xia Yan’s heart raced . Right at this moment, someone knocked on the dorm room’s door .



When he opened the door, Liu Xue’er’s pretty face greeted him . She hadn’t worn sunglasses today, and exhaustion dyed her face . Obviously, she hadn’t slept properly . She wore very ordinary clothing today . Capri pants, a T-shirt and sneakers . She also hadn’t worn makeup .


Xia Yan peeked out at the corridor and saw that most of the boys were still sleeping, but many of them had got up early . Each one of them had their arms bared while wearing sleepwear and looked towards his room with toothbrushes in their mouths . The curiosity and jealousy in their gazes had almost roasted Xia Yan into soot . Some of them were wretchedly taking photos with their smartphones too .


“Come in,” Xia Yan didn’t want to become the target of the crowd, so he moved sideways to let her come inside, shutting the envious and jealous gazes behind the door .


“What are you here so early for?” Xia Yan admired Liu Xue’er’s courage . She dared to enter the boys’ dorm so boldly on a summer morning . Usually, the boys’ dorm portrayed a horrifying scene during this time .


“I want to request you to see my grandfather!”


“Who visits so early in the morning? Can’t they let us sleep in peace?” Zhao Qiang got up in a daze while kneading his eyes . After grasping the situation, he cried out and pulled the bedsheet to cover the tent below with the comforter .


“The heck are you screaming for?! Damn it!” The shriek had woken up Qin Jian, making him get up grudgingly . After a few seconds, he followed the same actions as Zhao Qiang . The two of them curled up in the coldness and didn’t dare move an inch .


Lin Xue’er lowered her head with a blush on her face and didn’t dare look upwards .


“Let’s go out and chat,” Xia Yan stated helplessly . He had planned to put on airs to make the Liu family understand well that he was in a poor mood . But with what just happened, it did not differ from fooling around if Liu Xue’er were to remain in the dorm room .


“I’m going out!” Xia Yan called out to his two roommates . He then recalled something before he left and turned back, “Don’t forget to get the Wi-Fi router . I’m planning to make some cash today, so I’ll return with a laptop . ”


Liu Xue’er made a sad face as Xia Yan was really planning to make money and that too from the Liu family .


The two of them climbed down the floors under the many fixed gazes and left the dormitory . Xia Yan finally relaxed after that as he was under enormous pressure . They had alarmed many youths donned in sleepwear along the way .


After going outside the entrance, Xia Yan saw two muscular men wearing sunglasses and with a crewcut hair greet Liu Xue’er, “Young Miss!”


[Bodyguards?] Xia Yan pondered and grabbed hold of Liu Xue’er’s thoughts instantly . He surmised that she feared he would misunderstand her, so she didn’t come upstairs with the bodyguards .



“Xia Yan, I…” Liu Xue’er turned around to speak, but Xia Yan waved his hand, “I still haven’t had breakfast . ”


“I’ll treat you…”


“No need . I will go to the dining hall . ” Xia Yan interrupted her words and walked towards the dining hall .


Liu Xue’er scowled momentarily, yet she could only catch up with him helplessly . She understood why Xia Yan acted this way . The Liu family had almost driven him away yesterday and humiliated him . As her grandfather had now fallen ill, she had to let him vent out on her .


“You must not have had breakfast, right? What do you want? I’ll treat you . ” There weren’t many students in the dining hall . Xia Yan stood before the service counter and turned back to ask Liu Xue’er .


“Mung bean porridge and crullers . ” Liu Xue’er answered after hesitating a bit .


“Two bowls of porridge, one serving of crullers and four meat buns . ” Xia Yan swiped his card and looked for a place to sit while carrying his breakfast .


One bodyguard planned to carry Liu Xue’er’s breakfast, but she stopped him . She took her porridge bowl and crullers before sitting across Xia Yan .


“I thought rich folk like you liked to have exotic varieties for breakfast . ” Xia Yan commented while taking a bite out of the steamed bun when he saw Liu Xue’er having her breakfast without complaints .


“Grandfather believes plain tea and simple food are enough for humanity . My breakfast has differed little from yours since my childhood . ” Liu Xue’er replied to him .


Xi Yan nodded and continued eating the bun . He caught sight of three familiar silhouettes from the corner of his eyes at this moment . He turned his head to look and confirmed that they were Anna, An Xiaoru, and Xiaoyu . The three of them had lined up at the service counter with cheerful smiles .


Anna had the longest legs, An Xiaoru had the biggest breasts, and Xiaoyu had the roundest rump!


Xia Yan’s gaze followed the backs of the three girls with indecent thoughts in his head . In fact, it wasn’t just him . Most of the boys in the dining hall were the same as him . The ones who hadn’t done so were the ones sitting across their girlfriends .


Two of the top ten campus queens together with the adorable airhead Xiaoyu . It was hard for them to not attract attention .


When he turned back, Liu Xue’er’s disgust filled gaze met his . Xia Yan’s face flushed up as he coughed, “Your grandfather didn’t heed my advice?”


“Mmm . Grandfather’s in the hospital now as he lost consciousness!” Liu Xue’er nodded with puffy eyelids and explained, “We were in the wrong yesterday, so I apologize to you . Can you save my grandfather?”


“I’m afraid others from your Liu family might not wish for me to save him . ” Xia Yan mocked himself .


“That’s unlikely . My father sent me to find you today . The doctor has already declared that they can’t treat grandfather!” Liu Xue’er stated anxiously .


“Maybe even I might not be able to save him now . As you know, the situation looks grave already . ” Xia Yan shrugged his shoulders .


“Even the Soul Ataraxia Stone won’t work? I’ll buy one for ¥50,000!” Liu Xue’er pleaded .