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Chapter 151: 151
Chapter 151: Weird, It’s Really Weird…

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"Yes . . . Half Kan-level," Hao Ren said .

"What is . . . Half Kan-level?" Zhao Yanzi looked at Hao Ren and asked .

"That is, not fully at Kan-level yet, but my level is higher than before," Hao Ren explained . However, he wasn't clear about this himself . He said this only because Su Han said so .

"Oh . That means you haven't reached Kan-level yet!" Zhao Yanzi put on a solemn face again .

"Zi, Ms . Luo is leaving!" Zhao Hongyu yelled from downstairs .

Zhao Yanzi immediately lay on the bed and covered herself with the blanket, acting like she didn't hear anything .

Luo Ying had embarrassed Zhao Yanzi in front of Hao Ren with all the bad things that she said about Zi during her visit . Zhao Yanzi hated Luo Ying to death because of that .

As Hao Ren saw Zi's reaction, he had no choice but to go downstairs and say, "Zi is not feeling well . She is resting in her room . "

Of course, Luo Ying knew that Zhao Yanzi was having a tantrum .

However, she didn't want to argue further as she was visiting her student's house . She said, "Alright . Let her rest . "

"Take care, Ms . Luo . " Zhao Hongyu walked Luo Ying to the door politely .

"Anyways, as I said, I know you guys are very busy, but as parents, don't neglect your child's education . The reason I am here today is to communicate with you guys . I still have a few families to visit, so I won't bother you longer," Luo Ying turned around and said .

"Thanks a lot, Ms . Luo," Zhao Hongyu answered politely .

Luo Ying nodded as she grabbed her small backpack and walked out of the door .

Suddenly, a man with a dark face appeared outside the door and almost scared Luo Ying to death .

"Ms . Luo, are you leaving now?" Zhao Kuo said with his rough voice as his eyes were wide open .

Zhao Kuo's appearance had always been vicious and scary . However, it was even more terrifying since it was night time and he was making a scary face . Luo Ying was so scared that she took a few steps back subconsciously .

"I still have something to do, so I am going to leave now!" Luo Ying walked by Zhao Kuo, sped up, and ran away as if she was trying to escape .

"Zhao Kuo, why did you scare Ms . Luo like that!" Zhao Hongyu scolded .

"She's just an ordinary human . So, what if I scared her!" Zhao Kuo came in angrily . "I heard everything from the outside . She kept saying bad things about Zi . She is lucky that I didn't beat her up!"

"Continue with this nonsense, and I will remove your Elder Status!" Zhao Guang said angrily .

"But it's true! She is just an ordinary mortal being . She has no right to tell you and Zi what to do!" Zhao Kuo was not convinced as he continued .

Zhao Hongyu stared at him and was too tired to argue with him . She walked up the stairs and wanted to check up on Zi .

Zhao Guang wanted to scold Zhao Kuo further, but he hesitated for a moment and decided not to argue . He walked away glumly towards his study room .

There was only Hao Ren alone in the living room now, so he yelled, "Hey kid, come here!"

Hao Ren didn't bother to acknowledge him and started walking towards the stairs .

Zhao Kuo was furious as he was not respected . However, he couldn't take out his anger on Zhao Guang, Zhao Hongyu, nor Zhao Yanzi . When he saw that Hao Ren was ignoring him as well, he immediately threw out a dash of blue light to block his way .

In the moment of desperation, Hao Ren formed a sword energy on his palm and threw it towards Zhao Kuo .

"You haven't even reached Kan-level yet!" Zhao Kuo didn't even bother to look as he waved his hand .

However, the moment his hand touched the sword energy, a crackling noise was made . Zhao Kuo felt strange and immediately drew back his hand .

He looked down and found a small black spot on his arm with a few burned hairs .

"Five Elemental Lightning?" Zhao Kuo was so surprised that he forgot to teach Hao Ren the remainder of the lesson .

Hao Ren, on the other hand, didn't know what the Five Elemental Lightning was . He walked around Zhao Kuo and continued to step up the stairs .

Zhao Kuo wasn't willing to let it go . He stopped Hao Ren and said, "Hit me again with that!"

As Hao Ren ignored him once again, he turned into a blue light and flew to the middle of the stairs, blocking Hao Ren's way .

"Hit me again!" Zhao Kuo said in a threatening tone .

Hao Ren has never heard requests like this before . He thought about it for a moment, formed a sword energy on his right hand, and threw it towards Zhao Kuo .

Zhao Kuo waved his hand and created a watery blue-wave sphere to catch Hao Ren's sword energy . As he blocked the stairway with his thick body, Zhao Kuo looked down at the sword energy and asked suspiciously, "Light Splitting Sword Shadow Scroll?"

"What else could it be?" Hao Ren replied .

"But this sword energy, it is like a cloud of lightning . . . " Zhao Kuo mumbled to himself . He then suddenly slapped his thigh and said, "Oh, I understand now! This Light Splitting Sword Shadow Scroll is not a sword technique! It is a Five Elemental Lightning Technique!"

Because of Zhao Kuo's shouts, Zhao Guang walked out of his study room .

When he saw Zhao Kuo blocking Hao Ren on the stairs, he thought Zhao Kuo was trying to embarrass Hao Ren . He yelled, "Zhao Kuo! You better stop now!"

"Brother, it's not what you think . . . " Zhao Kuo was at a loss for words . "He, this kid, can release Five Elemental Lightning . . . "

"Who are you calling kid? Watch your language! Um? Five Elemental Lightning?" Zhao Guang suddenly stopped being furious as he processed Zhao Kuo's comment and walked towards the stairs .

"You see!" Zhao Kuo opened his palms, and a grey sword energy wrapped in a watery blue sphere appeared .

Zhao Guang looked carefully and found that the sword energy was sparkling like a cloud of mini-lightning .

"This . . . " Zhao Guang frowned .

"Light Splitting Sword Shadow Scroll is not a sword technique . We are all fooled by its name! This technique basically uses the five elements to create lightning! Forming swords is a bonus, but creating lightning is the core! It is not as simple as releasing sword energies but creating lightning within the sword energy!" Zhao Kuo said .

Zhao Guang nodded .

"I will contact Premier Xia and ask him to label this Light Splitting Sword Shadow Scroll as a Blue-Grade cultivation technique from now on!" Zhao Guang quickly went back to his study room .

Zhao Kuo started to get serious even though he rarely does .

"That's why there was no improvement when I was cultivating this technique . I was in the wrong direction! The sword energy without the basis of the five elements was useless; they only looked good!"

He was crazier than Su Han about cultivation . Zhao Kuo was seized with remorse when he found out the secrets behind the Light Splitting Sword Shadow Scroll . However, since he was already on top-tier Qian-level and weeks away from the Heavenly Tribulation, he did not have the time to re-cultivate and learn the Light Splitting Sword Shadow Scroll .

"This isn't right," Zhao Kuo mumbled to himself again while rubbing his chin, "Balance between the five elements . My body is filled with water elements, so how can I balance them? Furthermore, how can it be easy to balance them this delicately?"

His big body almost blocked the entire staircase, so Hao Ren coughed lightly and asked, "Can I go now?"

"Um, you can go," Zhao Kuo moved aside, but he continued to stand still and mumble to himself, "Perhaps this is a cultivation technique of human cultivators?"

"Thank God! Su Han is not as crazy as him about cultivations . . . " Hao Ren thought . He walked to the door of Zhao Yanzi's room and pushed it gently as he walked in .

All he could see was Zhao Yanzi lying on her bed while Zhao Hongyu was patting her head . At the moment, Zhao Yanzi was saying something bad about her class advisor angrily .

"What was happening out there? Was Zi's Third Uncle giving you a hard time?" Zhao Hongyu, who was hugging Zhao Yanzi, asked .

"Nothing happened . He was just trying to see my cultivation progress . " Hao Ren smiled gently before looking at Zhao Yanzi and asking, "Is Zi okay?"

"She is shameless . Of course, she is fine!" Zhao Hongyu laughed .

"Mom!" Zhao Yanzi complained .

Zhao Hongyu smiled again and pinched Zi's cheek . She then asked Hao Ren, "I heard from Zi that you have reached 'Half Kan-level'?"

"Um, I had a little breakthrough," Hao Ren replied .

"I was wondering why your temperament seemed different today . It turns out that you had a breakthrough again," Zhao Hongyu said .

"Mom, how is he different?" Zhao Yanzi sat up and asked . In front of Hao Ren, she felt embarrassed acting like a little girl in her mom's arms .

"When Hao Ren came to our house today, I could feel that his spirit is stronger, and his eyes are clearer," Zhao Hongyu answered .

"I don't feel that . . . " Zhao Yanzi said while she inspected Hao Ren .

Hao Ren, on the other hand, has never been looked at by her like this before, and his face started getting hot .

"This Uncle . . . Really, his temperament does seem better than before . His eyes sparkle like the stars . It seems like he is even better looking than those celebrities on TV," Zhao Yanzi thought secretly as she continued to look .

On the other hand, Hao Ren wasn't used to Zhao Yanzi staring at him . As he felt uncomfortable, he tried to avoid eye contact with Zi and said to Zhao Hongyu, "Auntie, I don't think I can come and tutor Zi for a few days this week . I have midterms on Thursday and Friday as well as next Monday and Tuesday . The first two days of exams are for foundational courses, and the last two days of exams are for specialized courses . I need to study during those days . "

"Sure, no problem . Don't neglect your education to tutor Zi . " Zhao Hongyu nodded . She continued, "Oh yes, I also want to ask you about something . "

"Auntie, please ask . "

"Last time when you and Zi came to my studio, I was wondering if you are interested in housing design . The studio has been quite busy lately, and we want to recruit a university intern . The main responsibility is to handle some general stuff during weekends . I was thinking, rather than recruiting someone I don't know, we might as well find someone we know . Our studio is a little famous in the country . If we hired someone who is not responsible, some important information might be leaked . . . "

Zhao Hongyu was being humble when she said that her studio was a little famous within the country; her studio was ranked within the top six design studios, and her team was even involved in designing some of the famous buildings outside the country .

Hao Ren answered immediately without any hesitation, "If it's not too hard, I can help . "

"Great . Thanks a lot! We are really shorthanded recently . Once you finish all your exams, I will pick a time to teach you some basics . " Zhao Hongyu smiled gracefully .

"Okay, Auntie . It seems like it's pretty late already . I think I will head back now," Hao Ren said .

"Okay . " Zhao Hongyu nodded .

Hao Ren walked over and picked up some of the teaching materials he left behind last time . Then, he went downstairs and said goodbye to Zhao Guang .

While Hao Ren was leaving, Zhao Yanzi, who was sitting cross-legged on the bed, suddenly turned to Zhao Hongyu and asked, "Mom, all those smart university students who specialize in design and architecture couldn't even get a chance to work at your studio, why him?"

Zhao Hongyu avoided answering her question directly and asked with a gentle smile, "Isn't Ren becoming more handsome?"

"Huh! He is not handsome at all!" Zhao Yanzi pouted her lips .

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