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Chapter 641

The Taiyi Cave Master was cultivating in the far away Taiyi Cave with his eyes closed . Suddenly, he opened his eyes and looked at the jade tokens in the cave .

Three black jade tokens that were shiny suddenly dimmed down and turned dark .

"Um . . . " Taiyi Cave Master's mind trembled .

The disciples of Taiyi Cave would all leave life tokens here before they left . The lights of the tokens indicated that they were still alive .

Also, the tokens were like half of the cultivators' lives . If these life tokens broke, half of the coordinating cultivators' life energy would be damaged .

This was how Taiyi Cave Master controlled his disciples in order to make sure that they closely protected Taiyi Cave's interest .

Among all disciples, only Wang Shitong took his life token back . He had reached peak Qian-level and was a member of the Elder Council . Taiyi Cave Master couldn't keep on controlling a member of the Elders Council like this .

Now that the three life tokens suddenly dimed, it meant that three Taiyi Cave disciples had died at the same time .

"How . . . could this be!" Taiyi Cave Master opened his eyes wide . He didn't expect his Taiyi Cave to lose another three top-tier Qian-level masters!

He taught these three disciples . Now that they were dead, it meant that the three branches from these three disciples would gradually grow away from Taiyi Cave as well .

After all, these three branches weren't under Taiyi Cave Master's direct control .

Wang Shitong's sudden death in East Ocean City cost him his right-hand man . But from another perspective, Wang Shitong's life token wasn't stored in the Taiyi Cave anymore . He was already free from the Taiyi Cave Master's control . Now that there was one less peak Qian-level member of the Elders Council, Taiyi Cave Master's status had improved overall .

However, these three disciples were different in that they were the direct forces of Taiyi Cave . Their deaths were a huge blow on the strength of Taiyi Cave!

Just when Taiyi Cave Master was shocked and confused, the three black jade tokens slowly lit up again .

"It seems like my third, fourth, and fifth disciples are still alive . They didn't die instantly…"

The Taiyi Cave Master heaved a sigh of relief, but he suddenly realized something and wondered, "Who was it? Who had the strength to kill my sixth disciple who was a peak Qian-level cultivator? Who almost killed these three top-tier Qian-level disciples of mine in one second?"

"Could it be that Hao Ren, the Commanding General of East Ocean, has a significant background?"

The Taiyi Cave Master pondered carefully but immediately shook his head . He had gotten on bad terms with Hao Ren, and there was no way back . The metal-elemental dragon clan would definitely want a tooth for a tooth . On top of that, Hao Ren took away his Heaven-Reaching Shield, a supreme spiritual treasure!

He didn't think twice when Xu Ke lost it to Hao Ren since he didn't expect this young East Ocean cultivator to suppress a supreme spiritual treasure . He was sure that the Heaven-Reaching Shield would return to Taiyi Cave . Now, he realized that he was wrong!

Hao Ren could not only suppress the Heaven-Reaching Shield, but this shield also didn't want to come back to him!

The Taiyi Cave Master whipped his sleeves, and his soft cotton robe immediately hardened .

He thought, "Xu Ke is such a little b*stard . He doesn't want to do work, and he is still hiding his actual strength . Is he trying to force me into taking action in person?"

"Whatever . . . the three disciples of mine aren't useless; they will seek revenge after such a big defeat . The Heaven-Reaching Shield can still improve a little before I take it back! It would attract the rest of the members of the Elders Council if I stepped in too soon . That wouldn't be wise!"

The set of Mystic Water Sword Techniques was an immortal sword technique . All peak Qian-level cultivators who aimed at charging into the Heavenly Dragon Realm wanted it for themselves . The Taiyi Cave Master didn't even release this information to his own disciple Wang Shitong . He sure didn't want other masters to notice it .

The Taiyi Cave Master gritted his teeth and continued cultivating with his eyes closed .

Hao Ren went back to East Ocean City on his golden shield . He had no idea that Xu Ke's master almost made a move himself . He felt very refreshed since he had recovered the strength of Zhen-level .

Zhen-level equaled to the Core Formation Realm for human cultivators . For younger dragon cultivators, it wasn't a low realm .

Hao Ren could at least use his Light Splitting Sword Shadow Scroll to protect himself .


Lu Linlin and Lu Lili saw Hao Ren appear above the campus on his golden shield, so they quickly ran over .

They couldn't locate Hao Ren anywhere and thought that he was in trouble . They had no idea that he dared to take the golden shield to a far place as a Kan-level cultivator .

They flew up about ten meters and got closer to Hao Ren, and they suddenly realized that he had already reached Zhen-level . Their pretty eyes opened wide in surprise .

Hao Ren just went through the Poison Pill Plan, so his body was without nature essence, and he couldn't cultivate in theory . However, he still got to Zhen-level!

In this case, when the Poison Pill Plan was complete, Hao Ren's nature essence would be a lot stronger than before!

They grabbed Hao Ren's wrists and examined his body carefully, wondering if they made a mistake . However, Hao Ren indeed reached Zhen-level!

He turned from a mortal into an immortal .

The side effect of the Poison Pill Plan would come to an end soon, and Hao Ren obtain the immortal physique after becoming above the realm of mortal again!

The two-time overlay meant that Hao Ren would turn into an immortal twice . This kind of thing should only happen to immortal beings like the Lu sisters who had been made into humans!

The so-called reincarnation cultivation was just like this .

"I guess this is fate . . . " Lu Linlin and Lu Lili looked at each other, not knowing what to say .

When they first met Hao Ren, his body type was not the purest as with most mortals . According to their judgment, it would be great for him to even smoothly reach Zhen-level . However, Hao Ren's hard work had surprised them again and again .

The promise of servicing Hao Ren for life seemed to have dragged on and on as well .

"Are you alright?" Hao Ren asked when he noticed them blanking out .

"Yeah!" Lu Linlin and Lu Lili smiled sweetly as they held onto Hao Ren's arms . They accompanied him as he landed on the ground .

There was light rain in East Ocean City, yet the Lu sisters' mood was as bright as sunshine .

Xie Yujia walked out of the library with a few textbooks in her arms . She saw Lu Linlin and Lu Lili holding Hao Ren's arms intimately from a distance .

It was gloomy, and the rain was supposed to last until the weekend . Xie Yujia looked up into the sky as she opened her umbrella .

Hao Ren was surrounded by the lively Lu sisters in the distance, and he seemed a bit far out of reach .

Zhao Yanzi came from the main gate in her light-blue school uniform . She held onto the colorful little bike handle with one hand as she wobbled toward Hao Ren; she had an umbrella in her other hand .

Hao Ren reached out to stop Zhao Yanzi's bike as she hopped off beside Hao Ren, splashing water all over the place .

Hao Ren's pants got wet, yet he didn't get mad at her . He smiled and lightly knocked her head with his fist .

Zhao Yanzi covered her head and made a face, and the Lu sisters teased Hao Ren and Zhao Yanzi as they watched them .

It was a warm and sweet moment in the rain .

Xie Yujia stood at the entrance of the library with the umbrella in her hand, watching them quietly . It felt like she was not needed .

The rain kept falling .

Hao Ren and the three girls chatted cheerfully on their way to the school gate . Zhao Yanzi was in her little colorful cartoon rainboots, and she walked closer to Hao Ren as they walked along . Her shoulder ran into Hao Ren's arm from time to time .

Xie Yujia quietly revolved her Spells' Origin Note Scroll . It was raining yet she didn't feel cold at all .

"Hao Ren, you have never asked about my cultivation progress . I am already . . . at mid-tier Foundation Establishment Realm . "

Xie Yujia looked down and walked down the library stairs . She got to her slightly worn-out bike and wiped the rain off the seat with her palm .

She wrapped the books with a plastic bag and put it in her front basket . Then, she unlocked it and slowly biked toward her dorm building .

She was just like this bike, not noticeable but very useful . However, no one liked these kinds of bikes nowadays .

The part of her shoulder outside the umbrella slowly got soaked in the drizzle; the golden and silver notes circulated in her body like balls of flame .

Ever since Old Grandma gave her the Life-Death Notes, Xie Yujia never caught a cold or a fever . However, she suddenly felt a little dizzy today .

She wished that she could actually get sick so that Hao Ren might pay more attention to her .

"Who am I cultivating so hard for?"

The misty campus was empty and quiet .

Xie Yujia went past the south gate on her bike .

She thought for a bit and turned toward Hongji Square suddenly .

Rain dropped on Xie Yujia's cheek, and her blushing pale skin appeared to be even smoother . Some of the small drops landed on her long lashes .

Hongji Square was very crowded even though it was already dusk . Almost all the restaurants were full . The place was full of laughter and cheers . These noises came out of the windows and doors .

Xie Yujia looked toward Hongji Plaza; she had never really walked around here .

She held the umbrella as she walked on the stone paved plaza as she admired the European-style plaza in the rain quietly .

There was a coffee shop that she had never been to at the end of Hongji Plaza . It was at the corner of the path, which led to the residential area .

Maybe it was the location or perhaps it was the weather; there weren't many people at the shop .

Xie Yujia pushed the door open and walked in . There were only five or six customers inside .

"Cappuccino," Xie Yujia ordered a cup of hot coffee .

She held the warm cup in her hand and sipped the coffee that had foam on top . Then, she sat beside the window, looking at the drizzle outside .

"It is not that easy to find a soulmate, especially after being betrayed many times . I'm always worried . I must be tough; who murdered the romance inside me . . . " The music played in the coffee shop .

 Xie Yujia slowed breathed in as she took another sip of coffee .

"It's not that easy to fall in love . Everyone has their own temper . We are way past the age of dreaming . A quiet life is better than a dramatic one . It's not that easy to fall in love . That's why it's particularly fascinating . When we were too young to know anything, we loved the deepest and laughed the loudest . We used to . . . "

Tears slid down Xie Yujia's face as she held the hot coffee in her hand quietly .

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