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Chapter 645

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Xie Yujia looked toward Hao Ren as well after hearing Zhao Yanzi's words .

She had a slow temper while Zhao Yanzi was more impatient .

Xie Yujia liked to hide everything in her heart while Zhao Yanzi couldn't hide anything . She even told Hao Ren about those trivial things in her middle school .

As a result, Xie Yujia's heart drifted further from Hao Ren when Zhao Yanzi was closer to him .

The moonlight shone upon them quietly, making this silent second very long .

Who liked him a bit more?

Zhao Yanzi's words showed her awareness of Hao Ren's feeling toward Xie Yujia, and she gave her a chance .

However, her attitude pushed Xie Yujia into a face-to-face competition .

What Zhao Yanzi didn't like was that even though Xie Yujia spent a lot of time with Hao Ren, she never confessed to him directly .

Now that Xie Yujia admitted her feelings for Hao Ren, Zhao Yanzi felt a little better .

"Yes, just like that . If you like him, then say it out loud . Saying that you are not going for it yet still staying close to him is just so annoying," Zhao Yanzi thought to herself .

Hao Ren was the same . He couldn't forget about Xie Yujia, but he still pretended to be alright .

In fact, Zhao Yanzi didn't hate Xie Yujia as a person . What she hated was her attitude . Zhao Yanzi liked the Lu sisters a lot more compared to Xie Yujia because they were much simpler and more direct .

Zhao Yanzi gritted her teeth and turned to Hao Ren, seeking the answer to her question .

"I like you both," Hao Ren said, simple yet powerful .

Since they both confessed to him, Hao Ren didn't want to hide it anymore either .

Hao Ren didn't know how to lie, so he just chose not to tell it before .

Xie Yujia already knew the answer, but she didn't expect Hao Ren to say it out loud suddenly . She looked at Hao Ren, and her heart turned soft .

Hao Ren was just like her; he would do a lot of things quietly without saying .

When she went back to her dorm, she saw several missed calls from Hao Ren on her phone . She knew that Hao Ren tried to get in touch with her .

However, Hao Ren wouldn't explain himself . To him, an action was worth more than thousands of words .

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If her Little Older Brother didn't have the personality that she liked, she would give up the dozen-year-wait .

However, Hao Ren was still the old Hao Ren . He didn't say any sweet words or try to comfort her, yet he protected Little Carrot with his hands .

Zhao Yanzi's lips twisted a bit . She also knew the answer, but she wanted Hao Ren to tell the truth himself .

Her mom, Zhao Hongyu, had already told her that there was no winning or losing in this case, only the difference between strong and weak .

However, Zhao Yanzi didn't expect Hao Ren to be so direct even though she asked .

"But . . . I like Xie Yujia more when she is cheerful . " Hao Ren walked two steps toward Xie Yujia and lightly touched her forehead .

Xie Yujia looked up and backed up two steps in panic .

"Jerk!" Zhao Yanzi knocked on Hao Ren's back with her fist .


Two sword energies appeared below Hao Ren's feet .

Hao Ren had recovered to the strength of Zhen-level, so he could easily travel in the air .

Zhao Yanzi and Xie Yujia looked up at Hao Ren as he entered the pitch-black sky . Then, they looked at each other .

"If you like him, then fight for real!" Zhao Yanzi stared at Xie Yujia as she pouted and said .

Xie Yujia looked at Zhao Yanzi, and she was suddenly relieved .

At first, she didn't dare to fight because she didn't want to lose . Therefore, she had been gloomy . Zhao Yanzi was like a little ice drop, transparent and refreshing . No wonder everyone liked her .

"Ok!" Xie Yujia responded; the massive cloud on her mind had finally been lifted .

She had officially admitted that she liked Hao Ren in front of him and Zhao Yanzi . There was no more secret on her shoulder or a way back now .

Hao Ren was a bit over the limit with his answer, but he was quite upfront .

No sweet words or promises; he was just trying the best he could .

"Humph! Come to my home for dinner sometime . My mom wants to cook for you!" Zhao Yanzi said .

Instead of Xie Yujia as a person, Zhao Yanzi hated her attitude and the secret relationship between her and Hao Ren .

She wasn't happy about the fact that Xie Yujia liked Hao Ren . But if Xie Yujia stayed with him although she didn't like him, then Zhao Yanzi would hate her .

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There would be more and more girls who would fall for Hao Ren . There were even some girls who had a crush on him in her middle school .

Zhao Yanzi had her own worries and problems, but she would hold on to Hao Ren! If Xie Yujia liked him just as much, then she should fight for him .

"Humph! I, Zhao Yanzi, must be the best! You must go through me to get to Hao Ren . You can't sneak beside Hao Ren without telling me . . . " Zhao Yanzi muttered to herself .

Xie Yujia laughed when she saw Zhao Yanzi mumbling .

In the meantime, Qingfeng Hermit was cultivating on Eighth Heaven in the simple and crude cave . Golden and silver notes revolved like fireballs in her palms, intertwining with each other .

"Humph, I only have two disciples in the mortal world, and they both want to be with him . It is too easy for this kid . " Qingfeng Hermit slowly put away her palms which were facing the ground .

She was cultivating on Eighth Heaven when she sensed Xie Yujia's change of emotion through the Life-Death Notes . Therefore, she used her power to see what was going on with her .

Just as she was about to smash Hao Ren into pieces, Xie Yujia's mood turned better suddenly .

She only had two disciples in the mortal world; Xie Yujia being the older one and Zhao Yanzi being the younger one . However, both of them liked Hao Ren with all their hearts . She had no way to know what to do about it .

"Whatever, whatever . . . " Qingfeng Hermit put her hands on her knees, shook her head, and continued cultivating with her eyes closed .

As she closed her eyes, she still felt the lingering anger on her mind .

"This kid doesn't have a high realm, yet he has so many girls around him . Even if he isn't a womanizer, he is a playboy!" Qingfeng Hermit pointed to the ground with her hands softly .

Two lights traveled through the ground and immediately disappeared .

Hao Ren just got high into the sky on his sword energies and stepped on the golden ship that was transformed from the purple gold hairpin . He suddenly realized that there was a thumb-sized golden lightning bolt coming toward him from the sky!

Splash . . . The energy sphere created by the purple gold hairpin immediately broke into pieces .

The golden lightning poked through the energy sphere and hit the top of Hao Ren's skull .

Hao Ren's clothes and body immediately turned black . He was only at Zhen-level, yet he had to defend a heavenly lightning bolt!

It didn't kill him, but he was halfway there!

Even the purple gold hairpin couldn't resist such strong power . It immediately lowered a few hundred meters .

Boom! The purple gold hairpin obtained a steady speed and suddenly flew up .

Hao Ren felt like all his bones were broken, and blood was going backward in his body . He didn't want to hear Zhao Yanzi's condemning words, so he went up to Fifth Heaven to cultivate .

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However, he got attacked by lightning bolts .

Crack! Hao Ren suddenly leveled up nearly half a level due to the heavenly lightning, reaching top-tier Zhen-level .

Hao Ren couldn't even tell if he were lucky or unlucky anymore!

He just felt very thrilling since he told Zhao Yanzi and Xie Yujia about his true feelings .

"This is what I feel like no matter what they think! I like them both!"

Hua . . . The purple gold hairpin flew into Fifth Heaven .

Ethereal Summit was surrounded by mist, which made it even more mysterious! He could sense the strong nature essence intensity in the valley as soon as he got closer .

The reason no one dared to take up this valley was that . . . it was Herb King Master's territory!

Hao Ren dashed into the array formation and hopped into his cave .

That golden lightning hit him perfectly . Although it caused him tremendous pain, it also brought him a small breakthrough!

Hao Ren planned to cultivate on Fifth Heaven until tomorrow afternoon . Now, he had to work harder on cultivation!

The Lu sister's Poison Pill Plan blocked all his nature essence as well as the dragon core . Hao Ren's current cultivation was like the cultivation method of human cultivators, and there was a small golden core slowly forming as it merged perfectly with the spiritual core that contained Zhao Haoran's 1,000 years of cultivation strength .

Roll… The dozen snow lion cubs were rolling around on the grass .

The sky slowly turned from dark to bright . Hao Ren circulated nature essence in his body 98 times, but his skin was still as dark as ink!

He was completely burned up by that golden lightning!

Xie Yujia looked at the empty seat beside her in the classroom at East Ocean University; she seemed a bit lost .

Lu Linlin and Lu Lili felt like something was missing when Hao Ren didn't show up as well .

Su Han had on a white cotton shirt, black short skirt, black stockings, and silver high-heels . The guys roared loudly as soon as she walked into the classroom .

She walked straight up the teaching platform and put her materials on the podium . Then, she looked up at the first row .

Hao Ren wasn't sitting in the center of the first row, which was right in front of her podium .

Su Han's eyelids twitched a little, but she didn't say anything .

She flipped open the material and turned on the projector, and she started her class smoothly according to the lesson plan .

Da, da, da . . . It started to drizzle outside of the classroom again . Xie Yujia looked outside into the rain and then at the empty seat beside her . She was a little worried .

Her mind was a little blank now that Hao Ren wasn't here .

Su Han held the teaching pointer and pointed at the formulas on the screen, and she glimpsed at Hao Ren's seat from time to time .

Hao Ren's absence worried her a bit too .

She then looked to Xu Ke's corner which was at the very back of the classroom, and he was present .

Her face suddenly went back to her usual cold expression .

However, the students who were admiring her looks and figure wouldn't be able to notice such a slight change of facial expression .

Zhao Yanzi rested her head on one of her hands at her window seat in LingZhao Middle School's classroom . She spaced out as she stared at the rain outside .

"Zi!" Luo Ying knocked on the whiteboard with the wiper during class .

"Oh!" Zhao Yanzi suddenly looked back with a smile as she listened to class carefully .

Her reaction made Luo Ying worried . "Has Zi started behaving properly? Or is she just sick?'

Shoo . . . A ray of golden light traveled across the sky outside the classroom window .

Hao Ren stood on the golden ship .

He didn't forget that today was the day his grandma was coming back!

He landed a distance away from the train station and quickly ran toward the station .

"Grandma!" Hao Ren immediately saw his grandma who had several bags in her hands .

She looked healthier after such a long time . She almost seemed as if she was glowing with health .

"Hey! Ren!" Grandma reached out her hands to give Hao Ren a big hug . Then, she looked closely at him and asked, "Where did you go? How come you got much darker?"

"I'm alright . . . I'll go back to my old skin color in a few days . . . " Hao Ren scratched his head and said, "My parents had to go to work, so I came to pick you up . "

"What's the matter? Do you have some trouble? Let me know if you have any problems . " Grandma stared at Hao Ren and said with worry .

Hao Ren hid on Fifth Heaven to stay away from everyone, but Grandma saw right through it .

"That's ok . . . " Hao Ren shook his head in embarrassment .

Just as Grandma looked around in disappointment, several loud shouts sounded around them, "Grandma!"