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Chapter 647

"Did something go wrong with your cultivation? Why are you as dark as a black pig?" Su Han walked over and asked Hao Ren .

When she saw that Hao Ren was absent in class, she had been worried, wondering if anything had happened to him . Seeing his dark skin, she suspected that Hao Ren had problems with his cultivation .

"I'm fine . " Hao Ren waved his hand .

He knew his current condition; the nature essence in his body was more abundant than before . However, it was a pity that he didn't reach Gen-level with the aid of the golden lightning bolt from yesterday .

"You are going to the Nine Dragon Palace with me in about one week . Don't mess up," Su Han glanced at him and said in a warning tone .

Hao Ren looked at her at a loss for words, thinking, "So, you are worried about me because of that . "

"Little Su, come and eat some dessert! I brought them from the countryside!" Sitting on the sofa, Grandma beckoned at Su Han .

"Ok . " Su Han smiled lightly at Grandma and walked over .

Wearing a black short skirt and black stockings, she looked more tempting in the room while in slippers .

"Gongzi!" The Lu sisters suddenly appeared by Hao Ren's side, startling him who had been staring at Su Han's legs .

They held his arms and said, "Gongzi, drink some tea!"

In the same time, traces of nature essence entered his arms from their palms, testing his realm .

They were surprised that Hao Ren had reached peak Zhen-level, only one step from Gen-level after just one night .

Due to the Poison Pill Plan which improved his physique, Hao Ren had lost all his nature essence . However, he had cultivated back to peak Zhen-level, equivalent top-tier Core Formation Realm, which astonished them .

According to what they knew, they couldn't imagine what realm Hao Ren would jump to when the Poison Pill Plan's side effects were removed .

"When will I recover my realm?" Hao Ren took the opportunity to ask them .

He had been impatient when he lost all his nature essence . Now that he had reached Zhen-level, he was less impatient even though Zhen-level was still lower than his previous Gen-level .

"Probably this Sunday . Don't be so impatient, Gongzi!" Lu Linlin comforted him cutely .

Since her older sister finished the procedure last time, it was her turn to remove the effect .

She blushed when she thought that she would kiss Hao Ren .

Sitting on the sofa, Grandma smiled happily when the Lu sisters brought Hao Ren over .

Lu Linlin and Lu Lili were very vivacious and cute; Hao Ren was a lucky guy to have their affection .

Grandma didn't think it was Hao Ren's fault that so many girls liked him . Instead, as long as the girls got along with each other, the more girls that liked Hao Ren, the more charming her grandson was proved to be!

Anyway, Hao Ren wouldn't mistreat them under her supervision . If they found better guys for themselves one day, it was another story .

In Grandma's eyes, her Hao Ren was the most considerate, diligent, and aspiring young man .

"Dad and Mom said that they couldn't come back tonight due to one important meeting today," Hao Ren said to Grandma as he was dragged to the sofa by the Lu sisters and took the teacup from their hands .

"That's ok . " With Xie Yujia and Zhao Yanzi in her arms, Grandma said indifferently .

If it were before, she would be angry at Yue Yang and Hao Zhonghua for not coming home while the Moon Festival was near . However, with so many cute girls around her, she didn't really care that Hao Zhonghua and Yue Yang couldn't come home until tomorrow, the Moon Festival .

The tea made by Lu Linlin and Lu Lili was very refreshing when Hao Ren sipped it .

His realm would fully recover in two days, and Grandma just came back home . Therefore, Hao Ren didn't plan to cultivate today . Instead, he would keep Grandma company .

Xie Yujia and others shared his thoughts, so they sat around Grandma on the sofa .

"Little Su, aren't you going home for the Moon Festival?" Grandma asked Su Han benignly .

Although Su Han wasn't as gentle as Xie Yujia, she was knowledgeable and considerate, giving Grandma a comfortable feeling .

"My parents passed away when I was very young, and I live alone in East Ocean City," Su Han answered .

Elder Xingyue of East Ocean had raised Su Han, and metal-elemental dragon cultivators wouldn't know whom their parents were until they reached peak Qian-level . Therefore, Su Han could only say that she was an orphan .

Hearing Su Han's words, Grandma's happy expression turned sympathetic . She looked at Su Han gently and said, "Oh . Little Su, from now on, this is your home . Don't stay by yourself on holidays; spend them here with Grandma!"

She sounded so sincere that Su Han who had made up the story felt a bit touched .

Since Hao Ren was her partner who would take the risk in the Nine Dragon Palace with her, she had come to visit his grandma due to politeness and guilt .

However, Grandma's concern for her gave her a warmth that was different from Elder Xingyue's . Something in her strong heart got touched .

She wanted to know who her parents were, but she also hated them at the same time . She wanted to reach peak Qian-level and then the Heavenly Dragon Realm so that she could be a master amongst masters, and no one would dare to mess with her .

However, she felt being protected by Hao Ren's grandma despite her fragile strength .

"Ok . " Su Han bit on her lower lip and sat on the sofa with her head lowered .

Grandma felt heart-ached when she learned that the beautiful and considerate Su Han was an orphan, and she was very sympathetic toward Su Han .

"Linlin and Lili, are you spend the Holiday with your grandpa?" Grandma asked the Lu sisters .

"Our grandpa is abroad on business," Lu Linlin said immediately .

"You poor girls…" Grandma patted their hands .

Looking at the cute girls who were uncared for, Grandma was overwhelmed by sympathy, lamenting why such good girls had such backgrounds .

"Yujia's parents are doing business abroad and left her alone in China, and Zi's parents are also busy, leaving Zi unsupervised… Ay…" Grandma sighed slightly, taking their small hands into hers one by one .

"Grandma, it's almost the Moon Festival; don't be sad . Let's talk about something happy," Lu Lilin, a smooth talker, immediately changed the subject .

"Right, right . Let's talk about something happy . " Grandma had tears in her eyes when she thought of the girls' hardships in life . When she heard Lu Linlin's words, she tried to cheer up .

"What do you want to hear?" She asked Lu Linlin and the others .

"Tell us the stories about when you were young," Lu Linlin said .

"When I was young… I'll start from the time when I met Ren's grandpa…" Grandma sipped some tea and said gently .

Xie Yujia and the others all listened to her story attentively

With the girls gazing at her eagerly, Grandma began to tell her story with enthusiasm .

Hao Ren yawned in boredom as he listened along .

He had heard the old stories countless times ever since he was little, including the story about how Grandma saw flying dragons in the fields .

The drizzle outside had stopped, and the bright moon rose over the sea . The girls were fascinated by Grandma's old stories and kept asking questions, looking like a tea party of the Moon Festival .

When the stories turned to how Hao Ren's mom pursued his mom, Hao Zhonghua, the girls were even more attentive . In fact, even Hao Ren didn't know some of the details .

"She was very persistent . Yue Yang sat at our door for an entire night, hoping to see my Zhonghua . Zhonghua didn't know Yue Yang hadn't gone home that night . When he saw Yue Yang at the door the next morning, he was touched…"

 "Wow…" Xie Yujia and the other girls exclaimed when they heard this story, surprised that Yue Yang, the famous scientist, had been so persistent .

Hearing the details that he hadn't known before, Hao Ren had to admire his mom's ability in successfully taking the most popular guy in East Ocean University among fierce competition

Due to his mom's swift actions, Hao Ren and his father didn't have a significant age gap between them .

Zhao Yanzi and the others listened with eagerness and occasional expressions of sudden understanding .

Hao Ren looked at their expressions and suddenly felt like something was wrong .

"Is Grandma passing down successful experiences?" he thought .

Grandma had pursued his grandpa, the most handsome and hardworking guy in the village, and they had spent a happy life together . Yue Yang sought after Hao Zhonghua with great efforts; despite Grandma's objection and many other obstacles, she gained Grandma's approval by giving birth to Hao Ren .

It seemed like it was the tradition in Hao Ren's family for the women to pursue the men!

"Well… I'm sleepy, and I'll go to bed," Grandma said suddenly as she patted her forehead .

It was already midnight .

Although Grandma was high spirited when she got back to East Ocean City, she was exhausted from telling stories until midnight .

"Good night! Grandma!" The girls said as one .

"You all go to bed . " Grandma waved her hand and walked to the stairs .

It was midnight, so the girls would stay the night here .

After watching Grandma disappear at the top of the stairs, the girls suddenly turned to look at Hao Ren who was still sitting on the sofa .

"Ugh…" Hao Ren's heart missed a beat when he looked at them, wondering what they had gotten from Grandma's stories .

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