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Chapter 648

The autumn wind blew on the beach, but it was as warm as spring in the house .

Xie Yujia and the Lu sisters lied on the sofa casually .

Su Han had been cultivating in Hao Ren's room on the second floor . Due to the frequent activities of the metal-elemental dragons in East Ocean City lately, Su Han staying in Hao Ren's home was a kind of precaution .

Huahua . . . The ocean waves splashed on the beach . Su Han ended her cultivation and exhaled deeply with frustration . After one night, she achieved no progress, which meant that she must seek a breakthrough in the Nine Dragon Palace .

Hao Ren's room was a bit messy, a typical room for a guy . Looking at Hao Ren's photos on the wall, she was deep in thought .

This was Hao Ren's room .

She leaned on the pillow behind her . Hao Ren's bed was clean, and there were some books on the bedside table . They were about architecture, and he had been reading them .

"Heavenly Dragon . . . When I reach the Heavenly Dragon Realm, what then?" Su Han felt a bit lost while she thought of her life-long goal .

Feeling fatigued and lazy, Su Han pulled the quilt to her shoulders and smelled the scent of cotton . She suddenly wanted to get some good sleep .

In Xie Yujia's room downstairs, Zhao Yanzi was sleeping like a log while Little White was curled up and snoring with its head resting on Zhao Yanzi's heel .

Sitting on the small sofa in the living room, Hao Ren cultivated for half a night . He opened his eyes and looked at his arms .

The darkness on his skin had lightened, and new skin began to appear underneath the cracked, blackened skin .

The golden lightning bolt almost scorched him into coal, but the new skin looked as smooth as a baby's skin . It felt like a rebirth .

Lu Linlin and Lu Lili were up, and they sat on their heels, doing each other's hair .

Their soft black hair had grown longer, and they pulled up the hair into buns to match today's festive atmosphere .

Xie Yujia had also woken, and she watched the Lu sisters do each other's hair with a smile .

"Big Zhumu!" The Lu sisters finished doing their hair with nimble fingers . Then, they turned to greet Xie Yujia .

With a gentle smile, Xie Yujia touched her head with a smooth finger, and her black hair tumbled down like a waterfall, covering her cheeks charmingly .

After one night's sleep, her cheeks were pink with some temporary floral patterns that were from the sofa . Still with sleepy eyes, she looked more charming than before .

The Lu sisters moved to the sides of Xie Yujia and did a pretty, slanting ponytail for Xie Yujia with a hairband . Their movements were light and skillful .

The hairband was like a small pink flower, and it highlighted Xie Yujia's black hair and white neck . It was a decoration for Xie Yujia who wore no jewelry .

"Thanks a lot . " Xie Yujia didn't refuse their kindness; she had grown to like the Lu sisters .

Hao Ren watched them with a smile . The three girls were born beautiful, and only a few seconds of work made them especially gorgeous .

In the quiet morning, they didn't speak much, but it felt cozy . Gaining Xie Yujia's fondness, the Lu sisters leaned on both sides of her, placing their heads on her thighs .

After picking up a small cotton swab, Xie Yujia began to clean their ears . Lu Linlin and Lu Lili closed their eyes in enjoyment .

It seemed that the Lu sisters got along better with Xie Yujia . The intimacy between them only existed in a family even in the animal world .

"Come here . " When Xie Yujia saw that Hao Ren was watching them, she beckoned at him .

"Forget it . . . " Hao Ren immediately waved his hand .

"Gongzi, come here!" The Lu sisters jumped up and dragged Hao Ren toward Xie Yujia .

With a faint smile, Xie Yujia moved his shoulders and made him lean against her thigh . Then, she picked a clean cotton swab to clean his ears as well .

The Lu sisters' ears were clean, but they felt good when the cotton swab touched the inside of their ears .

When Xie Yujia turned the cotton swab in Hao Ren's ears, it came out with a big chunk of dirt, startling her .

Having been struck by the golden lightning bolt, the impurities in his body had been driven out by the violent lightning energy . It was natural that he had dirt in his ears .

"So dirty . . . " Xie Yujia murmured, but she wasn't disgusted by it . After looking down into his ears, her slim fingers moved lightly while she cleaned more thoroughly .

With his cheek resting on Xie Yujia's closed legs, Hao Ren felt the bounciness and softness of her thighs . He felt awkward but enjoyed her movements .

"Oh! Another big chunk," The Lu sisters who were watching exclaimed .

Hao Ren flushed, wishing that they wouldn't say it out loud .

The cotton swab swirled inside his ears, causing some itchiness . With his head on Xie Yujia's soft thighs, he closed his eyes and almost fell asleep .

In the past, he had cleaned his ears carelessly and had never received such loving treatment .

Xie Yujia was very gentle and careful . With one hand holding the cotton swab and the other hand resting on his neck, she blew lightly into his ear, showing her great affection for him .

Hao Ren felt that lightning bolts should strike him again if he let Xie Yujia down .

"The other side . " Xie Yujia nudged him lightly .

"Ok . Ok . . . " Hao Ren turned . Feeling so relaxed, he almost fell asleep .

With his face facing Xie Yujia's belly, he laid on her thigh again . He was a little embarrassed, but he couldn't leave the other ear uncleaned .

A light fragrance floated from Xie Yujia's body, and her thighs were very warm .

"Don't move . " Xie Yujia pressed lightly on his neck while she bent to clear the other ear for him .

Her thighs felt a bit itchy and hot with Hao Ren's head resting on them . However, thinking that it was Hao Ren whom she was holding, she felt a little pleased .

Watching Xie Yujia blow air into Hao Ren's ear carefully, and Hao Ren getting drowsy from her care, the Lu sisters felt like they were not as good as the Big Zhumu in taking care of Hao Ren .

"Hush . . . " Since Grandma was still in bed, Xie Yujia gestured at Lu sisters and told them to quiet down a bit .

Then, she threw the dirty swab into the garbage can and scraped on Hao Ren's outer ear lightly with a clean one, taking away the oily dirt .

Hao Ren had never known that getting his ears cleaned would feel so good . Relaxed, he fell asleep on Xie Yujia's soft thighs which were more comfortable than any pillows .

After throwing the cotton swab, Xie Yujia realized that Hao Ren had fallen asleep . Not bearing to wake him up, she just let him sleep on her thighs while her hands rested on his shoulders .

The look of sincere love touched Lu Linlin and Lu Lili . "Big Zhumu is awesome!" they thought .

Even Xie Yujia herself felt a little emotional when she looked down on Hao Ren who was sleeping peacefully on her thighs; she felt a sense of peace that she had never felt before .

Xie Yujia remained sitting while her fingertips touched Hao Ren's hair lightly, wishing that she could hold him like this for one entire day .

She only stayed by his side since she liked him, and she wished that she could share his burden .

Hao Ren had been working hard to protect the people around him while the people around him were repaying him with their affections .

Xie Yujia was doing a little thing for him by cleaning his ears, but Hao Ren was protecting them with his life .

Sitting beside them, Lu Linlin and Lu Lili's eyes were bright since they loved this intimate feeling between all of them .

Click . . . The sound of key-turning came from the door .

Hao Zhonghua and Yue Yang were talking about the meeting the day before when they opened the door .

What they found in the living room was Hao Ren lying on his side with his head on Xie Yujia's thighs while Xie Yujia was rubbing the back of his head lightly, and Lu Linlin and Lu Lili were massaging his legs!

Hao Zhonghua who had been putting away his keys widened his eyes in astonishment . Even he had never enjoyed such treatment from anyone .

Not expecting Yue Yang and Hao Zhonghua to return home so early, Xie Yujia was a little alarmed . Seeing Hao Ren's parents coming back, Lu sisters immediately withdrew their pink fists .

However, Hao Ren who was facing Xie Yujia with his nose almost touching her belly was sound asleep!

"Uncle, Auntie . . . " Xie Yujia immediately moved Hao Ren's head off her thighs lightly and stood up, greeting them with a blush .

"Uncle, Auntie . . . " the Lu sisters stood beside her and greeted in a low voice .

Hao Zhonghua looked at the three girls, not knowing what do say . He knew that Xie Yujia and the Lu sisters liked Hao Ren, but Hao Ren was too blatant about it .

Since it was improper to scold Xie Yujia and the Lu sisters, Yue Yang cleared her throat loudly and woke Hao Ren .

"Dad! Mom!" Hao Ren opened his eyes and yelled when he saw Yue Yang and Hao Zhonghua in the house .

He had fallen asleep and even started dreaming, and he didn't know how long he had slept .

Hao Zhonghua glanced at Yue Yang, thinking it was a mom's right to lecture the son on such things .

Since Hao Ren had been sleeping with his head on Xie Yujia's thighs, he wondered if they had become an official couple .

At this thought, Hao Zhonghua was pleased and welcomed the intimacy between Hao Ren and Xie Yujia . After all, he hoped that Xie Yujia could become his daughter-in-law .

"Ren! What were you doing? It's not appropriate to sleep on Yujia's body!" While Hao Zhonghua was changing his mind on the matter, Yue Yang started to scold Hao Ren .

If Hao Ren and Xie Yujia were a couple, then Zhao Yanzi would be disappointed, which brought a sense of defeat to Yue Yang . However, she knew that if Hao Ren and Xie Yujia were serious about each other, she could do nothing to stop them .

"Auntie! It was me . . . " Xie Yujia stepped forward, trying to explain .

Yue Yang waved her hand to stop her while she glared at Hao Ren . "You act like this at home, then how do you behave in school? Did you forget about the punishment that you got at school so soon?!"

With so many girls liking Hao Ren, Yue Yang as a mother was concerned . She scolded him, trying to correct his carefree personality . She hoped that he wouldn't attract a group of girls with his seemingly dumb looks, just like his dad, Hao Zhonghua, when the latter was at school .

"Punishment? What punishment?" Grandma's voice came from the stairs .

Hao Zhonghua panicked .

Yue Yang who had been scolding Hao Ren softened her tone at the sight of Grandma . "Mom! It was a small incident at the school . It is no big deal . "

"It's still early morning, and you yelled loudly the moment you came home! Zi and Little Su are still sleeping!" Grandma walked into the living room and said to Yue Yang with a dark face .

Seeing Grandma playing the senior card, Yue Yang who had been playing a stern mother immediately deflated .

"Mom, I was scolding Ren for his misbehavior . Yujia is a good girl, but he slept on her thighs," Yue Yang explained in a low voice, directing the topic to Hao Ren .

"Oh . I see . " Grandma glanced at Hao Ren and Xie Yujia .

It had been a small thing, Hao Ren and Xie Yujia blushed hearing their description after hearing their description

"What's wrong with that? I like Yujia and Ren . Don't mind the things the young people do . " Grandma glared at Yue Yang and Hao Zhonghua with a stern expression .

Yue Yang opened her mouth . But before she could speak, Grandma waved her hand . "I still remember your pursuit of Zhonghua . "

"That . . . " Yue Yang's face reddened .

Hao Zhonghua also looked alarmed, and he waved his hand to stop Grandma's words, not knowing that Grandma had told their stories while they were absent last night .

"Ok! Clean the room! In a little while, Hongyu and Zhao Guang will come and visit us!" Grandma said, pointing at the kitchen and the study .

"Ok! Ok! We'll do it now," Hao Zhonghua answered immediately . He had wanted to play the role of a dignified father before Hao Ren, but he sweated with dread when Grandma threatened to tell the story of his youth .

Not daring to speak anymore, Yue Yang lowered her head and walked toward the study room .

"Humph! Neither of you came to pick me up at the train station! If Ren didn't come and Yujia and the other girls didn't keep me company, I would have died of starvation at the train station!" Looking at the backs of Hao Zhonghua and Yue Yang, Grandma mumbled and complained .

Hao Ren turned to look at Grandma, thinking that she possessed the greatest 'combat force . '

The Lu sisters who had been startled by Hao Zhonghua and Yue Yang regained their composure and went to Grandma happily .

They understood that in this house, Grandma had the final say and if they could gain Grandma's favor, they could stay by Hao Ren's side forever .

Seeing Grandma speaking for her, Xie Yujia was very happy . While Grandma sat on the sofa, she immediately stood behind her and began to massage Grandma's shoulders .

Sitting on the sofa on both sides, the Lu sisters lifted Grandma's legs carefully and placed them on their knees and began massaging them .

"Good, good girls . . . " Grandma nodded with enjoyment, feeling relaxed all over .

The three girls' hand movements were neither heavy nor light, and they seemed very familiar with acupoints, giving her muscles a total relaxation .

Joy; it was pure joy .

Despite the deep love between Hao Zhonghua and Yue Yang, Grandma had never had great affection for Yue Yang, her daughter-in-law . That was why she had placed her hope in her future granddaughter-in-law . So far, she liked each of the girls whom Hao Ren brought home .

She had been lonely for most of her life and hoped to get more care in her late years . The appearance of Xie Yujia and the other girls turned the house alive .

"It would be great if I have a great-grandson . . . " Grandma thought as she closed her eyes with enjoyment .

For one whole hour, Xie Yujia and the Lu sisters massaged Grandma from head to toes .

Feeling relaxed from muscles to bones, Grandma felt better than after a good sleep .

She stopped them when Xie Yujia and the Lu sisters tried to massage her bones, not wanting to exhaust them . She knew that they had done their best to give her a good massage .

They were so good to Grandma, and it meant that they would be good to Hao Ren in the future . Watching Hao Ren who had been cleaning the house with sleeve protectors, Grandma thought he was a lucky guy .

"Ren, come and watch TV with Grandma!" Grandma called out .

"Ok!" Hao Ren took off the sleeve protectors and brushed off the dust from his clothes before walking to Grandma .

Seeing his dark complexion and sweaty body, Grandma's heart ached . Pulling Hao Ren to sit beside her, she said, "Leave the cleaning to your mom and dad! They've never done any chores anyway!"

The more she liked Hao Ren, the more unpleased she felt toward Hao Zhonghua and Yue Yang .

Hao Ren was the most considerate guy! If he liked these girls, Grandma wanted to keep them all!

Anyway, Grandma was reluctant to see any of the good girls go .

Ding . . . The doorbell sounded .

"Hongyu and her husband are early!" Grandma widened her eyes in surprise . Then, she thought maybe they were worried about Zi who had spent the night here .

"Coming!" Hao Ren ran to open the door swiftly .

However, it was Zhen Congming instead of Zhao Hongyu and Zhao Guang .

Hao Ren looked behind Zhen Congming and saw a colorful traditional dress along with a traditional oil paper umbrella .

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