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Chapter 649

"Haha . . . Little guy, we meet again," the soft and charming voice entered Hao Ren's ears with a sway of the traditional dress .

"Auntie . . . Hello . " Hao Ren looked at Lady Zhen, surprised at her appearance .

He froze with astonishment at another glance .

Behind Lady Zhen was a cute young girl who was also dressed in a colorful traditional dress; she was Duan Yao .

Duan Yao glared at Hao Ren with a complicated expression on her face .

When Hao Ren saw her in the past, she was always wearing a light Taoist robe which made her look very slim and thin . However, this high-waisted traditional dress had a band on her chest, covering her shortcoming . With her classy facial features, she looked very different, like a little princess in the ancient royal palace .

"Let me introduce you . This is my new disciple; her name is Yao . Of course, you can't call her like this when we're inside," Lady Zhen looked at Hao Ren with a smile and said softly .

Hao Ren looked at Lady Zhen and then at Duan Yao, wondering how these two ended up together .

"Yao, he is the grandson of Congming's foster-grandmom, so you should call him, Older Brother," Lady Zhen turned to look at Duan Yao and said .

Duan Yao's teeth bit on her lower lip so hard that it looked like wanted to seal her lips .

"Yao," Lady Zhen urged .

Duan Yao's face turned red but remembered that she had promised Lady Zhen to cut off her past . She finally said in a low voice, "Older Brother . "

Hao Ren froze in surprise for a moment when he heard it . However, Hao Ren still saw a trace of hatred from Duan Yao's eyes

"Ren! Why don't you ask the guests to come into the house?" Grandma called out from inside .

"Ok!" Hao Ren answered .

After stepping aside, he reached out his right hand and welcomed Lady Zhen inside .

This small house by the sea had always been kept clean, and it was especially so today after Yue Yang and Hao Zhonghua cleaned it for one hour upon Grandma's order .

Lady Zhen took off her embroidered shoes and walked in on the floor . Behind her, Duan Yao looked around Hao Ren's home in alarm and curiosity . After taking off her small embroidered shoes, she picked up the hem of her fluttering dress and walked into the house .

When she was taken away by Lady Zhen, she had been resistant . However, after entering the Demon Sea and seeing Lady Zhen's world-transforming power and unrivaled presence, she was instantly convinced .

She had been cut off from Sky Mountain Sect, but she still hated Hao Ren . To avenge herself, she must become very powerful, which was why she kneeled and kowtowed at Lady Zhen, taking her as her master .

Lady Zhen was delighted with Duan Yao as well . In the past tens of thousands of years, she had never taken any disciples, but she liked Duan Yao instantly when she saw the girl who had the pure fire body type, which was perfect for cultivating demonic techniques .

In the Demon Sea, there were countless creatures with pure water body types, but the pure fire body type was very rare .

When Lady Zhen saw Duan Yao for the first time, she had been considering taking her due to her special physique but had decided against it . However, after she got away from the Soul Formation Realm cultivators and returned to the Demon Sea, she felt like it would be a great pity if she let go of a pretty girl like Duan Yao, so she traveled back to Fifth Heaven to find her .

In the past few days, Duan Yao who had regarded herself an orphan was very respectful to her master, and her cleverness and obedience endeared her to Lady Zhen who then decided to take Duan Yao to gain some experience on land .

"Hello, Auntie . " While blinking her beautiful eyes, Lady Zhen said to Grandma who was sitting on the sofa .

Grandma looked up and was amazed by the beauty of the woman whose dazzling look made the beautifully decorated small house by the sea look like a shack!

"Hehe, hello . " Grandma was surprised that the guests were not Zi's parents, and she stood up to welcome the visitors .

"I'm Congming's mom, Lady Zhen . I've been thinking of visiting and thanking you for taking care of my Congming . " Lady Zhen smiled lightly, and her glossy lips seemed to have lights emitting from them .

"Ok . It is nothing!" Surprised that Zhen Congming's mom would visit her on the Moon Festival Day, Grandma was a bit panicky .

Hurriedly she picked up Xie Yujia's small hand and said, "Yujia, make some tea . "

"Ok!" Xie Yujia nodded obediently and strode to the kitchen .

Grandma stared at Lady Zhen, dazzled by the latter's beauty, which she had never seen in her life . She looked at the young girl standing beside Lady Zhen and found her exquisite and cute .

"This is my little niece, Yao . I just took her here so that she could hang out with more people," Lady Zhen said with a smile .

"Oh . That's fine! Take a seat!" Grandma gestured to the sofa .

Duan Yao looked around the house warily with a serious face, not daring to sit down . She had never seen the stuff here before, no matter if it were the chandelier or the sofa, tiles or glass cupboards .

"I've brought you some gifts, and I hope you'll like them," Lady Zhen lifted the big bag in her hand and said to Grandma .

"You can come anytime, and it's not necessary to bring gifts!" Grandma patted Zhen Congming's head and said, "Congming is well-behaved, and I like him very much . "

"Haha . It's my pleasure . . . " Lady Zhen covered her smile with her hand . Even when she talked, her posture and expression were very elegant .

Among her pile of gifts was a box of exquisite moon cakes, a gift for visiting families and friends on Moon Festival Day .

Hao Ren immediately took the gifts from Lady Zhen, knowing that it was a great honor to have an eternal demon king visit Grandma on Moon Festival Day .

Seeing Duan Yao keeping silent with a stiff face, Grandma thought she was nervous . She touched Duan Yao with her hand, and said, "Little Yao, take whatever cakes and candies you like . "

The tea table in the living room was full of snacks . Ever since Zhen Congming lived in Hao Ren's home, Grandma had constantly been replenishing the snacks on the tea table .

Duan Yao was still wary . When Grandma touched her, she reacted immediately, slapping off Grandma's hand .

"Yao, don't be rude . This is Hao Ren's grandma, and you must call her Grandma as well . " Lady Zhen turned to look at Duan Yao with coldness on her face .

"It is nothing, nothing . . . " Grandma immediately waved her hand . She was surprised by Duan Yao's slap, but she wouldn't hold a grudge against a little girl .

"Yao!" Lady Zhen didn't let it go .

As the only daughter of the Sky Mountain Sect Master, Duan Yao had been liked by all the people around her . However, after she had followed Lady Zhen, she had to be obedient since Lady Zhen wouldn't spoil her .

Seeing the chilling light in Lady Zhen's eyes, Duan Yao didn't dare to be disobedient .

She lowered her head and said, "Grandma . . . "

"Hehe, it's your first time being in our house . You just need to get used to the new environment . Come, take some candies and watch TV . " Grandma placed a handful of candies into Duan Yao's hand .

Duan Yao looked up at Lady Zhen before sitting on the soft sofa silently with sweets in her hand .

She had no way back since she had sworn to follow her master, Lady Zhen, and would never return to Sixth Heaven .

Zhao Yanzi who had been sleeping in Xie Yujia's room on the first floor heard the conversation in the living room and thought her parents had come . She opened the door and walked out wearing Xie Yujia's loose pajamas .

She froze when she saw Lady Zhen and then Duan Yao who was sitting on the sofa, not able to process the scene .

When Duan Yao who had been studying how to unwrap the candies on the sofa saw Zhao Yanzi, she bounced up from the sofa, bumping the glass tea table a few centimeters away with her legs .

The two enemies glared at each other .

Duan Yao had never imagined that she would see Zhao Yanzi here .

"Zi! You're up!" With a smile, Grandma looked at Zhao Yanzi and beckoned . "Come here; I'll introduce you to a new friend . "

She pointed at Duan Yao and said, "This is Yao, Congming's cousin . She's our guest today . "

In Grandma's eyes, Duan Yao was the same age as Zhao Yanzi, and the latter's vivaciousness could lighten up the former's dullness .

However, she didn't know that Duan Yao and Zhao Yanzi were mortal enemies . Duan Yao's difficult situation now was entirely Zhao Yanzi's fault while Zhao Yanzi had also suffered in Duan Yao's hands .

"What's wrong?" Grandma asked in bafflement when she saw Zhao Yanzi standing still .

"I . . . " Zhao Yanzi pouted and didn't know what to say .

Standing beside Lady Zhen, Duan Yao glared at Zhao Yanzi like a little tiger . Wearing the pretty traditional dress, she looked vivacious and cute if one ignored her expression .

In contrast, Zhao Yanzi was wearing Xie Yujia's pink pajamas, looking not as pretty as Duan Yao .

"Wu . . . Wu . . . " Little White trotted out of the room behind Zhao Yanzi and bared its teeth at Duan Yao .

"Little White, don't be rude! You can't do that to our guest!" Displeased, Grandma waved her hand at Little White .

"Zi . . . Come and meet Yao," Hao Ren said .

He was surprised when Lady Zhen brought Duan Yao to his home . However, considering the fact that Grandma was present, he didn't want the happy Moon Festival Day to be ruined .

Hearing Hao Ren called her 'Yao,' Duan Yao immediately turned to glare at him .

However, Hao Ren just looked at her coldly without any expression .

Before Sky Mountain Sect surrounded Ethereal Summit, he was neutral toward Duan Yao, leaving Duan Yao and Zhao Yanzi to solve their conflicts by themselves .

However, when Sky Mountain Sect sent troops to surround Ethereal Summit and almost destroyed it, Hao Ren had no good impression of Duan Yao at all .

If not for Lady Zhen, Hao Ren wouldn't have allowed Duan Yao to enter his home .

"Oh . . . " Zhao Yanzi walked over slowly . "My name's Zhao Yanzi . You may call me Zi . "

With a cold expression, Duan Yao glared at Zhao Yanzi with enmity .

"Haha, that's good . You two are of the same age, and you can play together . " Grandma didn't notice Duan Yao's expression, and she became happy when Zhao Yanzi introduced herself graciously .

Grandma liked cheerful girls . Although Duan Yao was brought here by Zhen Congming's mom, Lady Zhen, Grandma didn't like her too much instinctively, and she wondered if she were shy or just cold in nature .

"Yao! Come into my room to play!" After greeting Duan Yao, Zhao Yanzi suddenly changed her attitude and pulled Duan Yao by her arm while saying to Grandma, "Grandma, I'll take Yao inside!"

"Go! Go . . . " Grandma waved her hand cheerfully .

Duan Yao was furious, but she couldn't struggle from Zhao Yanzi's hold .

After being taken to the Demon Sea, Lady Zhen had refined her meridians with ease, and she had lost all her cultivation realm and strength . In Lady Zhen's eyes, the techniques taught by Lingwu Master who was a peak Nascent Soul Realm cultivator was just garbage!

Since Duan Yao wanted to get powerful, Lady Zhen would make her the No . 1 Demonic Girl in the World!

She would make all men fall at her feet, and Sky Mountain Sect would die with regret! She would be able to kill countless Nascent Soul Realm cultivators with one frown or one smile!

Seeing Duan Yao being pulled into the room, Lady Zhen covered her smile with a hand and bumped Hao Ren lightly . "My disciple is determined to kill you; she's an ambitious girl . Good nephew, you must cultivate hard . If you are killed by her one day, I won't take the responsibility . "

Looking at her, Hao Ren exhaled lightly helplessly . After all, with her unimaginable power, Lady Zhen could kill anyone at her will .

If not for Hao Ren's relationship with Zhen Congming, he guessed that Lady Zhen would have killed him after taking Duan Yao as a disciple so that the latter could focus on her cultivation wholeheartedly .

Now than Lady Zhen had met Hao Ren and was called Auntie by Hao Ren, she wouldn't kill him for Duan Yao but would allow Duan Yao to solve the problem by herself .

She had taken Duan Yao to visit Hao Ren's home not only to fulfill her promise to Hao Ren but also to take Duan Yao to see the world .

"This . . . "

Yue Yang who had been cleaning the second floor walked down the stairs with Hao Zhonghua . She was a bit surprised to see Lady Zhen .

"This is Congming's mom, Lady Zhen," Grandma said .

"Hello! Hello . . . " Hao Zhonghua quickened his steps and strode over .

With a faint smile, Lady Zhen reached out and touched Hao Zhonghua's palm with her fingertips, counting as a handshake . They had met in front of Zhen Congming's elementary school once, so this was the second time they met .

Seeing Hao Zhonghua stare at Lady Zhen, Yue Yang pinched him in secret .

"This is Hao Ren's mom, Yue Yang," Hao Zhonghua introduced them .

"Hello . " Yue Yang smiled graciously . Hao Zhonghua had told her about meeting Zhen Congming's mom, but she hadn't thought much about it . She was surprised to find that Zhen Congming's mom was dazzlingly beautiful .

Dadadada . . . Wearing a black short skirt and a pair of black stockings, Su Han appeared at the stairs .

Hum . . . Standing in the living room, Hao Ren suddenly felt the collision of two auras .

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