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Chapter 650

"Little Su, you are up?" Grandma said with a smile when she saw Su Han coming down .

Smiling, Su Han came into the living room on the first floor in slippers .

Hao Zhonghua looked at Su Han, surprised that another beauty was in the house . He had met Su Han before and knew that she was a lecturer in Hao Ren's school who was several years older than Hao Ren . Due to her excellent academic performance, she was asked to stay and teach .

Seeing Hao Zhonghua staring at Su Han, Yue Yang pinched his waist, almost bruising him with this second pinch .

"Good morning! Grandma!" Su Han walked to Grandma and nodded .

"Good . We'll have breakfast in a while," Grandma said happily .

Lady Zhen's dazzling beauty overshadowed everyone else in the living room until Su Han appeared with her rivaling presence .

Grandma found Su Han bright and gorgeous after one night's rest, not knowing that Su Han and Lady Zhen's aura had collided already .

Lady Zhen looked at Su Han and was a bit surprised .

When she saw Su Han last time, the latter was only at top-tier Qian-level, but now she was very close to peak Qian-level .

At this speed, Su Han would probably reach the Heavenly Dragon Realm before 30 years old .

At the Heavenly Dragon Realm, Su Han would be able to rival with Lady Zhen, which was why Lady Zhen began to take Su Han seriously .

"Tea is ready!" Xie Yujia boiled the water in the kitchen and then carried the teacups to the living room .

Lu Linlin and Lu Lili hurried over to help her while Su Han and Lady Zhen sat on the sofa after looking at each other .

In this small house, the most powerful person was Su Han except for Lady Zhen .

The Demon Sea, the Dragon God Shrine, and the East Ocean Dragon Palace . . . All kinds of forces gathered together in the house .

"Why didn't Congming's dad come as well?" Grandma asked Lady Zhen while sipping her tea .

"He's busy," Lady Zhen answered while holding the teacup in her hand gracefully .

"He's busy on the Moon Festival Day? Well, he can come when he's free," Grandma said .

Hao Ren sweated, wondering how powerful Zhen Congming's dad would be while his mom was already turning the Kunlun Mountain, the holy place of human cultivators, upside-down .

Grandma just invited him to the house . . .

"Ok . He will come when he's not so busy," Lady Zhen said cheerfully .

"Ok!" Grandma nodded happily .

She wasn't too fond of the dull Duan Yao, but she had a good impression of Lady Zhen .

Seeing them settling the visit of Zhen Congming's family, Hao Ren widened his eyes speechlessly .

"Congming, why didn't you come back last night?" Seeing Zhen Congming in silence, Grandma touched his pink cheek and asked .

Zhen Congming was distracted today since he was missing Wu Luoxue .

Yesterday, he took the opportunity to stay the night in her home when Mayor Wu picked up Wu Luoxue . However, he had to come back today since Wu Luoxue had gone out of East Ocean City with her parents to visit her grandparents .

On his way back, he encountered his mom, and they came to Hao Ren's home together .

"Ugh?" Hearing Grandma's voice, he pulled back his thoughts, not catching Grandma's words .

"Well, our Congming looks lost . You were thinking of Little Xue, right?" Grandma teased him .

Grandma's words hit on the target, and Zhen Congming reddened instantly . "No . . . Not at all!"

However, his retort revealed his true feelings .

In fact, dozens of girls pursued Zhen Congming in the school, but he only liked Wu Luoxue for some unknown reason .

As a brilliant girl, Wu Luoxue rare spoke, but she excelled in piano, chess, calligraphy, and painting . However, she wasn't prettier or more vivacious than the other girls .

By now, all the students in the school knew that he liked Wu Luoxue from the neighboring class, and he often stayed nights in her home . That brought Wu Luoxue lots of trouble; some girls even talked to Wu Luoxue, asking her to leave Zhen Congming alone .

Hao Ren knew that Grandma mentioned Wu Luoxue to see Lady Zhen's reaction .

To their surprise, Lady Zhen smiled lightly, seeming to have no objection toward Zhen Congming liking a little girl .

Then, he glanced at Xie Yujia's room and thought of Duan Yao . It occurred to him suddenly that maybe Lady Zhen took Duan Yao as her disciple so that the latter would become Zhen Congming's future wife .


The door to Xie Yujia's room was opened again .

Zhao Yanzi walked out smugly wearing the colorful traditional dress while the furious Duan Yao followed her out wearing Zhao Yanzi's blue school uniform .

She had dragged Duan Yao into the room, and she came out dressed in Duan Yao's pretty dress in the blink of an eye .

"Hehe . You two naughty girls traded clothes," Grandma said with a smile when she saw the girls .

Wearing the colorful high-waist traditional dress, Zhao Yanzi looked especially pretty . Although Duan Yao was also pretty in Zhao Yanzi's school uniform, she obviously didn't like it, and she squirmed uncomfortably .

"Grandma! She wanted to trade with me!" Zhao Yanzi jumped to Grandma's side and said happily .

"This dress is very pretty . " Grandma nodded pleasantly .

With a wronged expression, Duan Yao walked to Lady Zhen's side . With all her nature essence cleansed away by Lady Zhen, she was just like a mortal and was no match for Zhao Yanzi .

Hao Ren looked at them and knew that Zhao Yanzi forced Duan Yao into changing clothes .

However, Zhao Yanzi had mercy on Duan Yao since she didn't let Duan Yao come back to the living room in her pajamas .

"Am I pretty?" Zhao Yanzi walked to Hao Ren's side and turned as if she was ballet dancing .

"Pretty! Pretty!" Hao Ren nodded in helplessly .

Watching Zhao Yanzi displaying herself in front of Hao Ren, Grandma smiled, knowing that Zhao Yanzi cared about Hao Ren's opinion the most .

Zhao Yanzi then turned toward Yue Yang and Hao Zhonghua, vivacious as a small butterfly .

Hao Ren glanced at Duan Yao who was sitting by Lady Zhen and wearing the school uniform, thinking that she was quite pitiable . After all, she was of Zhao Yanzi's age, but she couldn't go to school and hadn't seen the colorful world in the cities .

Sitting beside Lady Zhen, Duan Yao froze for a moment at Hao Ren's glance, and then she glared at him .

After being sent out from Sky Mountain Sect, she felt desolate and had decided not to return . In Ethereal Summit, she had seen Hao Ren's power and secretly wanted to follow him . However, Hao Ren just dumped her out of Ethereal Summit after finishing the array formation, which explained why she harbored great hatred toward him . If Lady Zhen hadn't taken her in, she would have died on Fifth Heaven .

Seeing Duan Yao's furious gaze, Hao Ren's heart jumped as he looked away .

"If Zi likes it, I'll send you several more dresses when I get back," Lady Zhen said after seeing Zhao Yanzi's excitement .

"Ok!" Zhao Yanzi answered immediately . After a moment of consideration, she said, "Thank you, Auntie!"

Lady Zhen smiled faintly, looking extremely charming .

Duan Yao looked at Zhao Yanzi with gritted teeth, but she didn't dare to lose her temper .

"By the way, I've brought some small gifts besides the moon cakes . " Looking at Yue Yang and Hao Zhonghua, Lady Zhen took out two small boxes from her purse .

She opened the first box and revealed two diamond rings inside . Reflecting the light in the room, the same-sized diamonds on the rings gave off dazzling light .

"Hao Ren's mom and dad, you have taken care of Congming for me, and I want to express my gratitude with these two rings . " She placed the box into Hao Zhonghua's hand .

"This . . . " Hao Zhonghua was astonished .

"Auntie, you took Congming as your own and taught him so well . I'm very grateful and would like you to take this . " Lady Zhen opened the other small box .

In it was a ring of precious stone . Although the silver ring was simple, the precious stone on the ring was pure green; it was the most valuable kind of emerald .

With her professional knowledge on mineral rocks, Yue Yang knew about jewelry well . Although she didn't have professional devices at hand, she could tell that this emerald was precious, and it probably was worth more than one-million-yuan!

As to the pair of diamond rings, judging from the size and cutting of the diamonds on the rings, she estimated that they would be no less than one-million-yuan as well if the diamonds were real!

However, Lady Zhen wouldn't give fake stuff as gifts . It was extravagant of her to give small gifts that were worth more than two-million-yuan!

"They are too valuable . We can't accept them . " Hao Zhonghua had also seen the great value of the diamond rings, and he immediately declined .

When Lady Zhen mentioned small gifts, he was prepared to accept them with pleasure . Having lived abroad, he was used to the habit of exchanging gifts between families .

However, he had never imagined that Lady Zhen would give them two diamond rings and an emerald ring!

"We like Congming very much, but the gifts are too precious," Yue Yang joined in immediately .

Knowing that Zhen Congming was Zhao Guang's distant relative, they guessed that his family was well-off but never wealthy .

Seeing the determined expression on Yue Yang and Hao Zhonghua's faces, Lady Zhen didn't press . With a faint smile, she picked up the two diamond rings and handed them to Lu Linlin and Lu Lili .

"Then, I'll give them to you girls . "

Her casual words sounded as if she were giving out two toys .

With a slight movement of her slim fingers, she had placed the two rings onto their fingers before Lu Linlin and Lu Lili could react!

Defensive dharma treasures!

With the rings on their fingers, the Lu sisters sensed a layer of transparent energy sphere!

They lifted their slender fingers and looked pleased with the diamond rings .

Hao Zhonghua felt like it was inappropriate for the Lu sisters to accept such precious gifts, but he couldn't say anything since they were not his daughters .

"Auntie, it's a small thank-you gift, and I hope you will take it . I like you at first glance," Lady Zhen turned her head and said to Grandma .

"This . . . " After a moment of hesitation, Grandma nodded . "Ok!"

She liked the emerald ring at first glance, but she felt like it was not right to take such a precious gift on their first meeting .

However, seeing Lady Zhen's sincerity, Grandma took it, thinking that she would pass this emerald ring to Zhen Congming in the future since she took the latter as her own grandson .

"Haha! Auntie, you are straightforward . " Lady Zhen picked up Grandma's hand carefully and put the ring on her finger .

Hao Ren looked at them in astonishment, knowing it was a great honor for Grandma to be serviced by an eternal demon king!

Hao Ren looked at the ring carefully and sensed the intense nature essence emitting from the ring . It was a spiritual treasure!

So-called spiritual treasures were dharma treasures that could work on its own automatically without the control of the cultivators . There were powerful array formations on the emerald ring, and no ordinary cultivator could harm Grandma while she wore it!

"Hehehe . . . I'll remember your kindness, Little Zhen," Grandma touched the ring and said in satisfaction .

Yue Yang and Hao Zhonghua looked at Grandma but couldn't say anything since Grandma was a senior, and they were her children .

However, Hao Ren could tell that Lady Zhen had intended to give the rings to Lu sisters and Grandma since she had known that his parents wouldn't take them .

"Little Zi, if you like the dress so much, you may keep it . Yao had only worn it for half a day," Lady Zhen gave Zhao Yanzi a charming smile and said .

"Ugh?" Zhao Yanzi was surprised . She had tried it on for fun when she saw that it was pretty on Duan Yao, but she didn't expect Lady Zhen to give it to her .

Hearing Lady Zhen's words, Duan Yao looked reluctant since this colorful traditional dress was not only pretty but a treasured garment!

Nothing could beak it, no matter which type of nature essence! It was pretty to wear and powerful in battles!

"Ok! Thank you, Auntie!" Zhao Yanzi answered .

It was the Moon Festival, and she was happy to get a new dress, even though Duan Yao had worn it .

Duan Yao was a bit angry, but she suppressed her anger knowing that her master would compensate her with better stuff .

"Well . . . I'll see what other gifts I have . " The generous Lady Zhen had given out several things in the blink of an eye . Seeing that Xie Yujia and Su Han hadn't gotten any gifts from her, she rummaged in her small purse .

Hua! Hua!

On the sea surface outside of the house, several lights flew over .

Su Han turned her head to look out of the window warily .

"I suddenly remembered that I need to run an errand . " Lady Zhen curled her lips helplessly and picked up her oil-paper umbrella . "Little Su, would you like to come with me?"

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