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Chapter 681

The person who walked in was the Principal who had just returned from an overseas educational forum .

The moment that he returned to school, he received a complaint that a club event had occupied the entire great hall of the library, making it hard for students to get in and out of the library .

It was raining today, so few people would come to the library to borrow books, which made the complaint an overstatement . However, the library was an important school facility and usually couldn't be used for the event of a single club .

That was why he decided to come in person to investigate, and when he saw Lu Qing who was heading this way, he decided to talk to the latter about it .

The school encouraged the development of student clubs and supported the students' extracurricular activities .

However, the Principal never encouraged big clubs since those clubs usually only pursued the growth of members . He wanted the students to attend the club activities for their interests instead of being dragged into clubs .

Therefore, when he heard that a newly-formed big club with over 500 people was holding an activity in the library, his displeasure grew .

The Principal favored the clubs such as Lu Qi's Go Club, small but unique . It was ranked top among the national universities, and when he was in a good mood, he would go to the Go Club and play chess with the club members!

When he walked into the main gate of the library, he was greeted with Hao Ren's calligraphic work .

[The bright sun is setting behind the mountain; the yellow river is running into the ocean . If you want to see one thousand miles further, you need to climb one story higher . ]

The simple and magnificent characters came into his sight .

Like a waterfall, the overwhelming aura of this piece of work that was hanging on the wall stopped his steps .

"Great! Great writing!" the Principal blurted out the words and clapped, almost forgetting to walk in .

The mounted work that was hanging at the entrance blocked the great hall of the library from all the noises outside . Despite the thin silk threads that were hanging this piece of work, the characters had a magnificent presence!

The Principal studied it carefully and was still appreciating the writing when he suddenly saw Lu Qing standing beside him . After clearing his throat, he walked around the writing and entered the hall .

"This . . . "

When he looked around, he was totally amazed .

In the great hall hung hundreds of elegant calligraphic works, and he felt he had entered the calligraphic heaven!

"This is . . . Inscription on the Occult Tower! This is . . . Inscription on Duobao Tower!"

While studying the writings, the Principal was reluctant to move his feet . If he didn't notice that the rice papers were new and didn't see the dates and names under the writings, he would have suspected that they were photocopies of the original inscriptions on the stone tablets!

In the warm library, the calligraphic works hanging in the air dozens of centimeters from the ground greeted the Principal .

When he moved slightly, the air fluctuations that he caused moved the pieces, making them look like as if they were floating in the air!

"Principal, do you want them to change the venue of the exhibition?" Lu Qing asked .

"No! No!" The Principal gathered his thoughts and shook his head forcefully . "Just here! It is good here!"

He was so excited that he almost yelled .

"So, this new club is about calligraphy . I didn't even know that there are so many calligraphically talented students in the school! If not for the Calligraphy Club, the students who love calligraphy won't have the chance to meet each other and won't have a place to show their talents!"

As a lover of Chinese traditional arts, the Principal didn't only like Go Chess but also calligraphy . He was surprised that in the present day where few students knew how to use ink brushes, there were so many students in East Ocean University who excelled in calligraphy!

"No! It is more than a talent show! These students are geniuses and masters of calligraphy!" the Principal thought .

The Principal was not young, but his eyes were full of passion when he grabbed Lu Qing's wrist and asked, "Who created this club?"

"Hao Ren created it," Lu Qing said with a smile .

"Hao Ren . . . " The Principal repeated the name and suddenly shivered, remembering that Hao Ren was the son of Hao Zhonghua and Yue Yang .

He still remembered that fighting incident, but he wasn't in East Ocean City at that time and didn't know the details of it, placing Lu Qing in charge of resolving the issue . He was surprised that the same Hao Ren had created the Calligraphy Club!

After the shock passed, he suddenly recalled that the work hanging at the entrance was signed with Hao Ren's name .

"No wonder he has such great talent . After all, he is the son of Academician Hao and Academician Yue . " Realizing that he was still clutching Lu Qing's hand, the Principal immediately loosened his grip and regained his composure . "Well, good! The activity of the Calligraphy Club is quite good!"

"Hehe . Hao Ren is a student who has his own ideas . However, his talents have caused some jealousy from other students," Lu Qing said .

"We must support it! We must support clubs like this one! It represents the high-level achievement of our students!" The Principal stood straighter and said .

Then, he saw Zhao Guang in the library .

He was surprised that Zhao Guang had come to visit the school's club event .

Zhao Guang's Mingri Group had donated a lot of funds to East Ocean University, and Mingri Group almost solely funded this new school zone .

Zhao Guang could come and visit the school at any time, but he didn't come here often due to his busy schedule . However, he had come without invitation this time, alarming the Principal .

Then, he remembered that Zhao Guang was close to Hao Zhonghua, and he guessed that Zhao Guang was here to show his support to the event that Hao Ren organized .

At this thought, the Principal felt like his heart raced suddenly, congratulating himself for coming to visit in person instead of ordering the show to be canceled .

Ding . . . The bell rang, signaling the end of the classes, and the square before the library was filled with students . Hao Ren hadn't done any promotion for this club activity since he just borrowed the venue of the library so that the club members could get to know each other .

However, some students got the news and came to see the exhibition . Zhao Jiayi and Zhou Liren just got up, and they came over to see the exhibition as well .

"F*uk! Hao Ren's writing is so good!"

Zhou Liren's loud voice came from the gate of the library before he appeared .

He entered through the entrance and was about to yell again when he saw the Principal and the Vice Principal Lu looking at him . He immediately covered his mouth with both hands and lowered his head .

Behind them were other students who were just released from classes or on their way to classes; they came here to see the event of the Calligraphy Club .

When they saw nearly 1,000 calligraphic works hanging in the library, they were dumbfounded .

They had never seen so many calligraphic works in their lives!

There were over 500 members in Hao Ren's club . To celebrate the first exhibition of the club, most of the members had brought two writings here .

Although the dragon cultivators lived in the city, they didn't forget their calligraphy skills, and many of the 'young' cultivators who had just come out of the mountains were 100 to 200 years old!

In history, no calligraphy master could live to this age! However, for the dragon cultivators, they were still young!

Therefore, their calligraphy skills could match those of the masters' in history!

Zhao Jiayi looked up at the pieces hanging in the air, and his jaw dropped .

He was surprised that the members of Hao Ren's Calligraphy Club were so extraordinary! He had toyed with the idea of joining Hao Ren's club, but now he didn't dare to show his face around them!

Besides Zhao Jiayi and his buddies, the other students also looked astonished .

No one had imagined that their classmates and roommates could create such elegant calligraphic works! It showed that masters were hiding among them!

Even the students who didn't understand calligraphy could tell that the works here were excellent .

The words spread fast . It didn't matter if they liked calligraphy or not; it was a magnificent sight to see more than 1,000 calligraphic works hanging in the luxurious great hall of the library!

Hua . . . The drizzle turned into pouring rain .

However, it didn't dampen the students' enthusiasm . They poured out from the dorm buildings and academic buildings while holding umbrellas or wearing ponchos, eager to see the magnificent sight in the library!

In the blink of an eye, the library attracted more people than Jiang Yuan's painting exhibition in the Arts Building last week .

Many girls from the Arts Program had also come to visit . Some students who studied traditional Chinese painting also practiced calligraphy . When they saw the works of Hao Ren and the club members, they were stunned!

"This is on the master-level! Handsome, talented, and charismatic . . . " these girls thought to themselves and regretted not pursuing Hao Ren earlier!

Looking at Hao Ren who was in his white shirt and talking animatedly with the Principal and the Vice Principal Lu, they thought that Huang Xujie was just garbage compared with Hao Ren!

"Hehehe . . . Club President, I'm sorry that I'm late," Xu Ke walked across the great hall and came to the side of Hao Ren as he said bashfully . He was wearing a sporty outfit and had disheveled hair .

The Principal looked at him and paused his conversation with Hao Ren .

"I'll hang it on the wall . . . " Xue Ke glanced around, searching for some threads to hang his writing . Then, he asked Hao Ren casually, "Oh, did you say that we can invite our elders to visit the exhibition?"