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Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2038

Published at 8th of November 2019 05:30:16 PM

Chapter 2038

Jiang Chen’s True Color

“Jiang Chen, come on . We all are on the same group as people of the Immortal Court . ”

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Ling Liqun couldn’t bear seeing this and tried to stop things from getting worse .

“Are we on the same team? I, Jiang Chen, don’t want to be on the same group with someone who has intended to kill me . I must get even with him . This is a personal issue between Huang Tianbao and me . Elder Ling, please don’t bother . ”

Jiang Chen would never compromise, he was determined to have a life-and-death battle with Huang Tianbao today .

“Elder Ling, no need to say much . This lad humiliated me in front of everyone today . I must teach him a lesson, or else how am I, Huang Tianbao, going to stay in the Immortal Court in the future?”

Huang Tianbao was in a towering rage because all along whoever saw him always showed respect due to his status and rank in the Immortal Court . Even Star Sovereign would also give him some face . Today, he was completely ignored and humiliated by a disciple . Something like this had never happened in the past . If he let this matter go, how would people in the Immortal Court treat him in the future?

“Jiang Chen, don’t you want to have a life-and-death battle with me? I accept it . ”

Huang Tianbao looked at Jiang Chen . A life-and-death battle was exactly what he wanted at the bottom of his heart . He would eliminate Jiang Chen with his utmost effort and rip him out, root and stem .

“Since you have accepted the challenge, come on!”

Jiang Chen turned his body in a flash, flying into the sky . The sky immediately turned into an extraterritorial battlefield .

Everyone was startled seeing Jiang Chen having no hesitation at all in challenging the master of Leopard Hall . Jiang Chen’s determination and boldness was very compelling to the people on the scene .

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Jiang Chen was probably the only one in the Immortal Court who dared to challenge the master of Leopard Hall with a life-and-death battle .

“This brat is going to lose his life . ”

“I like how bold and courageous he is! If I were him, I would have done the same . Someone had sent people and tried to kill you, won’t you fight back?”

“That’s right . Moreover, Jiang Chen has the ability to do it now . He is certainly strong now, but there is still a huge gap between him and Huang Tianbao . There are three grades of difference in their cultivation realm!”

“Look! This will definitely be a big scene . This is the first time ever for a disciple to challenge a hall master . No matter what the result is, it’s worthwhile to watch it . I actually would like to see how heaven-defying the unification of the Heavenly Dao is . Can it really excel in an uphill battle like this?”


Rubbernecks would never worry about the seriousness of the situation . Especially those young disciples like Jiang Chen, they had the passion to fight for justice . They were subdued by Jiang Chen’s guts and boldness . Regardless, if they were in the same situation, they would never do something like this .

“Master, do you think brother Jiang is a match for Huang Tianbao?”

Yu Huafan asked in a soft tone .

“Your brother is unordinary . Not to mention other factors, he will never fight if he doesn’t have confidence in winning . Since he dared to challenge Huang Tianbao, that means he has great confidence in his victory . From his previous battle experience, he is now able to fight a Fifth Grade Great Sovereign with his current power,” Feng Jingyang said with a smile .

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He was not worried at all because he had high confidence on Jiang Chen . Whether Jiang Chen could defeat Huang Tianbao or not, Feng Jingyang was very certain that Jiang Chen would never take his life as a joke .

Above the Immortal Court, Hung Tianbao soared into the sky, arriving in front of Jiang Chen . His imposing manner was unparalleled as he was bearing the aura of a Fifth Grade Great Sovereign and not an empty title .

Huang Tianbao looked extraordinarily furious at the moment, but he was also excited because Jiang Chen provided him an opportunity . Or else, it wouldn’t be possible to eliminate Jiang Chen by himself, as he was limited by his status and rank in the Immortal Court . As Jiang Chen threw himself into the life-and-death battle right now, Huang Tianbao would not be lenient to him .

Moreover, today Jiang Chen had seriously humiliated him with words, not giving him any face . If he didn’t take action to punish Jiang Chen, he would be a joke in the Immortal Court in the future .

“Jiang Chen, since you are resolute enough in courting death, I will make your wish come true today . ”

Huang Tianbao said loudly, his aura was extremely oppressive .

“Old dog, isn’t this your wish? Before you kill me, let’s see if you have such capability . ”

Jiang Chen’s face was filled with ruthlessness . An incomparably strong airwaves was spewed out from his body, and his body transformed into a dragon immediately . He was ready to fight .

“Boasting without shame . ”

Huang Tianbao already could not tolerate this arrogant young lad anymore . He made the first move and casted out the dreadful Great Sovereign Law . He waved his arms, striking out strong airwaves . The law and airwaves mixed together, pushing towards Jiang Chen aggressively .

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While everyone was staring at the battlefield in the sky, no one noticed that Big Yellow had already disappeared in silence .

Big Yellow’s speed and movement skills were incredibly quick and unpredictable . As Jiang Chen had successfully drawn all the attention, of course it was absolutely impossible for Big Yellow to reveal himself on the way to Heaven Sovereign .

Facing Huang Tianbao’s formidable strike, Jiang Chen’s face showed complete indifference . He strode a step, creating a terrifyingly huge foot, stepping on the glowing Great Sovereign Law of Huang Tianbao .

As Jiang Chen’s cultivation realm advanced, the Azure Dragon’s Five Steps had become more and more dreadful .

*Bang… . *

Jiang Chen stepped right on the top of the Law, breaking through the vault of heaven . The destructive airwaves spread over the entire battlefield, making everyone tremble in fear .

*Bang… . *

After the first step, Jiang Chen treaded out the second step immediately .

*Ka Cha*

The enormous law was crushed on the spot beneath Jiang Chen’s foot .  This was just the second step of the Azure Dragon’s Five Steps, and the remaining three steps had not even been trodden out .

“Holy crap!”

Huang Tian was very confident before this, but now he couldn’t help exclaiming . Having his eyes wide-opened, he couldn’t believe what had happened was real at all . In order to flex his muscles, the strike he casted just now was in his utmost strength and left no chance for Jiang Chen to survive . That strike was intended to kill Jiang Chen or at least leave him severely injured . However, who knew that his formidable attack was crushed so easily by Jiang Chen’s attack . This has dealt a huge blow to Huang Tianbao, undeniably .

“Look! Jiang Chen has become so incredible . He managed to knock out Huang Tianbao’s attack effortlessly . ”

“This guy is indeed heaven-defying . He is exactly a talented genius who has comprehended the Ten Thousand Dao Unite .

“Awesome . He has the transformation skill that increases his combat strength by ten times . As I guessed, Jiang Chen already had the strength of vanquishing a Fifth Grade Great Sovereign . It’s too early to say who will win this battle now . ”

…… . .

Everyone was terrified . The battle has just started but it already kept the audience in suspense . Those people of the Immortal Court who had thought that Jiang Chen was not a match for Huang Tianbao immediately took back their words .

In the battlefield, Jiang Chen trod out his third step against Huang Tianbao .

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