Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2105

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Chapter 2105
The battlefield outside of the domain was shaking, but silence suddenly filled Sovereign Domain, and the human and barbarians stopped what they were doing at this moment . They looked at up high into the sky where the battlefield of the ultimate battle was taking place .

Everyone was well aware that this was the final battle that could really make an impact on the final result of the catastrophe .

Although the humans have won all of the previous battles and created unimaginable damage to the Barbarian Race, they were still very anxious and worried about the ultimate battle .

This was because both sides have different numbers of Ninth Grade Great Sovereigns . Nine versus twelve . It was actually not easy to win .

However, the major leaders and the Golden Old Ancestor must fight at the cost of their life . They must safeguard the status of the Immortal World to avoid this wonderful world to disappear or fall into the hands of the Barbarian Race and become hell .

Ho long… . . .

Incomparably terrifying fluctuations of fighting kept transmitting into Sovereign Domain from the extraterritorial battlefield . The people couldn’t see clearly what's happening on the battlefield, except for Dragon Shisan . His golden fiery pupils were able to see through everything . From the facial expression Dragon Shisan showed, it could be seen that the Immortal World was at a disadvantage .

Kill . . . .

Someone from the crowd shouted . The army of the Immortal World and Barbarian World began to slaughter each other again after a temporary truce . Their fight was a mess, and neither side would give in .

Jiang Chen did not continue to participate in this fighting because the current battlefield already lost its significance to him . He was a bit upset now as he really wanted to participate in the ultimate battle at the extraterritorial battlefield . However, his cultivation realm can only remain at the Sixth Grade Great Sovereign realm at this period of time because of the closure of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda .

With his current cultivation realm, he could not contribute anything much on that battlefield .

However, since the ultimate battle had already begun, advancing to the Seventh Grade Great Sovereign at this moment would be extremely challenging unless a miracle happened .

“Monkey, can you see what’s happening there?” Han Yan asked .

“The twelve old ancestors of the Barbarian World are brutal . Some of them were even survivors of the previous catastrophe . Great Sovereign Ling Tian is injured now,” Dragon Shisan said, expressing his worry .

The entire extraterritorial battlefield was sealed up . Even a very formidable Great Sovereign would not be able to see what’s happening inside . Only by the help of the golden fiery pupils could Dragon Shisan see everything inside .

“Mother fucker! The Barbarian Race has the upper hand due to their number of experts . It is really difficult to turn around the situation . ”

Big Yellow could not help swearing .

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Ho long… . .

At this moment, in the sky there was an enormous crack appearing at the intersection to the Desolate Ancient Land . The crack spread quickly and became as long as a river, crossing the horizon .

Numerous gazes fell on that enormous crack that appeared all of a sudden . This crack was very mysterious and it didn’t look like it was due to the battle between the Ninth Grade Great Sovereigns . It was part of the natural landscape .

However, the crack had given a pressuring feeling to people there . It was a feeling of lacking Heavenly Dao and it felt like something was missing out in the world .

“Look! What’s that?”

“Such a huge crack . Perhaps the ancient rumour is true . The Heavenly Dao Law of the Immortal World has been incomplete and part of it has been missing . That’s why Barbarian World is able to enter the Immortal World . ”

“Yes . I have heard of it as well . Is this huge crack the incomplete Heavenly Dao?

Everyone was in a state of great shock . Some of the Great Sovereigns who have lived for ages felt even more surprised as all of them had heard of the legend . They could not help but relate this to the legend .

“Big Yellow, what’s happening?”

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Dragon Shisan looked at Big Yellow .

“Each world has its own Heavenly Dao Law . There are countless world and countless Heavenly Dao Law . Different levels of the world creates different Heavenly Dao Laws with variety of plane and level . Amongst the endless plane, there are also innumerable planes existing like the Immortal World where we are currently staying . A long long time ago, before the first catastrophe, the Great Sovereign realm was not what people were chasing for . It’s said that each Great Sovereign who had reached the pinnacle would have the chance to go to higher planes to cultivate and enter the legendary Divine World . However, there’s also another story saying that the part of the Heavenly Dao Law has been lost and had become incomplete . No one knew the reason why this happened . The incompleteness of the Heavenly Dao Law has blocked the channels for those Ninth Grade Great Sovereigns to enter the Divine World . The incompleteness of the Heavenly Dao Law was also exactly the reason why the first catastrophe happened . ”

Big Yellow said: “This time, Ninth Grade Great Sovereigns were participating in the ultimate battle again . The intersection between the two worlds is triggered and the incomplete Heavenly Dao Law has also shown up . Unfortunately, the law couldn’t be complemented, or else the Immortal World would become incredibly powerful . Then, Barbarian World would not be able to pose any threat to us . ”

For Big Yellow, who was the incarnation of Great Sovereign Dragon Sun, there was no secret about the Immortal World that he didn’t know about .

Everyone was impressed by what Big Yellow just said . In fact, the Immortal Law was not the end and there was an even more powerful divine law behind . If the incomplete law would be made complete, then the Heavenly Dao would be completed and many Great Sovereigns would have the chance to enter the Divine World .

Unfortunately, it was extremely difficult to complement the Heaven Dao . It had been hundreds of thousands of years, and this had not been done yet .

While everyone was heaving a sigh of disappointment, Jiang Chen who was standing aside suddenly showed a strange facial expression .

This was because the moment when the crack appeared in the sky, the Immortal Mark that was hidden in his body suddenly started beating fiercely .

“The incomplete Heavenly Dao Law . Immortal Mark . Oh my god!”

Jiang Chen opened his eyes wide because he had already known the answer . It was too startling .

Without any hesitation, Jiang Chen casted out the Immortal Mark immediately . After coming out of his body, the Immortal Mark rushed towards the crack in the sky like being summoned .

The Immortal Mark became bigger and bigger, turning into a long river . The shape and size of the mark match exactly with the crack .

“Look! That’s the Heavenly Dao Law that had disappeared . It’s actually hidden in Jiang Chen’s hand . ”

“Oh my god! The Heavenly Dao Law that had disappeared for hundreds of thousands of years . It reappeared now! No wonder Jiang Chen has been so formidable because it has been hidden in his person all this while . He actually had the protection of the Heavenly Dao Law . ”

“The Immortal Mark inside Little Chen’s body is actually the Heavenly Dao Law that had disappeared . Awesome! If the Heavenly Dao Law is complemented, it will cut down the connection with the Barbarian World . By that time, all of the barbarians, including the twelve old ancestors, would not be able to escape . ”

“This might not be a good news . If they could not run away, then they would slaughter with their lives on the line and invade the entire Immortal World . Let’s see if we can get any benefits when the Heavenly Dao become complete again . ”


Everyone was thrilled . Under the confrontation of the twelve old ancestors, the Ninth Grade Great Sovereigns seemed to be unable to withstand it anymore . However, the remaining incomplete Heavenly Dao Law appeared at this critical moment . Whether there would be changes or not, it had actually brought hope to the Immortal World .