Dragon Order of Flame - Volume 2 - Chapter 6.5

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Chapter 6.5

Chapter 6 Part 5

At the entrance to the mountain, the subjugation group felt vexed as they were getting rained upon with arrows . 7 people had been killed, and there were 8 that were injured . They had lost military strength, and they were angry that they were ambushed by the enemy .

Of course, Viscount Nadal raised the advancement speed of the subjugation group . And, after 10 minutes had passed, a handful of enemies appeared several dozen meters away . They then shot more arrows, and ran away again .

With this attack, only 2 soldiers were injured, but Viscount Nadal got even angrier and decided to advance forward even faster . Even the Knights that were in the lead, and had received most of the arrows, raised the speed without any complaint . They were also extremely angered .

With their speed raised, they were proceeding up the mountain trail, when they suddenly entered into a sunken terrain . There were uphill and downhill slopes on both sides, and it continued for about 20 meters .

Even as they were entering, nobody felt that something was off . They had assumed that it would be okay, as long as they quickly passed through it . However, this was a fatal mistake .

“Keu wuhhh!!”

Excluding the 2 Knights that were commanding the mercenaries, 12 Knights and Viscount Nadal were placed in the forefront . The moment those Knights entered the sunken terrain, several thieves and Orcs appeared from within the forest, and began throwing what looked to be rocks .

“Hmm? Those are?”

Having seen those things from the back, Luke’s eyes grew wide . Something unimaginable happened shortly after .


A heat that could leave a burn within a moment, exploded forth . The item that the thieves had thrown filled the entirety of the sunken terrain . And, although obvious, the Knights that had stepped inside were swept away within the fire .

Having been half a step slower with identifying the item that was thrown, Luke was astounded .

“How are thieves able to use fireballs? That’s nonsense!”

The item that the thieves were using was called fireball, and they were created by alchemists . Inside them was a simple fire spell, as well as, expensive chemicals that amplified the effect . Once it’s invoked, it just had to be thrown out .

<What are fireballs?>

“They’re cheaper than explosion balls, but in contrast to their performance, their ridiculously expensive! If you want to know more details, ask me about it later!”

The reason why Luke had cut off Volkar’s words was because an arrow was flying towards him . Having hit the Knights at the forefront with fireballs, the thieves climbed up to higher ground, and began shooting out arrows . This path had no trees covering its path, and since the arrows were being shot from higher ground, the anxious subjugation group began to fall one after the other .

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“This is crazy, everyone separate into the trees!”

Having warned the mercenaries, Luke utilized Spiral Stream on both of his arms . He hit away all the arrows that were shot towards him and ran towards the trees .

“Damn it! They’re just thieves, so why are they so strong? Seeing as how they’re using fireballs, do they think they’re the Palluka bandits?”

As Luke was running between the trees, he suddenly recalled the thieves that were the strongest in his past life; the Palluka bandits .

The number of thieves that were affiliated to the group were 700 strong, and they were so strong, that they were a nightmare to the central continent . They had occupied the Valley of Aragon, which was called the Fortress of Nature, and had boasted the dislodgement of several dozen enemies .

Luke and his companions had once joined in on a fight between them and Count Valladian, in order to draw them out . The secret card that the Palluka Bandits had used, when they were in a critical situation, was the fireballs .


Having strayed from the mountain path, Luke kicked off the ground and grabbed onto a tree branch . He swayed back and forth a few times, then proceeded to approach the enemy like a monkey .


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One of the thieves that were shooting the arrows and laughing at the anxious subjugation group, suddenly opened his eyes wide . It was no wonder that he did, because a human like shape was approaching them with the movements of a monkey .

The moment their eyes connected, Luke dropped to the ground, and kicked up a small stone with his toes . As soon as he grabbed it, he filled it with his ki and threw it .


The thief hunter couldn’t even make a sound . The distance between himself and Luke was only 20 meters, so there was no reason to miss the target . Having been hit in the head, the thief began to bleed and he fell backwards . A commotion had now begun to stir within the group of thieves .

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Not missing out on this chance, Luke quickly threw out more stones in succession . Each stone was thrown to one person, and each person fell to the ground .

Of course, the enemy wasn’t just going to sit there and suffer . Once 4 people fell, they all turned around and shot their arrows towards Luke . A few dozen arrows were released .

Pa ba ba bak!

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However, Luke simply hid behind the trees and evaded the arrows . Now that the arrows were constantly being shot, Luke was unable to move from behind the tree .

“AH, I can’t believe I’m suffering like this, because I’m low on ki . ”

<If you had learned magic, you would have been able to easily kill them without even having to worry about the arrows . >

“Seriously . Let’s think about that after we beat these guys up and exchange them for money . ”

Luke grumbled to Volkar, as Volkar said a repulsive comment to him, while being laid-back .

The enemy’s actions were extremely straightforward . As 10 archers continued to alternate their shots at Luke and prevented him from moving, the others slowly inched their way closer .

“This is driving me crazy . These guys, why do they have so many archers . ”


Chapter 6 Part 5 Completed .

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