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Dragon Order of Flame - Volume 2 - Chapter 6.7

Published at 24th of July 2017 07:40:48 PM

Chapter 6.7

Volume 2


Chapter 6 Part 7

Lilu Nakalajti disappointingly hated the situation she was facing . It wasn’t just because she was wearing the same clothes for the past few days, and not being able to shower properly . Nor was it because she had both her arms and legs restrained, and all she could do was stare at the ceiling .

The biggest reason was because her freedom was taken away from her . She was a young elf and was vaguely taught to fear humans . Yet, less than a month ago, she had yet to even see one in person . However, she now knew the terror of humans, and she hated them the most in this world .

‘I can’t hear the sound of the wind… . ’

Since birth, she was able to communicate with the spirits of the wind, and could also understand the wills that resonated from trees . However, currently, she was unable to understand the wind spirits that were around her . With her powers restrained, the most she could do was faintly understand the mix intents from within them .

And, for the most part, their intents were filled with disgust . For example, the thieves that were currently outside staring at Lilu and Alania with wicked eyes, have probably never felt such intent being emitted off of anyone before . However, there was no doubt about it, that the intents that Lilu could feel was filled with hatred and disgust .

“Don’t cry, Dina Lilu . ”

As she was about to cry, Alania spoke .

The age of the 2 girls were very similar, and they grew up to be just like sisters . They both had ebony hair, amber eyes, and skin as white as jade . They were so beautiful that anyone would have to take a second glance at them, and they also had the familiar trait of elves – long, pointy ears .

However, Lilu looked as if she still had baby fat on her face, while Alania looked as if she was a 20-year-old girl . She was so beautiful that she would make any guy lose their breathe .

Alania continued to speak .

“There’s nobody here who would wipe your tears for you . ”

They couldn’t even wipe away their own tears . The metal rings that were wrapped around their arms and legs were so heavy, that they could not move . There was a reason why they could only stare into the void .

Within the Batlan Bandit’s temporary hideout, there were 2 prisons made of wood . On one side, Lilu and Alania were placed within, while the other encased about 20 humans; all of which were young women or children . Because the Batlan Bandits were able to make a great deal of money through human trafficking, they did not allow anyone to go to waste after they finished pillaging a village .

Alania suddenly asked .

“The movement of the humans are quite busy . Are they fighting? Dina Lilu, do you hear anything from far away?”

“Mima Alania, I can’t hear the sound of the wind spirits because of these . ”

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The girl named Lilu answered back, while staring at the metal rings that were wrapped around her arms and legs . On the surface of the metal rings, there were magic characters that were emitting a delicate light . The weight of the rings restrained their physical movements, while the magic characters restrained their specials abilities .

The girl named Alania sighed . With a face filled with annoyance, she mumbled .

“If we didn’t have these on, those humans… . ”

A peculiar echo could be heard from their voices . If one was to carefully listen, they could hear the sound of birds singing from them .

With a dead voice, Lilu spoke .

“Mima Alania, I’m sorry . ”

“Don’t blame yourself, Dina Lilu . It’s my fault for not teaching you how to be wary of your surroundings . ”

Alania shook her head .

Less than one month ago, the two of them were very free . They would stroll through the forest while listening to the spirits’ whispers, and during the night, they would dance and sing for the trees while breathing in the vital force of the forest .

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However, Lilu gained interest in life outside of the forest, and ended up getting caught by the humans . Becoming worried for Lilu, Alania came out to where the humans were, and made a compromise to be sold to a human lord .

Lilu suddenly spoke .

“Mima Alania, I can hear the sounds of battle . It’s getting closer . ”

“As I thought . ”

“Who do you think it is?”

“It’s probably the lord that we got sold to . I wish they would win . ”


“If they were the ones to take us, I’m sure we would be treated much better than now . At the very least, we should be as comfortable as we were before we came here . If we’re to be caught by someone, it’s better that our bodies are comfortable . And, we may be able to find an opportunity to break away . ”

“Will there be a time when we’ll be able to get these things off of us? Humans aren’t stupid . ”

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“There will eventually be a time . ”

Alania spoke with certainty .

With beauty that was very conspicuous, the 2 elves had always received desirous gazes from young men . However, whenever such occasions occurred, there was always someone there to control the subordinates, knowing that an elf’s body was weak . With that, they were able to stay safe until now . Yet, no one knew how long that luck would last for .

Alania spoke .

“Dina Lilu, we must not give up so easily . Even if we were to suffer, believe that we will eventually be able to go back home .

“Okay . ”

With a voice barely filled with belief, Lilu answered back and closed her eyes, as she listened to the battle from far away .


Chapter 6 Part 7 Completed .

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