Dragon Order of Flame - Volume 1 - Chapter 2.2

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Chapter 2.2

Volume 1


Chapter 2 (Part 2) – The Meaning of Solvent

Luke asked .

“Why was it me?”

<What do you mean?>

“Why did you choose my existence as the one to retain his memories and come to the past? As you know, I eventually lost to you . I prepared everything I could to fight against you, even gathered 1000 people, yet I could do nothing to you . ”

<But you were the only one to even touch me and with that contact, I was able to select you out of everybody . >

“So you’re basically telling me you had no other reason . ”

<That’s correct . >

“Huuuuu, Just as you said, it seems we have come to a consensus . If that’s the case, I have no choice but to cooperate with you . What would the past you be doing at this time?”

<That I’m not sure of . >

“… . . ”

For a slight moment, Luke wanted to take Volkar out of his head and beat the shit out of him . Volkar arrogantly puffed out and laughed through his nose and spoke .

<I once heard that for low intelligence humans, we dragons were an existence that were never forgetful . The problem is, it’s already been more than 100 years since I was captured and my memories have been hazy since . >

“You’re no help at all . ”

Luke gritted his teeth . If Volkar’s memories were complete, it would’ve been simple to find where he was located and kill him while he was still sealed .

“By the way, who was the one that sealed you? Was it another dragon?”

<Dragon’s are lofty creatures who don’t focus on anyone else but themselves . The majority of them didn’t care while I was locked away in the castle……No, I guess they would show interest because it was a special case . >

“Is that possible? When two countries were on the verge of collapse and many people were dying?”

<We dragons don’t care if a million people die, or 10 million people die . In our eyes, humans are nothing but overpopulated, just like ants . Unless you humans were on the verge of extinction, we wouldn’t really care . >

“Hmmm… . . ”

Luke felt his anger swelling up inside, but didn’t refute what Volkar was saying . The fact that the dragons didn’t care about the humans was a well known fact .

<There are those that would split their conscience and make a clone of themselves to tour the world, but it’s been 400 years since the last time I did . >

“Is it because they’re always stuck in their own domain?”

<There isn’t much that we dragons can do besides roll around in our own domain, fight the demons, block any rifts (within our domain), observe the world on a bigger sale, and study magic . That’s why, when Dilcus created the way to tour the world 2,700 years ago, it was very popular amongst us . >

The way was simple, put a fraction of your conscience into the clone and control him . A dragon’s concentration is so grand that controlling their own body as well as the clone was simple .

<The reason I was sealed was because I chose to do it myself . When I heard that the castle would be overtaken forcibly, I took action before it was completely taken over . I’m sure the seal fragments are hidden all around the continent, and needs to be brought together in order to release me . >

“I guess I just need to collect those fragments and complete it first . Is it okay to destroy it?”

<You will release my seal if you recklessly destroy it, but I guess it’s better to destroy them than getting it stolen . Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to break the seal . >

“This is a problem we’re going to have to think about . Do you know where the fragments to the seal are located?”

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<I don’t . However, I know of a way to find them . >

“What is it?”

<You just need to use a special magic, but because I can’t use any magic right now, you will just have to learn it from me . >

“… . You want me to learn magic?”

Luke asked with a priceless face .

A person needed to have the innate inability to learn magic . Only those born with magic were able to learn it, and one must be impressively intelligent to even amount to anything . Luke wasn’t able to fulfill any one of the two requisites .

Once Luke pointed these out, Volkar responded .

<Those are only required by ignorant humans who don’t know what real magic is . It’s not too hard for me to bestow magic onto a human . Of course, because I can’t use magic, there’s an annoying item you need to get first before I can do it .

“Hmmm, magic huh……Alright, It’ll be good to learn if it’s something that can help me in my quest to kill you . ”

<That sentence makes me feel uncomfortable . However, since it is my karma, I will kindly listen to it . >

“As long as you understand . ”

With Luke puffing out through his nose and laughing, Volkar added .

<If you learn how to use magic from me, you will be an existence above all other humans when it comes to magic . With that strength, you must stop my past from doing harm to others . If you’re able to learn and understand all my knowledge, destroying the seal is definite, and in the process, you will also be able to exhaust my past self of all its power . >

“Your past self was in a crazed state and stupid enough to walk into a trap, but the strength you had was enormous . If I can weaken you, I will definitely do it . ”

As Luke spoke those words, he grabbed the glass of milk . After staring at the glass for a little while, he took a gulp of it .

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Luke didn’t swallow the milk but played with it in his mouth . As expected, there was sort of shocking feeling inside of his mouth .

Luke frowned, opened the window, and spat the milk out . He also threw away the remaining of what was left in the milk .

<Why are you throwing away food?>

“This is not food that a human being should eat . ”

<Hmm . Is it because of this shocking feeling? I guess milk shouldn’t taste like that . >

Luke flinched with Volkar’s words .

“Are you able to share my senses?”

<To some extent . It’s the same as us sharing our time together .

“I’m not happy about this . ” mumbled Luke .

However, not only to share thoughts and feelings, now Volkar could share his senses……Luke knew there was nothing he could do so he changed the subject .

“Volkar, I asked you how many years back we came right?”

<Do you know?>

“Yeah, I certainly remember now . That one maid from earlier was Mary, and the taste of the milk… . . This is one of the memories I will never forget . ”

This day was the day that Luke experienced something horrible and would never forget it for the rest of his life . That’s why he was vaguely able to remember the maid named Mary .

“We came back 22 years . The last time I fought you, I was 37 years old . It was August 4th, 699 . I am currently 15 years old and we are in Earl Astal’s castle . Should be around April right now, but I’m not sure on the date . ”

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Luke made a bitter smile as he lifted up at piece of bread . As he stared at the piece of bread, his memories started to return little by little . These memories made him angry and he bit his lips . As if to release his frustration, Luke ripped up the bread into many pieces and threw it out the window .

<Is that bread not edible either?>

“I’m not sure about the bread, but the milk for sure has a weak poison in it . If my memories are correct, this day should have been the one week mark since I came to this castle . I remember I drank Mary’s milk filled with poison and ended up having diarrhea all day . ”

To be honest, Luke’s memories wasn’t great enough to be able to remember everything clearly . However, the pain he had to go through after coming to his castle could be remembered . Especially the fact that this was the first time in his life where he ended up consuming poison .

“That’s why I ended up looking like a corpse when I met my father . Because of it, I think his impression of me was bad…… . Although I’m not completely sure about it . Any who, it’s one of the memories I’m remembering .

Luke was angry as he thought back to those days .

There was another thing he remembered .

Three days after arriving at the castle, Luke met his half brother and heir of the family, Marvin . Luke was caught, insulted, and beaten everywhere except his face . He was in so much pain that he could not drink water until the next day .

‘Why did it have to be 15 years old……’

Volkar asked the frowning Luke .

<What do you mean poison in your own house, what exactly did you experience? Can you explain it to me?>

“It’s quite confusing . ”

Luke lay on his bed as he pondered about his past .


Chapter 2 – End

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