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Dragon Order of Flame - Volume 1 - Chapter 4.1

Published at 11th of May 2017 10:10:24 AM

Chapter 4.1

Volume 1


Chapter 4 Part 1

It’s a common occurrence for someone to dream of their past . Even if the dream was distorted from the actual truth, there was longing and sadness within .

Luke was very familiar with these dreams, before and even after regressing back in time .

For someone who longed for the past, these dreams were painful, yet gave comfort at the same time . It showed what he had yet to forget, and showed that his feelings had yet to wear off .

However, the dream today was a bit different .

‘What’s this?’

Luke has never had a lucid dream before . No matter what absurdity happened within a dream, it would feel real until he woke up and ruminated on it .

However, the dream today was weird . The fact that he was within a dream, and thinking about his past was clearly recognized as he stood afloat within .

‘This isn’t from my own memories . ’

After wandering around for a little within the dream and realizing this, Luke was dumbfounded . This is a dream . A dream of the past . However, for it not to be his own, what did this mean? Is everything all messed up because this is within a dream?

However, it was very hard to say that ripping through the clouds and flying into the sky came from his own experience . As if he had become a bird and was flying around within dream, but there was an overwhelming sense of reality that could not be compared to the previous statement .

With grand red rings, he was flying higher up than a person’s eyes could see . Higher than a castle, higher than a mountain, higher than the clouds, as if reaching the peak point in the sky and close to touching the sun .

Suddenly, he looked down towards the ground . A patch of land could be seen through the clouds that were torn through with his mighty wings . This land was thriving with tens of thousands of people, yet it was so tiny that it looked like it could be covered with a hand .

What was even more impressive was his vision . Although he was so high up in the sky, he was able to clearly see each and every building on the ground, as well as the tiny, dust sized humans bustling about . It was hard to imagine that such a miraculous feeling would exist .

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“Volkar . ”

Suddenly, someone called out his name . He was startled back to his senses .

“Volkar” raised his head . Near the edge of the sky where even Gods might exist in, a figure could be seen . The figure was so tiny when compared to Volkar .

Volkar responded .

“Dirkus . ”

Lukewarm feelings could be felt .

The one that appeared in front of Volkar was a black-haired elf youth . Carrying the characteristics of an elf with a slender body and long ears, the youth looked down at Volkar and laughed .

“I give you the way to change your outer appearance, and that’s the body you change into? It doesn’t seem much different from how you normally look? Is it your preference to look like a female Drake?”

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“I’ve never even thought of it like that? What’s wrong with this body?”

“Hmm . It looks like a great mini version of your normal body . If you become a mini dragon, then you become a drake . Haven’t you looked at yourself in a mirror?”

As Dirkus spoke, he flicked his finger . As he did, a huge mirror made of water appeared out of thin air and reflected Volkar’s body .

Luke held his breath the moment he saw the appearance, and at the same time, he felt a certain feeling violently rise from within him .

The appearance that was shown through the magically created mirror was exactly as Luke remembered it to be . The appearance of a mighty dragon that could overwhelm anyone just by looking at it . The body was donned with red scales full of luster as if they were jewels, reptilian eyes that looked like huge amber stones, and wings that looked as overpowering as a mountain, even though it was covered with a thin film . The teeth that were shown through the slit of the mouth were weapons that could even chew through lions, and the tail was as long as the body, yet thicker than a log and could easily break apart a rampart with one mighty swing .

But, everything was much smaller than how Luke remembered it to be . The Volkar that Luke fought was a huge existence that was over 60 meters long from head to tail, yet the Volkar now was barely larger than 20 meters . It really was the body of a drake, a dragon’s mini version .

Volkar snorted, and as he did, little bits of flame could be seen coming out from his nostrils .

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“I actually don’t understand why YOU chose that form . I guess it makes sense since you’ve always shown interest in small things . ”

“It’s because my mind becomes more affluent as I exchange with them . We’ve become too familiar with existing alone, Volkar . We should have done this from the start, before we became like this . ”

“Isn’t it pointless to think about the past when I don’t even remember it? Either way, this life is an eternal prison for us . ”

Volkar responded, and flapped his wings hard . As he did, his body shot up like an arrow, further into the sky . Seeing this, Dirkus yelled out .

“This is a chance that I can give you once at best, so enjoy it a bit more! We at least have that worth as well, Volkar!”

Volkar did not respond back . He just continued to fly higher and higher up, further away from everyone’s eyes .


Chapter 4 Part 1 Completed .

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