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Dragon Order of Flame - Volume 1 - Chapter 4.10

Published at 24th of May 2017 06:26:19 AM

Chapter 4.10

Volume 1


Chapter 4 Part 10

Seemingly amazed, Volkar asked .

<Your arms didn’t break, how surprising . How did you do that?>

“Do I look like I have nothing else better to do than to answer that question?”

Luke angrily retorted back and stared at the Giant Lizard . While whipping its tail around, the Giant Lizard stood up .

“That guy’s tail is a real pain in the ass . ”

Just before, Luke saved his own life with his trump card . By utilizing the power of gangchesul at the 4th level, he empowered his arms to become stronger than steel . As the tail rushed in for the attack, Luke jumped back to mitigate as much damage as possible .

The 4th level of gangchesul can’t be reached until the body reaches a certain level of rigidity . However, in the past, Luke had reached the 5th stage of gangchesul, making it possible to use the strength of the 4th level through a sophisticated technique . In essence, the 4th level of gangchesul was invoked to be used continuously, but it was also usable if it was perfectly timed to be used for short spurts .

Shweet . Shwee shweet .

The Giant Lizard did not rush in and instead stared at Luke . It seemed to be cautious of Luke, because he was able to block the attack of its tail and was still unharmed .

Suddenly, Volkar spoke .

<A plan has come to mind . >

“What is it?”

<You just need to awaken your powers as a dragon controller . Since you have my soul, the soul of a dragon and the apex of all dragon species, you will be able to exert control that is incomparable to a mere Orc . >

“There hasn’t been any evidence of me having the powers of a dragon controller, so how am I supposed to awake its powers?”

<Have faith . You have the soul of a dragon, and you are destined to kill one as well . Believe in the infinite possibilities that sleep within you . Having unshakable faith will awaken your powers . >

“You know that I don’t have the time to be reflecting on myself, right?”

<You’re in a situation where death is near, so having faith in yourself will be of great value . Believe me . And pray that the words of faith will become a magic incantation . Now, repeat after me . The power of the dragon controller within me, awaken!>

“The incantation is too embarrassing . Just thinking about is making me feel ashamed . ”

<There is no one to hear you anyway . Luke, believe in yourself . And believe in the power of the incantation . >

“… . The power of the dragon controller sleeping within me, awaken . ”

Luke said it in a low, forced out tone . Volkar groaned .

<I don’t feel any faith at all! Without faith there is no meaning! Strengthen your faith and cry out louder!>

No one was here to see Luke anyways, so there was no reason for him to be embarrassed . He wasn’t in a situation where he could even care about being ashamed . He had to believe . In order to get through this situation, Luke had to believe in the dragon’s transcendent wisdom and magic incantation, and awaken the power sleeping within himself . The determined Luke said in a loud voice .

“The power of the dragon controller sleeping within me, awaken!”


“The power of the dragon controller sleeping within me, awaken!”

<I can feel your faith growing . Louder!>

“The power of the dragon controller sleeping within…… . . !”

The moment Luke threw away his embarrassment and started concentrating, a warm feeling could be felt within his heart . And the Giant Lizard, being unable to understand Luke’s actions, decided to rush in .

Even as Luke watched the Giant Lizard rushing towards him, he did not stop his incantation . He gazed straight at its eyes and shouted with assurance .

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A heartbeat rang throughout Luke’s body . At that moment, Luke was convinced that something had awakened from within him . He did not know what that something was, but if it was exactly what Volkar had stated, then it was the power of a dragon controller . If it really did awaken, then he would be able to dominate the Giant Lizard that was right in front of him!

The Giant Lizard aimed a fireball at Luke without hesitation .


“It’s not working!”

Luke screamed as he hurriedly avoided the flames . At that moment, the hot sensation rising from his chest disappeared and the feeling of disappointment took its place . As Luke continued to dodge the onslaught of attacks coming from the Giant Lizard, he decided to quibble with Volkar .

“Volkar, what happened? Are we unable to control that thing if we don’t know how to apply the powers of a dragon controller?”

<Your dragon controlling powers have not awakened . >

“What? You told me that my powers as a dragon controller would awaken if I firmly believed in myself and continued to shout out that incantation?! I definitely felt something hot within my chest!”

<I think you just felt that way because you were too fascinated with the incantation . As I thought, the powers of a dragon controller and magic go hand in hand . You’re unable to awaken with just faith if you don’t have any magic . >

“Hey! Then it was meaningless from the start! Why did you make me do it?”

<Because, on the contrary, if your dragon controlling powers were to awaken, I assumed there would be a possibility for your magic powers to awaken as well . It was a plan I came up with on a whim, but I didn’t think you would follow it so seriously . I’m sorry . >

“Did you give me a half-assed incantation too?!”

<By all means, remember today’s shame and I hope your aspiration for magic grows . >

“You piece of shit dragon, I’ll definitely kill you one day!”

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<That’s a wonderful resolution . I hope that resolution will follow you till the end . >


Luke’s face turned red with embarrassment as he continued to avoid the Giant Lizard’s attacks . This was the first time that he really wanted to take Volkar out from inside him and kill him .

Kwa Jik!

Is it because he was distracted? Luke’s movements as he was dodging the Giant Lizard’s attacks got disrupted, allowing a gap for an attack to appear .

The Giant Lizard did not miss that gap . As soon as a tree fell in front of its eyes, it opened its mouth and shot out a ball of flames .


There was no way to avoid or defend against it . As soon as Luke’s eyes grew wide with surprise, the Giant Lizard’s flames had wrapped around him .


Luke screamed . A Giant Lizard’s flames were not enough to burn people to ashes, but they were still strong enough to burn one to death . Luke threw his arms up on reflex to try and cover his face, but it was difficult to avoid a fatal injury, and if the Giant Lizard was to use the gap to send in an additional attack, there was nothing Luke could do but to face death .


At that moment, Luke’s heart throbbed again . Suddenly realizing that something was strange, the screaming Luke opened his eyes .

“… . . Huh?”

Unlike what was expected, it was not painful at all . He could clearly feel the fire hugging him, yet there was no pain .

“What is this?”

With an absurd expression, Luke lifted his arms to stare at them . The amber flame was burning strongly around his body . Unable to believe what was happening, Luke muttered to himself .

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“No way, is this… . . ”

Luke remembered one possibility and his eyes grew wide . Simultaneously, he continued to stare at the flame’s movements and decided to concentrate his mind . As he did, the flames that were dancing on his arms suddenly moved, clearing a small space .

“What the? Have I become able to use the power of an attribute?”

It was hard to believe, but it seemed that way . Although he was wrapped in flames, he was not hurt, and he was also able to move the flames according to his wishes . There was no other possibility .


Volkar was also shocked . He quickly calmed himself and spoke .

<Th, this is just as I intended . Getting hit by those flames, I knew there was a high possibility that you would be able to awaken my fire attribute powers . >

“……If you want to scam me, you should do it after you cut off our mental connection . I can feel how shocked you are, you 3rd rate con artist . ”

<…… . >

Volkar closed his mouth .

With a snort, Luke continued to stare at the flames in wonder . As he concentrated his mind on the fire and controlling its movements, he could feel a force that was different from his gangchesul wriggling inside his body .

“I can figure out what happened later in the future… . . ”

Luke smiled and glanced at the Giant Lizard . Seeing that Luke was unscathed, even with its flames wrapped around him, the Giant Lizard was shocked and unable to attack .

“You can say that you’re dead now . Your fire is useless against me, but if my fire is effective against you, it would be way too simple to kill you . ”

Luke raised his fist wrapped with flames, and after he spoke, he kicked off the ground and rushed forward .


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