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Dragon Order of Flame - Volume 1 - Chapter 4.11

Published at 30th of May 2017 06:48:33 AM

Chapter 4.11

Volume 1


Chapter 4 Part 11

Count Astal was running in the woods with a nervous expression . After cutting down dozens of Orcs, he was being accompanied by his son Marvin and three of his loyal knights, who had been together with him since his younger years .

They were rushing along the trail of destruction in the mountains . This trail of destruction led to the location of where Luke was .

Marvin spoke .

“The Orcs shouldn’t have been too far from Luke . I’m sure he must be nearby . ”

The Count nodded his head without responding back .

Not too long ago, they had encountered the Orc Controller and the Orc Warriors who were escorting it . And with overwhelming force, they killed the Orcs and pushed forward even faster . While fighting the Orc Warriors, the Orc Controller had escaped, but it was not the time to chase after it .

Marvin bit his lips with a nervous expression .

‘Damn it, Luke . You’re not dead are you?’

The Orc Controller definitely should not have been far from the Giant Lizard . However, it was very ominous to not hear a single sound even after running for so long . If Luke was still running away from the Giant Lizard, wouldn’t there be some sort of sound that could still be heard?

While being nervous, they soon found what they were looking for . The monster, Giant Lizard, looked like a lizard that was 100 times bigger than normal as it lay on its side .


The Count ran out as he shouted out his son’s name . His sword rang with a concentrated amount of gangchesul, and a faint light spread out . The sword now had the strength to easily break apart a boulder .

But soon, the Count realized that something was strange . The Giant Lizard did not seem to move at all, even when the Count approached its back .

“It’s dead?”

The Count muttered with surprise . The Giant Lizard was already dead and breathless . Walking around the corpse, half of its head had flown away and had been burnt black .

“Ah, you came father?”

Suddenly, an unthinkable voice could be heard . Quickly turning around out of surprise, the Count found the exhausted Luke sitting against a tree .

“Luke! You rascal, you were safe!”

“Yes, although I almost died . ”

Luke answered with a weak smile . He was wounded here and there with burn marks and little scratches, but no major injuries were found .

Seeing that Luke was safe, the Count sighed out of relief and asked .

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“Did you by chance kill it?”

“I was lucky . As I was running out of strength and feeling weaker, I decided to put my life on the line and fight against the monster . As the thing tried to release a fireball, I threw out a punch and hit it right against its chin . The fireball ended up exploding inside its mouth, and before I knew it, boom went the head . ”

Receiving the support of the Count, Luke raised his body and explained the situation .

<It seems like your lies are growing . You can slowly change your job to that of a scammer . >

Volkar scoffed . But Luke snorted and approached the Giant Lizard’s body . Seeing the state that the corpse was in, he finally realized that he really did kill it .

‘To think that attributed powers could be so scary . ’

Luke utilized the Giant Lizard’s flames against it . The just awakened attributed powers exerted a strong control over fire, so when the Giant Lizard was building up its fireball and Luke threw out his fist, it added extra firepower to the Giant Lizard’s attack . This is what led to the explosion of the fireball and the head .

‘If I develop this skill well, it will be scary . I shall call this attack sweltering heat for now . ”

As Luke was thinking such thoughts and smiled, Marvin walked over to him . He looked at Luke with a hardened expression, and spoke while avoiding Luke’s gaze .

“… . I’m glad you’re safe . ”

“Oh, I’m so happy to hear that my brother was worried about me . ”

“Who is your brother?! I was just concerned because you’re an ally . ”

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Marvin responded back in such a way, as Luke was joking with him . However, Luke thought Marvin was acting cute and tapped him on the shoulder .

“Yes, yes . I am also glad to see that you are not hurt . What happened to the Orcs?”

“We killed all of the ones that were in their base, and rescued the young civilians that were captured . I’m not sure if they were going to use them as slaves, but it seems like they weren’t treated horribly . ”

“I’m glad . Oh, but what happened to that guy? The guy who gave you the wonderful experience of being treated like a fool . ”

When Luke asked mischievously, Marvin’s teeth started to grind . The experience of being treated like a fool by an Orc was certainly a shame that would stick with him for the rest of his life .

As Marvin responded back with a murderous voice saying that he let the Orc escape, Luke acted as if he remembered something and asked the Count .

“Father, I’m really tired right now, so can I go down first?”

“Shouldn’t you learn how to deal with the aftermath?”

“Well, if it’s that, I’ve already learned how to do it . And rather than me, shouldn’t the soon-to-be Count Marvin learn the process instead?”

When Luke emphasized that Marvin was to be the future Count, a slightly complicated expression was shown on the Count’s face . However, not long after, his face cleared and he slowly nodded his head .

“Alright . I’ll see you in the village . ”

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“Then I’ll be leaving first . ”

Luke turned around as soon as he heard the Count’s answer . Marvin panicked and asked as he followed him .

“Hey, where are you going?”

“Did you not hear me say it a moment ago? I’ll be heading down first . You stay here and learn the things you need to from father . ”

“You want me to believe those words? Are you up to something again?”

“What kind of secret plans would I have here?”

“That is………”

With Luke’s response, Marvin’s speech was blocked . The Orcs were certainly dead, the villagers who had been captured were rescued, and the Giant Lizard was killed . There wasn’t anything else that Luke could do here .

“This older brother here is really tired, so don’t bother me anymore . It was really tiring to kill that thing over there . ”

“Uh… . . sorry . ”

Marvin, who had no words to say, apologized to the exhausted looking Luke . Luke tapped Marvin’s chest with his fist, turned his body, and disappeared into the forest .

And while Marvin thought that something was suspicious, he did not realize that Luke was heading towards the opposite direction of the village .

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