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Dragon Order of Flame - Volume 1 - Chapter 4.3

Published at 11th of May 2017 06:52:37 PM

Chapter 4.3

Chapter 4 Part 3

After warning Marvin and the Count’s wife, Luke continued his daily routine of going to and from his room, and the secret training space within the forest . And, although Luke gave the Count’s wife a warning, he continued to ignore the food that was sent to his room . Even with the gamble between the 2, there was no way for the Count’s wife to trust in Luke, and vice versa .

Luke had no interest in what the castle’s situation was, and only focused on his current training . His daily agenda consisted of increasing his strength, applying that strength to his skillset, and perfecting his body .

Like this, another 3 weeks passed by, when news arrived regarding the appearance of evil monsters .

“It’s the Orc Tribe this time . Those guys just don’t get sick of this, I see . ”

Spoke the Count, once Marvin and Luke arrived .

The appearance of monsters was a routine occurrence within the Astal domain . However, the Count would only make a move if the scattered troops and vigilante corps weren’t able to handle the strength of the monsters, or if the tribal units (monsters) were gathered together and plundering the local vicinities .

The Count suggested the unthinkable .

“Luke, Marvin, I’m planning on having both of you accompany me on subjugating these monsters . What are your thoughts?”

About half a year ago, Marvin had once already accompanied a monster subjugation . Although, he was young of age, he had some skills and as the heir of family, it was a given to experience and be in charge of these occurrences . However, it was also the fact that the monsters were of no threat that he was allowed to participate .

According to the Count’s explanation, there were about 70 Orcs this time around, and at the very least, it was possible to lose one’s life . Orc’s have a sturdier body than human’s do, and although they are stupid, they do not fear death and can also utilize weapons .

Marvin spoke first .

“I will go . ”

“Good . What about you Luke? If you don’t have the confidence, you do not have to participate . ”

“I’ll go . It would be awkward to just let Marvin go . ”

“I knew you would respond like that . We’ll be leaving later tonight, so you both need to make sure you’re fully prepared . I’ll inform Sir Hagun, so if you have any questions, he will be able to help you . ”

“Yes, sir . ”

After acknowledging the Count, Marvin and Luke stepped out .

And, seeing Marvin walking a step ahead of him and not looking back, Luke called out .

“Hey, Marvin . ”

“Wh, what?”

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Although, Marvin tried his best to respond back nonchalantly, he failed . He lost control of his voice and it ended up coming out a little shaky . Seeing his face getting red out of shame, Luke laughed .

“What do you think the reason is that our father is having the both of us accompany him on this monster subjugation? It seems like the danger level this time is pretty high, and I don’t know about me, but you’re still young . ”

“I’m not young!”

“You kid, 13 years of age is considered to be young . Although it’s okay to slowly gain some practical experience, it’s still not an age where you should be put into an active and dangerous situation . However, I was dragged into it as well and was told to go together with you . Why do you think that is?”

“Wh, who knows?”

Marvin frowned after hearing Luke’s question . However, it was difficult to understand what father’s intentions were . Since long ago, it was difficult to understand the Count, and this time wasn’t any different .

Luke clicked his tongue and spoke .

“Chet chet . Think about it . Father saw my skills . He probably wants to put me together with you and have us work together . He knows we have our differences, but wants us to resolve it by having us protect each other’s backs . ”

“… . . Do you think that even makes sense?”

It wouldn’t be weird if they were to try and kill each other during the battle, but to have them protect each other, hoping that their differences would be settled?

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Luke nodded his head .

“Of course it doesn’t make sense . No matter how much I think about it, it doesn’t make sense . However, you know that father’s head is a little strange . ”


“Don’t you think that this is quite possible if it’s father? He’s a guy that thinks that everything can be resolved in a manly way . Put your hand on your chest and answer me honestly . ”

“Mmm . ”

Marvin frowned .

Although it was hard to acknowledge, Luke’s words seemed to be the truth .

Luke chuckled .

“See, you acknowledge it right? He strongly believes that we will change through this battle, because that’s how he has lived and has been able to gain his trust . ”

“So, what are you trying to say?”

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“That’s it . I’m just saying you should try and understand father’s intentions . ”

Luke pat Marvin on the shoulder and continued to walk forward . Just like the Count intended, Luke was planning on protecting Marvin during this battle . If he did, Marvin and the Count’s wife would probably trust him a little bit more . Since, Luke was planning on leaving soon, he figured he could do this little bit .

Marvin suddenly yelled from behind .

“Hey . ”


“Are you even taking the lead, because you know how to get to Sir Hagun?”

“… . . huh?”

Of course, living as an invalid within his room this whole time, Luke had no idea who Sir Hagun was or where he was even located at .


Chapter 4 Part 3 Completed .

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