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Dragon Order of Flame - Volume 1 - Chapter 4.4

Published at 12th of May 2017 06:43:34 PM

Chapter 4.4

Volume 1


Chapter 4 Part 4

<You seem to be a little nervous . >

Spoke Volkar, as Luke prepared his tools, jumped on the horse, and began to wait for departure . Luke whispered within his helmet .

“There’s no way . It’s just a matter of subjugating mere Orcs . ”

<However, you’re nervous . Isn’t that the truth?>

“Mm… . . ”

With what Volkar said, Luke decided to thoroughly check his body’s condition .

And, with that, Luke certainly felt that his body was tense due to being nervous . It was because of this reason that Luke was feeling annoyed earlier, constantly checking his tools, and was in a rush to leave for the journey .

“Sigh, I really do seem to be nervous . Is it because I’m overthinking things and it’s been a while since I last had practical experience? I look so fragile . ”

It’s already been 3 months since he’s returned to the past .

Within that time, Luke has gotten stronger at an immensely quick rate . His body was firm, his strength increased, he was able to use a variety of skills from the 3rd level of gangchesul, and for a short period, he was able to partly utilize the power of the 4th level as well .

(Djinn- gangchesul is hard to describe . Starting from Chapter 1 part 2, it was explained as the strength of steel, but I think it’s too long of a “technique” so I’m just going to shorten it, and use the Korean word . )

However, Luke still felt that he was lacking . If he was to go back to before the time skip, with 20 of his current self and attacked, all 20 would still lose to his past self .

(Djinn- I wasn’t sure if I should say his past self, since technically he went back in time, so his current self was his past self and the older version of him was his future self . But, you all know what I meanJ)

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That was why Luke felt unrest in his heart . He was unable to be confident, because he could absolutely feel how weak he’s become .

Volkar spoke .

<You’ll be fine . >

“With what evidence are you saying that?”

<You’re the human that will kill me . There’s no way for you to die to mere Orcs when you’re fate is to kill a dragon, right?>

“Those are pretty grandiose words to be considered comforting . Well, guess it has calmed me down a little . Thanks . ”

<Those words weren’t really meant to comfort you . It was just a little annoying to see you scared of Orcs when you need to help me get rid of my past mistakes . Wouldn’t it make me look bad when I chose you for this task . >

“Oh dear . ”

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Luke smiled, as he turned to look at the faces of those that were participating in this subjugation . Although it was difficult to recognize any of them, because the majority of them were wearing the same armor and helmet, it was easy to locate the Count and Marvin . The Count was the only one wearing armor that was of different color, and Marvin was much smaller compared to those around him .

‘Ah, I really feel old . ’

If it was before the time skip, Luke definitely would have prayed for Marvin’s death . No, Luke would have tried to find any chance to kill Marvin himself .

However, he was now honestly hoping to protect Marvin . Although, in the past, Luke hated Marvin to the point of wanting to kill him, but now he felt that Marvin’s demeanor was quite cute .

‘Younger brother……’

Luke smiled .

He fought with them, watched their downfall, and saw them die as Volkar destroyed this country . At first, he hated them, felt empty inside and wanted to forget them, and at the end even felt regretful . Luke wasn’t sure if this was the reason, but to be able to see them once again, when he felt that he wouldn’t be able to see them again for eternity, brought about an odd attachment .

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At this point, it was cute watching the reactions of the Count’s wife and Marvin . In the past, he was scared of them because of his lack of strength, but he now no longer felt danger and could comfortably do what he wanted .

‘I’ve become quite generous . ’

It was probably because he was currently able to impede all tragedies . Luke’s past self, had a horrible personality, and thoughts filled with only revenge and rage .

However, Luke could now feel that he has become gentler . In the past, Luke would use any means necessary and any people necessary in order to fight against Volkar . However, now it felt like he could do everything on his own .

“Of course, I have no plans on doing everything by myself . ’

As Luke thought of the people he formed bonds with in the past, he smiled . After he completed what needed to be done here, Luke was planning on finding Grayson, Lana, and Kalia . Once they were found, he would proceed to locate all the others that he formed close relationships with, and renew those friendships .

As Luke was thinking this, the Count ordered everyone for departure . The Count stood at the front, and 50 others followed behind him, including Marvin and Luke .

Chapter 4 Part 4 Completed .

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