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Dragon Order of Flame - Volume 1 - Chapter 4.7

Published at 17th of May 2017 10:14:41 AM

Chapter 4.7

Volume 1


Chapter 4 Part 7

Luke and Marvin amazingly got to 100 meters of the Orcs’ base . If they didn’t, they would be unable to see if there were any hidden enemies, deep inside the forest .

“As I thought, it doesn’t seem like they have any scouts here . ”

Said Marvin carefully . Seeing as how he always loses to Luke when it comes to words, Marvin had started to speak more cautiously .

Luke spoke .

“It would definitely seem like that from over here, but in order for us to be certain, we need to get closer . ”

<Luke . >

Volkar suddenly called out to Luke . However, Luke dismissed it and continued to speak to Marvin . Marvin was just too close to be able to speak with Volkar .

“From this point on, I’ll be going alone . Wait here . ”

“Why is that?”

“Because you can’t conceal yourself as well as I can . ”

Luke responded back firmly and used a concealment technique . As he did, although he was standing in front of Marvin, Marvin was barely able to sense Luke’s presence – as though he was a phantom .

“Huh? What is this?”

“It’s a skill to conceal my presence . If you’re able to do at least this much, no one will be able to detect you, even with magic . Then, I’ll be off . ”

Luke briefly explained to Marvin as he slowly left the thicket . Even as he walked out, he used a special technique to soften his footsteps, making it so surprisingly quiet, that it did not seem like he was walking within a forest . Marvin gaped with astonishment as the distance between himself and Luke grew .

<Luke . >

“What is it?”

As Luke was now 20 meters away from Marvin, he answered . He felt that there must be a reason why Volkar has been persistently calling out his name .

Indeed, Volkar responded back with surprising information that was above Luke’s expectations .

<There isn’t an Orc Shaman within that group . >

“There isn’t?”

Luke’s eyebrows rose . Volkar continued .

<There isn’t an Orc Shaman within that group . >

“Are you sure of it? Then why did father get hit so hard?”

<There’s a dragon type among them . >


Luke was surprised . Putting aside the fact that there is no Orc Shaman, but for there to be a dragon type?

<This feeling is definitely that of a dragon type . As a type of dragon, it’s magic and ability feels pretty weak but… . . >

“You told me last time, that a dragon that isn’t an actual dragon, is a type of descendant that was formed through a dragon and another specie, right? Whilst they were traveling around the world?”

<That’s right . >

“… . To have done the deed with an Orc . Not sure which dragon it is, but it’s a dragon amongst dragons . A being I respect, whose courage and taste I would never like to get close to . ”

To have impregnated an Orc . Just the thought of it made Luke feel chilly . However, it seemed like Volkar had a different opinion .

<Don’t compare a dragon’s emotion to a human’s standard . To us dragons, you humans and Orcs are the same . >

“So? Does that mean you did it with an Orc as well?”

<Th, that’s not the case . >

“Even I can feel your reluctance . Sigh, you detestable dragon . ”

<…… . <

As Luke was being sarcastic, Volkar had nothing more to say and kept his mouth shut . Luke ‘hmmphed’ with a smile of victory and changed the topic .

“Anyways, so you’re saying that there’s a dragon type in there that won’t be able to be brought down without some lives being taken?”

Volkar did not answer . However, something flew over as if to answer the question .

Pa bat!

Luke’s hand shot out like a flash of lightning . It was in order to hit away a throwing knife, which flew in from his front .

“Keuk, was there a sentry hiding somewhere?”

Green skinned Orcs with bulging muscles could be seen coming out from the thicket . Luke clicked his tongue and tried to retreat . However, some Orcs appeared from the back as well and blocked his escape route .

“What is this? Did they move after setting up an illusion?”

<No . I think you’ve been exposed, since the time you’ve made your way over here . That guy who threw the throwing knife at you got here from climbing up the wall . >

“What? What the hell happened?”

Luke was confused . He was moving with vigilance this whole time, and there were no signs of any movement from the Orcs . Yet, now he was surrounded .

Volkar said his speculations .

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<I presume that it’s the ability of the dragon type . Perhaps it detected the fact that there were humans nearby? If it has the ability to sense things within a wide range, in this situation, a human’s presence itself would be very disparate…… . >

“I’ve been fooled . To be able to set up an ambush knowing what I am, isn’t it really smart? Does an Orcs brain get smarter once it becomes a dragon type?”

<That’s obvious . However, it’s still hard to be certain if that dragon type is an Orc or not . >

“Not like it really matters either way . ”

This was a shocking situation . Besides the fact that it was able to feel Luke’s and Marvin’s presence from several hundred meters away, a stupid Orc was able to deceive someone who came to scout it out, and also prepared an ambush .

“So, we wouldn’t be in this situation if you told me sooner that it wasn’t an Orc Shaman, but a dragon type . ”

<I also am unable to know what ability a dragon type has . And, either way, wouldn’t you have had to get closer to the base in order to scout it out?>

Volkar gave an excuse as Luke started to grumble . Seeing as it was the truth, Luke mumbled to himself .

‘This could’ve been settled so much easier if Marvin didn’t tag along . ”

Amidst the Orcs, there wasn’t an Orc Shaman, but there was a dragon type . It would’ve been easy to find this information out without having to get so close to the base . However, Luke had to act out a real scout because of Marvin, which led to him being found by the dragon type .

‘However, it seems like the dragon type isn’t that smart . If it was me, I would’ve given the scout fake information, and then hit the main force with full power… . . No, does it not know that the main force is already here?’

Whatever the case, it was true that he screwed up . 4 Orc warriors climbed up the wall and were standing in front of Luke, while there were 3 more blocking his path behind him .

“7 of them……I’m at least glad that I don’t have to fight them all in an open space . ”

As Luke mumbled to himself, he turned to look behind him . Behind the 3 Orcs, Marvin could be seen standing with a puzzled look . Luke quickly used his hand to tell Marvin to leave, then pressed his back against a tree . The Orcs were closing in from both sides .

‘Using the trees, I’ll take them down one by one .

As soon as Luke made up his mind, and before the Orcs could get within 10 meters of him, he kicked the ground and jumped up . Grabbing a branch, Luke took another leap, and stood at the top .

“Let’s see if you can catch me!”

Using his physical abilities while applying gangchesul, Luke was capable of using the lush tree branches to move about . He ran towards the opposite direction of where Marvin was, which brought the Orcs along with him .

<What are you planning to do?>

“Since the situation is unfavorable, I need to first separate them . Ah oo, if this was the past, I would’ve just destroyed them from the front and gone straight into their base . ”

<That’s why I’m saying you should learn magic . If you did…… . >

“Can you please just shut up at times like this? Just say things that are helpful . ”

<I’ll do as you wish . One of the guys in the back is aiming a spear at you, and trying to throw it . >


Luke turned to look back . As he did, he saw an Orc that was at least a head bigger than the other Orcs, cocking his arm back with a spear in hand .

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The spear that was thrown with frightening strength penetrated through the spot Luke was originally at and flew away . Realizing how exact the Orc’s aim was, Luke quickly jumped onto the ground .

“To be able to have such precision as an Orc, how arrogant!”

The Orc Warrior’s continued to stick close to the shocked Luke . Although they were stupid, the Orcs’ high combative senses tied up Luke’s feet with just a spear, allowing the other Orcs to get close to him .

(Djinn – not in the literal sense of tying up his feet . It basically means he lost any advantage he may have had . )

“Ah, these guys, why are they so smart?”

As Luke grumbled, he grabbed a sword with his left hand . He had no choice but to use a weapon, because his 4th level of gangchesul wasn’t perfect yet .


An Orc Warrior got really close as he stabbed forth with his spear . Orcs didn’t know any proper smelting techniques, so there were many occasions where they used items that were previously plundered from human villages . This spear as well, a broken blade was attached to the top of a club .


Luke pushed aside the spear, and rushed forward . Compared to a body of a 15 year old, the huge Orc looked to be even more overwhelmingly huge .

“HA AT!”

With a roar, Luke punched forth with his first . At the same time that Luke deflected the spear with his sword, his right hand did not give the Orc Warrior time to respond . And because of Luke’s size, the Orc Warrior disregarded Luke’s fist and was planning on counter attacking after it got hit . This was a fatal mistake .


An explosion rang out and the Orc Warrior coughed out blood as it fell . This blow destroyed its ribs and distorted its insides .

“Heung! Even if I got weaker, you guys aren’t my opponent . ”

Luke gave a snort at the astounded Orcs, as he tried to find a gap to retreat out of . However, the Orcs that followed, surrounded him once again, making it difficult to find a path .

‘Ggeu eung, do I need to climb back up onto the trees?’

When Luke was being trained by his former master, he was taught how to fight 1 against many within a forest and was also taught how to move faster than a monkey . Although his stamina and physical abilities are much less than what they were, it was still very possible for him to disrupt the enemies .

Suddenly, someone jumped in from behind the Orcs and a bright light shone from a sword’s blade .

Pa Hak!

With the sound of a sharp noise, an Orc fell . Seeing the face that was shown from behind the Orcs, Luke’s face distorted .


Marvin appeared without escaping, penetrating into the Orc’s encirclement . Having jumped through the gap and now standing beside him, Luke asked Marvin nervously .

“You little imp, why the hell did you come here?”

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“Seeing as how you’re on my side, I couldn’t fathom the thought of you dying by these Orcs . ”

“I can easily get away by my……No, this isn’t the time to be saying this . If a problem arose while scouting, the first thing you should do is go and inform the main body . What are you going to do if something happens to you too?”

“Why are you so angry even though I came to help you?”

“It’s because of your stupid actions! Besides, how can you run into the encirclement just because you got ahead of yourself for killing one of them! You should’ve attacked another guy from the outside and confused them!”


Marvin opened his eyes wide . Luke had a very good point .

As if frustrated, Luke beat on his own chest .

“Ah oo, to have a sibling like you . ”

“Be, be quiet! Who is your sibling! This is the first time I’m experiencing something like this . Isn’t it normal to not be able to think of that!”

“If you die like this, you can’t even use that as an excuse . Anyways, stick your back to mine . With the way things are, we have no choice but to fight with our lives now . Do not panic, and just do what you learned from father . ”

Marvin also received the training of a knight since he was young, so he should be able to cope with this type of situation . As Luke thought like this and was about to place his faith in Marvin, an answer that shattered his expectations was heard .

“……I did not learn how to fight on my own against many people . ”

Should he just kill this guy here, assassinate the Count’s wife, and just take the spot as heir to the family? Luke got angry to the point of even having these types of thoughts .

“Ah, seriously, father is of no help to my life . Do not attack out of anger, and just focus on defense . I leave my back to you . ”

“Okay . ”

Although he responded with vigor, Marvin’s voice was trembling . He was able to utilize gangchesul through the harsh training that he received, but even still, he was just a thirteen year old boy . Even with practical experience, this was the first time Marvin was pushed into a corner, so there was nothing he could do about his fear .

“Marvin, it is natural to be scared . However, a frightened man dies first . I believe in you . So you can trust me too . ”

Luke whispered as he looked forward . After surrounding them, the Orcs continued to carefully stare at them . Were they interested in the argument that Luke and Marvin were having, that they did not attack immediately, even after one of their own died; or is there another reason?

It was Volkar who answered that question .

<The dragon type is approaching . >

“As I thought, humans . ”

With an awkward pronunciation, an Orc spoke . It came from the Orcs’ base, and its body was adorned with mismatching human armor . It also……

Sssssss . Ssssss .

As the Orc got closer, it was being followed by a gigantic something that was making a sickening hissing sound . Watching its outrageously huge body move about without making any noise, Luke held his breath .

“A giant lizard…… . that thing is the dragon type?”

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