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Dragon Order of Flame - Volume 1 - Chapter 4.8

Published at 18th of May 2017 06:31:39 AM

Chapter 4.8

Volume 1


Chapter 4 Part 8

It looked like the common ‘lizard’, but it was a couple hundred times larger and very green . Even though it was on all fours, its head was only slightly below Luke’s height, the skin looked to be as tough as stone, and every time it hissed with its nimble tongue – a faint flame flowed through the air .

Volkar spoke .

<It’s quite an inferior fellow, but I guess you can consider it a dragon sub specie . Because of its strong instincts, it should be very difficult to control . However, that guy must have focused all of his blood, sweat, and tears and was barely able to cross the threshold of controlling it . >

(Djinn – the “guy” they’re talking about is the Orc (dragon controller) in front of the Giant Lizard . )

‘Ggeuungg . So, this guy is the reason why my father suffered . But to even think of using a dragon sub specie inside a forest, is this guy sane?’

Thinking such thoughts, Luke stared at the dragon controller . The dragon controller was carrying a heavy sword, and with a relaxed expression, it stared at Marvin and Luke . It then asked .

“Human, why are you here?”

“We didn’t come here for a specific reason .  We are just passing by . ”

Luke responded innocently, and as he did, the dragon controller snorted .

“Liar . You guys purposely moved in closer to us . Do you have a party somewhere here?”

‘… . For being an Orc, why is it so smart . ’

Interpreting Luke’s silence as ‘affirmative’, the dragon controller spoke .

“I’ve already sent some minions down the mountain to check . Once I figure out how many people are within your party, I’m going to use you guys as hostages to negotiate with them . ”

“Negotiate? What kind of nonsense are you shitting?”

The one who flew into a rage and responded back, was not Luke but Marvin . As the dragon controller moved its eyes toward Marvin, Marvin continued to talk with vigor .

“You guys have already plundered a village within our family’s domain . Yet, you really think father is going to let you guys live? Don’t even think about……”
“Father? Are you the son of a human ruler? That means you’ll be a great bargaining chip . ”

“Ah… . . ”

At the moment, Marvin’s face became grim . He somehow tried to cover his words .

“That’s not true . He, I mean, my father is a knight that follows the Count . ”

“Human, when you lie, you need to make it sound trustworthy . Are you an idiot?”

“…… . . ”

Hearing the dragon controller call him an idiot, Marvin was so shocked that he lost his words . Seeing his pathetic brother, Luke clicked his tongue .

“Chet . How can you continue living after being called an idiot by an Orc? Just kill yourself right now . ”

“Shut up . Cough . ”

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“Sigh, I feel bad for your future followers . ”

At the same time, a strange sound could be heard . Then, Marvin heard Luke’s voice within his head, which was different from what he heard through Luke’s mouth .

-Marvin, I’ll look for an opportunity to open a path through the back . When I do, run as fast as you can .


Marvin’s eyes grew wide in shock . Seeing how naïve Marvin’s reaction was, Luke elbowed Marvin’s side and continued to speak .

-You ignorant fool, do you not even know what a trans message is? How can you make such an obvious face expression?

Trans message was one of the advanced applications of gangchesul . Although there is hardly any physical strength being used, this technique can’t be utilized without the proper foundations . Similar to communicating with magic, one is able to use gangchesul to convey their intentions by resonating with their fellow’s body .

-When I give you the signal, immediately start running . You only have one chance .

Luke told Marvin in a trans message and at the same time, spoke to the dragon controller .

“If we surrender, will you not harm us?”

“You killed our kind . ”

“But, hostages need to be safe in order to be useful . For your info, I am this guy’s brother . If you take the two of us hostage and negotiate well with my father, you should be able to get a good deal of money . Shouldn’t be bad business for you either . ”


With Luke’s words, the dragon controller seemed to be lost in thought . Luke waited for its response with a nervous expression .

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“Alright . If you surrender, I will treat you comfortably . ”

“This concludes our negotiation . Putting you honor on the line, you wouldn’t change your mind later, would you?”

“Of course not . We Orcs do not lie . ”

“Hey, are you really going to surrender?”

Marvin asked as if it was unbelievable . Luke frowned and replied .

“Then do you know of a way out of here? Putting those guys aside, that thing is over there . ”

As Luke pointed at the fire breathing Giant Lizard, Marvin swallowed his spit . Not only was the Giant Lizard bigger than a bull, it barely made any noise when it moved, and it was nimble to the point of being able to climb up a rocky wall . Fighting that thing in the woods, let alone fighting, there wouldn’t even be that high of a chance to run away from it .

At the same time, Luke spoke with a trans message .

-Act as if you’re surrendering and throw away your sword . Run as soon as I open a path . Giant Lizards are immensely fast so you need to run with everything you have, got it?

With those words, Marvin flinched, turned to Luke and slightly nodded . Luke spoke with both hands above his head .

“Then I’m going to drop my sword . Use your minions to get rid of my other weapons . Is that fine?”

“Good . ”

Luke dropped his sword as the dragon controller nodded its head . Then, Marvin dropped his sword and raised his hands above his head .

Using its eyes, the dragon controller ordered two of its minions to form a pair . They slowly walked towards Luke and Marvin, and seeing that the hostages weren’t retaliating, the two minions bent down, and started to search Luke and Marvin’s body . Both Luke and Marvin had a dagger hidden away near their waist and leg, in case of an emergency .

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-Marvin, here I go!

The moment the Orcs bent down to remove the daggers, Luke moved . Putting full strength into both his arms, Luke struck down like lightning .


With a dull sound, the Orcs fell . Luke lifted his foot and quickly kicked the head of one of the falling Orcs, then twisted his body and threw out a punch .


A loud explosion could be heard as the Orc searching Marvin flew away while vomiting blood . Catching the other Orc by surprise, Luke used his knee to smash in its face, then used his elbow to smash the Orc into the ground . Once done, Luke hit Marvin’s body and yelled .


Marvin, who received a signal from Luke in advance, started running without delay . Luke followed right behind Marvin and ran between the gaps, then turned around to look . As he did, he clicked his tongue .

“Chet . Indeed, I don’t have enough power . ’

Both of the fallen Orcs were staggering as they tried to get up . One of them had its head kicked as it was falling, while the other one was hit with Luke’s full power . If it was Luke from the past, it would have been possible to kill each one of them with a single hit . However, he was too weak now .

“Calvad! Kill them!”

As the dragon controller yelled out with resentment, the Giant Lizard breathed out fire as it started to chase .


Chapter 4 Part 8 Completed .

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