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Dragon Order of Flame - Volume 1 - Chapter 4.9

Published at 23rd of May 2017 09:33:18 AM

Chapter 4.9

Volume 1


Chapter 4 Part 9

Feeling the Giant Lizard’s presence moving behind him, Marvin’s hair stood on end . This thing was much larger than most others, and could also spit out fire . There was a high chance that if he was caught, he would instantly be turned into food . Thinking this, Marvin’s fear overcame him and his legs started moving faster .

However, running like this for a while, Marvin felt that something was off . It was because he couldn’t feel the presence of the big monster following behind him anymore .


Marvin turned his head and was surprised . The sight of the Giant Lizard and the Orcs chasing him were gone, and of course, Luke who should’ve also been following, was gone .

“No way…… . . ”

Feeling an ominous foreboding, Marvin jumped onto the nearest tree . Although he wasn’t trained in moving skillfully on a tree like Luke, Marvin had plenty of practice when he was younger, and easily traversed to the top of the tree .

Standing at the top of the tree, it was easy for him to see what was happening from a distance . The Orc Controller was in the center of the Orcs and slowly moving forward, while the Giant Lizard was several meters in front . Luke could be seen desperately trying to run away as he was being chased by the Giant Lizard .

“Keuk . ”

Marvin bit his lip .

It was obvious to see how this situation came to be about . After sending Marvin forward first, Luke used whatever means necessary to make the Giant Lizard focus on himself, and ran the opposite direction of where Marvin was going .

“That stupid retard!”

Marvin got upset with Luke’s actions, because in order to save him, Luke was taking on an immense amount of danger . Marvin quickly jumped off of the tree and was about to head towards Luke’s direction, but he quickly realized that he would be of no help with the situation and did not know what to do .

“Don’t die . ”

After saying these words, with a heavy heart and clenched teeth, Marvin ran towards the bottom of the mountain . He wanted to quickly go and inform the Count, so that they could help save Luke .


Just as Marvin thought, after sending him forward, Luke made the Giant Lizard focus onto himself . The process was simple . Luke threw a rock at the Giant Lizard’s head causing it to lose reason and run wild .


“At, ddeu ddeu!”

Getting within a close distance to Luke, the Giant Lizard opened its mouth as fire started to form in it, and a merciless heat could be felt on Luke’s back . Thankfully, the both of them were running at intense speeds and because of it, the fire was unable to gain momentum and disappeared . The Giant Lizard’s breathing was disrupted because it was trying to shoot out a fireball, causing the distance between itself and Luke to grow by 10 meters .

“Heheng! You think a little fire like that can do anything to me? If you play with fire in a forest, you’re going to pee, idiot!”

(Djinn – a type of myth in Korea where you’re bound to pee while sleeping if you play with fire excessively the night before . )

<Being different from humans, I don’t think the Giant Lizard cares as to when or where it pees . >

“Is it the time for you to be pointing out such faults?”

As Luke said such words while being dumbfounded with Volkar, the Giant Lizard quickly closed the gap between them . No matter how fast Luke ran, it was difficult for him to lose the Giant Lizard because it walked on four legs and had bigger strides .


Being unable to catch Luke, the Giant Lizard screeched with a stress filled voice as it threw its body forward . Reading the movements with his 6th sense, Luke quickly dodged to the side .

Kwa ja jak!

This assault with its huge body and stone like skin resulted in the destruction of 3 Beautiful trees . Luke, who was still rolling to the side, quickly got up and tried to catch his breath .

(Djinn – the actual name for the tree is Beautiful tree)

“Scary thing, I won’t even have any bones left if I get caught by it . ”

Running away for dear life, Luke’s stamina was starting to drop . Feeling worried, he quickly jumped up into a tree, and was thinking of using monkey like movements in order to confuse the Giant Lizard .

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“Volkar, can that thing swim well? He should be weak to water since he breathes out fire right?”

<It’s good at swimming . It will occasionally sleep above water . >

“Shit . Then there’s no point in directing him towards water… . . Is it also good at climbing up rocky walls?”

<Are there any lizards not capable of climbing up rocky walls?>

“……Ah ak!! I can’t think of any solutions . This is making me crazy . Do I have to run around in circles until father gets here?”

If this was before coming back in time, it would’ve been very easy for Luke to just beat it to the ground . However, now, even if he was to pour his heart and soul into an attack, he would be unable to knock the lizard down . A weak fist that wasn’t even able to destroy a human sized boulder, would not be able to contend against the Giant Lizard .


“Eu ak, you crazy bastard!”

Seeing the Giant Lizard raise its head and start to once again breathe out fire, Luke screamed and jumped off of the tree . Different from when they were running at high speeds, the fire built up enough momentum and was now almost 10 meters in size . It was a size that could easily cause a huge forest fire .

“Damn it! Why the hell was this dangerous thing brought into a forest?!”

The Giant Lizard’s natural habit was in the desert . If its natural habitat was the forest, it would not have the ability to breathe out fire . Therefore, the Orc tribe that was being led by the Orc Controller, came into the Astal domain after journeying around the wilderness .

‘Of course, this isn’t what’s important right now!’

It didn’t matter where those Orcs came from . The problem was, if there was to be a forest fire right now, the damage would be irreparable .

“Volkar! Do you have any helpful advice?”

<……If you learned magic from me, there would be several hundred ways to deal with this situation, but because that isn’t the case, I can’t really think of anything . >

“You’re really a useless dragon when it comes down to it!”


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Seeing that Luke wasn’t running away, the Giant Lizard quickly shot out the ball of fire . Instead of running away, Luke leaned forward with both hands and drew a huge circle in the air .


Volkar seemed to be interested in the phenomenon that happened immediately after that . In the circle that was drawn by Luke, a special strength was concentrated in the center and the fireball that hit it, scattered away everywhere .

Throb .

At the same time, a strange sensation came into a play . The movement of the flames that were scattered by Luke’s defense began to slow down . As each and every piece of the fire came into Luke’s eyes, a weird throbbing could be felt .

‘What’s this?’

Feeling his doubts, Luke quickly moved . He kicked a stone up with his toe, caught it with his right hand, and started to concentrate it with the power of gangchesul . Ooo oong, as enough strength was poured into the stone to cause a resonating sound, Luke threw it towards the Giant Lizard with all of his strength .


The Giant Lizard’s head shook with a blunt sound . The stone was thrown from a distance of about 10 meters after injecting the power of gangchesul into it . This made the stone boast a different power from the one that was thrown to attract the lizard’s attention . If it was an ordinary person, their head would have exploded like watermelon .

<Do you intend to fight?>

“It would be dangerous if I continued to let it shoot out fireballs! At the least, I need to make it unable to shoot them out!”

After saying these words, Luke rushed towards the Giant Lizard . He knew that he was being reckless, but if he continued to run away and a forest fire was to occur, there would really be no turning back . It was obvious that the Astal domain would receive huge damage, but if the fire spread at a quick pace, even Luke would be burnt alive .

“Ha aht!”

With a shout, Luke threw out his body to attack . He kicked the ground, and threw a punch towards the Giant Lizard’s body .

Too Hakk!

Luke’s punch exploded onto the Giant Lizard’s body, and a dull sound could be heard .

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“Keukk… . ”

The attack went in perfectly, but Luke’s expression was distorted . The Giant Lizard’s leather was so thick and hard that Luke’s arm hurt instead, and there was no damage given to the Giant Lizard .

‘As I thought, there’s no point in hitting the body . ’

Like this, there was no way to knock it down, even if it was hit several more times . The Giant Lizard wouldn’t just sit there and allow itself to get hit either . Thinking such thoughts, Luke started to think harder . The only option was to either attack the head of the Giant Lizard where the stone hit, or at least put it into a situation where it couldn’t use its fire .

Hwee li lik!

However, Luke was looking down on the Giant Lizard’s endurance . He thought that the stone he threw would at least knock out the Giant Lizard for a little while, but as Luke tried to move towards the lizard’s head, an eerie sound could be heard from behind . The Giant Lizards long tail that was laying on the ground, was now swinging around like a whip .


Luke quickly retreated, and the whip like tail grazed his body .


Even with this, Luke’s leather armor ripped apart like paper . However, Luke had no time to be startled because his body had spun due to the force of the Giant Lizard’s tail .

“Keu ak!”

Luke was barely able to keep himself from falling . However, the moment he lifted his head up, he knew that he had made a fatal mistake . Because his body spun around, Luke missed the timing to dodge the recurring attack from the Giant Lizard’s tail .

‘This is all I can do!’

Luke raised both of his arms to guard his front, and simultaneously used the power of gangchesul to defend .

Too Hak!

A stirring sound could be heard as Luke’s body was thrown up several meters into the air . Even with his insides getting damaged from the shock, Luke straightened his body and landed . However, as if it used too much power with its tail, the Giant Lizard’s legs loosened as it flopped to the ground .

“Cough! I, I almost died . ”

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