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Dragon Order of Flame - Volume 1 - Chapter 5.2

Published at 6th of June 2017 08:11:02 PM

Chapter 5.2

Volume 1


Chapter 5 Part 2


Luke yelled out as soon as he woke up, and he grabbed his stomach as he started rolling around . Luke could not breathe because of the sudden change of senses from a Dragon’s to a pitiful human’s, yet he did not go into a state of panic . He was laughing so hard that tears could be seen on his face .

<……Even without asking, I think I know what part of my memory you saw . >

Volkar grumbled with a displeased expression . Barely stopping his laughter, Luke spoke .

“Hahahaha! Wow, Dirkus is so funny . I was wondering how you lived in the past, but it seems like all you did for thousands of years was stay at home to research magic?”

<What can I say . The world is dull . >

“I don’t think Dirkus had the same opinion as you . ”

<The way he thinks is wrong . >

“Hmm, I guess I’ll leave it at that then . So, what did you see in my memory this time around?”

Luke asked uncomfortably . The memory that Volkar had seen last time, was a memory that Luke wanted to forget for the rest of his life . With that being the case, he was scared to hear Volkar’s response .

Volkar spoke .

<Humans… . . train their bodies in a very ignorant and inefficient way . >


<I saw your past where you were part of the Sigma Order and you were training your gangchesul . Your master seemed to be training you in a way where I couldn’t tell if he was trying to make you stronger, or if he was trying to kill you . I was greatly distressed, because I had to share the same senses as you . >

“Ah, I remember that time . I went through hellish training every single day . I’m sure my master was being tough, because he didn’t have much time to train me . ”

Thinking of the past, Luke made a bitter smile . Living like garbage after leaving Count Astal’s domain, the one who picked him up off the streets was his master . For a limited amount of time, Luke’s master trained him in an outrageous way in order to pass on his legacy . The training lasted for a short 3 years, but within that time, Luke thought of running away over a thousand times . He actually attempted to run a few times, but was caught and beaten by his master .

‘Ah, I need to make sure that something like that doesn’t happen this time . ’

Luke was planning on meeting his master again, but he completely rejected the idea of getting trained by him . Using his own strength, Luke was planning on attaining the same stage that he had reached in the past, and was only planning to learn the rest of the legacy that he had yet to grasp . In order to realize this plan, Luke was busy trying to think of excuses to get closer to his master .

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Volkar asked .

<What did you mean when you said there wasn’t much time?>

“My master taught me for a short 3 years . He had been afflicted by an irrecoverable poison and didn’t have much life left to live . ”


“Yeah . It was the works of one of your minions . ”

There was a slight growl mixed in with Luke’s voice . Volkar fell into silence for a short while, because he could feel Luke’s rage and murderous intent . He wanted to give Luke some time to calm his heart .

A short while after, Luke spoke with a sigh .

“Of course, this ordeal hasn’t happened yet, and it’s one of the things I need to obstruct . My master had attained the 6th level of gangchesul………… . . He was the best amongst everyone that I have seen . If he’s safe, I’m sure he will be of great help with my fight against you . ”

<I see . However, I still can’t understand it . In the memory that I saw, you were constantly wandering around death’s door . Does experiencing something like that really make you stronger? I’ve personally never felt the feelings of fear, but having been trapped in a human’s pitiful senses, I really was able to feel the fear of death . I’m pretty sure a human’s body doesn’t get stronger just from overworking it . >

“……I have quite a bit of my own opinions regarding that, but none of them even phased my teacher . He was a very stubborn person, and if I wanted to voice out my opinions, I was told that I needed to knock him down first . ”

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Luke grumbled as he thought of all the times he had suffered from his teacher . However, thinking of Lana’s face, the one who had given him much comfort, Luke’s expression changed to that of a smiling one .

<What is this feeling? Makes me somewhat angry…… . . It’s the same ugly feeling that I got when I saw Dirkus’s love-stricken face . >

“It, it’s nothing . ”

Hearing Volkar’s doubt filled question, Luke quickly erased Lana’s face from his mind . And, before Volkar could ask more questions, Luke quickly changed the topic .

“Hey, this is already the second time now . Is it going to be okay?”

<I don’t think there’s a big problem yet . >

“So……not yet?”

<That’s right . >

“HA! I guess I really do need to learn magic . Well, it’s almost time for me to leave the house, so I should start getting ready after I take some money from the Count’s wife . ”

Muttering like so, Luke felt that something was strange . Volkar would usually annoy him about learning magic, but this time he didn’t .

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Instead, Volkar asked a different question .

<When are you planning on leaving this place?>

“I’m thinking in about month? I’ve gotten an unexpected harvest this time, so I should be able to beat father soon . ”

<Alright . I should slowly start preparing myself to train you in the ways of magic . >

“You don’t even have a body . What is there to prepare?”

<Whenever you teach someone something, you need to know what the best way is to teach them your knowledge . Isn’t that normal? Especially for someone like you . You’re stupid, your soul capacity is the size of a bean, your senses are dull, and your body is that of a weak human . I need to figure out a way to adjust my training for you . In my opinion, it’s nice to have something to think about . >

“I’m sorry for being stupid, having the soul capacity of a bean, having dull senses, and being a weak human . ”

<It’s fine as long as you understand . I’m fortunate to see that you understand what I’m talking about . >

“Ugh, I’ll get you one of these days . ”

Muttering so, Luke lay back down on the bed and closed his eyes to sleep .

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