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Dragon Order of Flame - Volume 1 - Chapter 5.3

Published at 13th of June 2017 12:39:25 AM

Chapter 5.3

Chapter 5 Part 3

After the subjugation of the Orcs, the daily routine for Marvin seemed to have changed . To be exact, his relationship with Luke was what had changed . For the 2 people who had lived together in the same house, yet never saw each other, were now seeing each other face to face at least once a day .

Marvin was currently on his way to Luke’s secret spot within the forest .

Although he had a displeased expression, because he had to go visit Luke, Marvin did not reject the idea of it .

“Hey! What are you doing?!”

Having reached his destination, Marvin was surprised to notice a fire burning and smoke rising into the air . However, he soon realized that it was a campfire and released a breath of relief .

Sitting in front of the campfire, Luke had his hands out and his eyes closed . As if responding to Marvin’s shout, Luke flipped over his hands and released the breath that he had been holding in for a while . As he did, something amazing happened .


The fire suddenly grew by two folds and the tip grew long, as it rushed towards Luke . As soon as Marvin decided to rush forward in surprise, Luke opened his eyes and swung his arm .


Suddenly, the fire that had been rushing towards Luke followed the movement of his arm, drew a circle in the air and disappeared . Returning his arm back to its original position, Luke evened out his breathing and the campfire went back to its original state .

Luke smiled and muttered to himself .

“Sigh, I can finally control it somewhat . ”

“What is that?”

Marvin asked dumbfoundedly . Judging from what had happened moments before, it seemed like Luke was controlling the fire’s movements .

Luke stared at Marvin and spoke .

“This? This is a form of application of gangchesul . Every school has different names for it, but the most common name would be ‘Fire Control’ . It’s a very useful skill if you want to block a type of fire skill or want to escape out of a field of fire . ”

“There’s a skill like that?”

“Gangchesul is very profound . The things that you’ve learned thus far is similar to picking up a pebble against the side of a mountain . The gangchesul that the Knights practice are specialized towards battle, so it’s a bit stiff . But, I’m sure father can easily do something like this . ”

<As I thought, you really have talent in being a con artist . I guess it’s true that humans are good at lying?>

Volkar spoke as if he was disgusted . Of course, Luke had ignored him because Marvin was standing in front of him .

Moments before, the thing that Luke had done was not an application of gangchesul . It was an elementary usage of his attribute powers that he had gained against his fight with the Giant Lizard . Although there really was a skill called ‘Fire Control’ amongst the many applications of gangchesul, it was impossible for one to strengthen the power of fire, or handle the fire so freely .

Staring at the campfire, Luke lightly muttered . From Marvin’s point of view, it seemed like Luke was talking to himself, but he was speaking with Volkar .

“Hmm . It’s so weak . Although it’s easy to control or amplify an existing fire, if I start a fire out of a nothing, it becomes nothing but tiny embers…… . . ”

<The source of an attribute power is magic . With little to no magic being available, there’s a limit to what you can do . You should find it fortunate that, with the awakening of the attribute power, you at least have a feeble amount of magic . >

While Luke had awakened his attribute powers, he had gained a feeble amount of magic . However, his foundation had yet to be completed to start learning magic . Using Volkar’s expression, Luke’s current magic was even smaller than his fingernail . His physical constitution was still empty of magic .

Marvin asked .

“Can I learn that too?”

“It’s too soon for you . At the least, you need to comprehend how to apply gangchesul to your sword first . Today, let’s train in the ways of grasping the opponent’s senses . ”

“Grasping the opponent’s senses? You mean to detect my surroundings?”

“Not that, it’s training to grasp the opponent’s senses whilst confronting them . For example, like this . ”

Luke Fixedly stared at Marvin . Thinking that Luke was suddenly going to attack, Marvin quickly retreated backwards .


Marvin who had retreated backwards instantly, was perplexed . Luke had just stared at Marvin, and did not move . Yet, why did Marvin think that he would attack?

Luke spoke .

“A person who can utilize gangchesul, can control his energy to disturb an opponent’s senses . You’ve sparred with me quite a bit of times now, so you know the feeling that I give off when I’m about to attack . That’s why, when I produce a feeling similar to that, you get fooled easily . When you’re fighting with a random person, something like this wouldn’t happen so smoothly . ”

“Such a thing is possible?”

“Of course . For reference, you’re too honest so it’s very easy to read your movements . I can close my eyes and still be able to accurately read you . Let’s have you learn this for today . ”

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After saying this, Luke began teaching Marvin how to use the skill .

It’s already been a month and a half since the two have been meeting together to polish their gangchesul . Luke wanted to get a little closer to Marvin before he left on his journey, so he began training him in gangchesul, unbeknownst to the Count and his wife .

At first, Marvin was filled with suspicioun, but as time passed, he began falling deeper into the training of gangchesul . Excluding the things that he learned in the Sigma Order, Luke taught Marvin all the normal techniques . Even still, Marvin felt as if he was seeing a whole different world . Furthermore, Luke had become proficient with the gangchesul that was taught through the Astal family, so he was able to present Marvin with the most perfect method .

Having had a pleasant workout with Luke, Marvin lay on top of the grass . As Luke fixed his hair and sat next to Marvin, Marvin regulated his breath and spoke .

“Hey . ”

“Call me elder brother . ”

“With who’s consent?”

“So not cute . So, what do you want?”

“I’ve been meaning to ask……what thoughts do you have by teaching me?”

“…… . . ”

Luke didn’t respond and looked up towards the sky . As his silence continued, Marvin lifted up his body and continued to speak .

“I honestly don’t understand why you’re doing this . The more I think about it, you…… . ”

“Can you not overthink things?”

Luke asked as he interrupted Marvin . Having his eyes meet Luke’s and seeing an unexpected face expression, Marvin’s face became stiff . Looking much older than a 15-year-old, Luke seemed as if he was an adult, staring at a little boy named Marvin and being embarrassed .

“I just… . . wanted to get closer to you . ”


“I’ve said this many times before, but I have no interest in becoming the heir to this family . I understand that you and your mom feel uneasy, because of father and his whimsical actions……but I just wanted to know who my father was, which is why I came here . I don’t want to threaten your position or fight with you . ”

“You want me to believe that?”

“Just believe it . If I was interested in becoming the heir, would I be doing something like this? I would’ve done whatever I could to kill you when we were facing the Orcs . Isn’t that right?”

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“That’s true, but……”

Seeing Marvin come to an agreement, Luke looked up towards the sky again and spoke .

“I honestly don’t have any talent in becoming closer with people, so this was the only way I could think of doing it . I had many friends that were good at speaking, so they always became close with strangers quickly……I can’t do that . ”

Although he had become much softer than the past, it was still difficult for Luke to build a good relationship with people . That’s why, even though it had already been 5 months since he’d come to the Astal Domain, Luke did not have anyone to comfortably converse with .

Although there were servants that Luke was conflicted with, because of Marvin and Marvin’s mother in the past . Even when he found the servants that had supported him, he did not go out of his way to become friendly with them . He had only become friendly with them in the past, because that was his way of survival . He needed to use them for his own benefit, and did not need them for anything else .

“Well, I understand that you and your mother that believe me . However, don’t worry . I’ll be gone very soon . ”


At those words . Marvin’s eyes grew wide with surprise .

“Are you planning on leaving the family?

“You didn’t hear about it from your mother?”

Luke had thought that the Count’s wife would have informed Marvin . However, it seems like she had chosen to be silent regarding their bet .

Marvin asked .

“I didn’t hear anything . Why are you planning on leaving?”

“It was what I had planned since the beginning . I just came here because I wanted to see father, and because I had a favor to ask . ”

“What kind of favor?

“That’s a secret for now . Either way, it’s better for you if I leave, right? Whatever thoughts I may have in my head, it does not change the fact that seeds of trouble will sprout within the family . If father continues to have such an ambiguous attitude, even if it’s not me, someone with ill intentions will appear . That’s why, it’s best that I leave here as soon as possible . ”

“That’s true, but… . . ”

“What? Are you sad? It seems like you’ve started liking this elder brother?”

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“There’s no way! Hearing you say that you’re going to leave, I feel refreshed . ”

As Luke spoke in a joking way, Marvin flew into a rage and turned his head . Luke stared at the back of Marvin’s head and laughed .

“You’re the only one that can stop father’s immature actions, Marvin . Don’t feel intimidated, and at least do it for your mother . ”

“I understand even if you don’t say it . I’m leaving . ”

Marvin got up and left with a sour mood . Seeing his figure disappear between the trees, Luke muttered .

“I’ll trust you with the back-end work, Marvin . I’ll at least lay the correct foundation for you before I leave…… . ”

<Your love for your brother is extreme . >

“Yeah . I hated him so much in the past, yet now he’s just cute . Is this the normal way a family is supposed to see each other?”

<I wouldn’t have an answer to that . >

“That’s true . ”

Wind blew around Luke’s surrounding . The ash from the campfire rose into the sky, and amidst the ash, a comparatively whole leaf could be seen .

Luke threw out a fist towards that leaf, while still being seated . The distance was about 3 meters away and it looked like he wouldn’t be able to reach it, yet the movement seemed so natural, as if he was right in front of the leaf .


Surprisingly, at the same timing as when Luke threw out his punch, the leaf had split into multiple pieces . Bringing back his fist, Luke muttered .

“Finally . If I polish this a little bit more, I should be able to fight against father . ”




Chapter 5 Part 3 Completed .

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