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Dragon Order of Flame - Volume 1 - Chapter 5.4

Published at 14th of June 2017 04:33:54 AM

Chapter 5.4

Volume 1


Chapter 5 Part 4

When Luke first returned to the past and began training in gangchesul, he had many mistakes regarding it . The mistakes were that, every time he advanced in stages in ganchesul at an alarming rate, it would become modified .

Having gone through the path once before and awakening his ki channels, Luke utilized the training he had received from his master and jumped from the 1st to 2nd stage of gangchesul in an alarmingly short time .

Also, when he attained the 3rd stage of gangchesul, he had recovered this stage with the use of his past memories .

For the 4th stage, a certain amount of ki had to be formed before one could apply the proper skills . However, with the application of a high rank control skill, Luke had been successful in expediting the process .

And the highest 5th stage that he had reached before, the ability to expand his ki to the outside was ridiculously easy to grasp .

Volkar asked .

<What’s the reason? You’re not even able to properly utilize the 4th stage, yet you’re able to grasp the 5th ?>

“For the 4th stage ‘Strong Sword’, if one keeps practicing gangchesul and attain a certain amount of ki, anyone can reach it . However, the 5th stage is a stage where you need to surpass everything that you have learned previously . That’s why I had thought it would take some time for me to regain my strength, but I was mistaken . ”

If the different stages of gangchesul were learned ‘normally’ from the beginning, it became harder to advance as you progressed in stages . The reason why it became difficult was because the previous level had to fully be mastered, and a new sense had to be built upon that foundation .

In Luke’s case, he had already gone through the process of finding and grasping those senses previously, which was why it was easier for him to overcome each stage, even the 5th stage .

“If I can raise my attribute powers and ki a little bit more, I should be able to overcome father . Father probably thinks that what he saw at the subjugation was everything that I had, so I should be able to surprise him . ”

Only, it was obvious that the amount of one’s ki would determine the force that was released by their ki techniques . And, Luke did not have enough ki or force to be able to overcome the Count instantly .

Luke wanted to use his ki to induce confusion within the Count, and then attack once he showed a gap in his defense . The Count probably hadn’t dealt with an attack like this before, so it would be a surprise for him .

“If it was master, he probably wouldn’t even think about the difference in ki…… . ”

Thinking hard on how to win against the Count, Luke suddenly thought of his Master Grayson, and released a sigh .

The man who had given everything to leave his legacy to Luke before his death . He had done his best to create the perfect masterpiece within Luke, and did not dare to say a single weak word in front of him .

‘Although I couldn’t fulfill your dying wish in the past, it will be different this time around . ’

Grayson’s dying wish was that Luke would protect Lana in his place .

Lana Arunde . The first love that Luke had lost .


‘Luke, you must leave my side . If you don’t, you will be hit with misfortune . ’


Luke could never forget the words that Lana had said to him, as she saw her hope, Grayson die in front of her eyes .

The woman whose life had been filled with misfortune since the day she was born, and never once in her life was happy . There were many who had sympathized with her, but they all had fallen into ruin . When she became an adult, the only one left was Grayson . He had treated her like his own granddaughter, which is why he had also fallen into ruin after fighting for her sake .

After Grayson had died, the only person that was left beside her was Luke . Continuing Grayson’s dying wish, and because he had fallen in love with her, Luke did everything within his powers to protect Lana . However, that resolve broke down due to the cruelness of reality, and having lost Lana, Luke’s only reason for living was his revenge against Volkar .


Remembering her smiling face, Luke clenched his fist .

There is no lack of regret for the lost time .

The reminiscence of being together with her, and the feelings that had built up between the two . Thinking of all the loss that he had to endure, Luke’s heart began to hurt .

However, if the tragedy of losing Lana was to disappear, Luke would be able to abandon everything . Although, if he was to meet her again, and even if Grayson was unable to recognize him, Luke would do everything he could for them .

Thinking of such complex thoughts, Luke suddenly looked towards the sun and clicked his tongue .

“… . . anyhow, it seems like this guy’s really sulking . ”

It’s already been quite some time, since Marvin’s scheduled appearance . Having heard Luke say that he was leaving the night before, Marvin must have still been in a sulking mood .

“Mm . If he doesn’t come tomorrow as well, maybe I need to go and cheer him up? Wait, what can I do to cheer him up?”

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Being a person who lacked talent in socializing with people, Luke did not know how to go about cheering up his little brother . Thinking for a little while, Luke gave up and began moving his body .

About an hour later? Luke suddenly felt a familiar aura get closer .

“Oh, you came Marvin?”

“I was a little late, because I had to stop by and speak with mother . ”

“I thought you wouldn’t show today . ”


“Mm, that is…… . ”

As Marvin asked with a sulky expression, Luke scratched his cheek in an awkward way . Marvin passed Luke and spoke .

“We don’t have much time left . I need to learn everything I can from you before you leave,”

“……… . ”

Speaking with a crooked attitude, yet showing an embarrassed expression, Luke could feel his heart choking up . He was such a hateful brother in the past, but although Marvin was still far from being honest with himself, Luke couldn’t believe how cute Marvin was acting . Is it normal for a younger brother to act so cute?

Seeing the difference in Marvin’s attitude since the first time they had met, Luke knew that he had made the correct decision . In this life, Luke couldn’t consider respecting and loving the Count, just because he was his father . However, seeing Marvin acting the way he was now, Luke understood what it meant to have a family .

“Hey . ”

About 2 hours into Luke’s lesson, Marvin asked while wiping his sweat .

“When are you planning on leaving?”

“Mm . I would say within a month . ”

Luke was just finishing up the arrangements to leave . He was normally planning on leaving earlier, but once he started teaching Marvin some gangchesul techniques, he wanted to teach him even a little bit more, and so he had extended his stay in the Astal Domain .

Marvin spoke .

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“I heard from mother . She’ll be giving you money in exchange for you leaving?”

“Yeah . Because, that would be the easiest thing for your mom . ”

“You’re so shameless . ”

As Luke responded without even the slightest bit of embarrassment, Marvin’s lips twitched . Marvin had felt a little disappointed when he heard from his mother that Luke would be given money for leaving, but seeing as how Luke was so dignified with his answer, Marvin just felt like laughing .

Luke spoke .

“I’ll just consider it your tuition fee . ”

“Isn’t it too expensive?”

“It’s because this place is a remote location . If you go to a more prosperous town, nobles pay a lot of money to teach martial arts to their kids . 30,000 Reb is really cheap . ”

“Sometimes when I hear the things you say, it sounds like you’ve traveled around the world for many years . What exactly have you been doing till now?”

“This and that . I’ve done many things like dishwashing, beating people up for money, etc . ”

“You beat people to steal their money?”

“If you go out to the city, there are many little organizations between alleyways . I was hired as a mercenary by them, and I did many dirty things . When you do that type of work, you can really feel yourself rot, and it doesn’t become that big of a deal . Don’t even think of doing that type of work . ”

“I’ll be taking over this territory . How would I do that type of work?”

“That’s true . But, among the aristocrats, there are many who are involved with those types of people . Later, if those people try to form a relationship with you, just ignore them . ”

“Are there those types of people in our territory too?”

“There are . Of course, if you go to a tiny village like Maran there aren’t, but there definitely are some around this area . It’s because this place has a slightly bigger population, and many people travel in and out of here . ”

Compared to the other towns, the territory that the Astal family oversaw had a higher population and was busier . It can be said that it was slowly building itself into a city . Of course, Luke had traveled around the world and had seen many bigger and busier cities, which is why he compared this place to a remote location .

“The nobles around here are all small fry, but human nature is the same anywhere . Don’t ever build a relationship with them . ”

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The honest reason as to why Luke was saying all this was because of what he had experienced in the past, while he was fighting with Marvin . Having made his life difficult within the family, Luke had brought in people from the alleyways, and as the climax was being reached, powerful organizations from different areas began to join in . This led to the destruction of the household .

“That’s never going to happen . ”

As Luke was lecturing Marvin as if he was his mother, Marvin frowned . At the same time, questions were raised .

‘This guy is 15 years old, but how does he know so many things? Am I just oblivious because I’ve been staying within the castle?’

Slightly tilting his head, Marvin eventually rid himself of his doubts and asked a different question .

“What are you going to do after you leave this place?”

“There’s something I need to do . ”

“What is it?”

Having responded with a determined voice, Marvin found it strange . Luke responded .

“There was a favor that my master had requested of me before he passed away, so I’m probably going to have to travel here and there for now . ”

Luke spoke while thinking of his past relationships . Staring at Luke for a moment, Marvin eventually looked towards the sky and muttered .

“How envious . I wish I could travel too . ”

“Try it at least once when you get some time to relax . You don’t really need to see everything in this world, but it should be enough to at least visit you relatives in different locations . You should know what the outside world is like before you become the lord of this place . ”

“I really will do it one day . ”

Filled with interest, Marvin began asking Luke questions regarding the places he’s been to and the jobs that he’s done . Having become excited with the fact that Marvin was interested in his life, Luke began telling him stories with a bit of dramatization in them .

This was the daily life of the two brothers until the day Luke left . Having found another way to help his brother besides teaching him gangchesul, Luke began telling Marvin of all his experiences . It was hard to imagine that a 15 year old boy would have gone through so much . But, as Luke was storytelling, he did not notice the change within Marvin’s feelings .



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