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Dragon Order of Flame - Volume 2 - Chapter 6.10

Published at 1st of August 2017 10:44:55 PM

Chapter 6.10

Chapter 6 Part 10

Luke jumped down in the midst of those who were waiting to ambush, and pierced downwards with his spear .


The thief that was hit with the spear, died without being able to make a single noise . The spear had gone straight through the crown of his head and into the deepest parts of his throat .

“What the?”

“Who is it!”

As the thieves were getting up out of surprise, Luke kicked down the guy next to the first thief that died, and smashed his foot down on to his throat . Then, he threw out a punch towards the face of the confused guy that was next to him .


With a hair-raising sound, the thief’s face sunk in, as his body fell back . Luke quickly grabbed the spear that was within the opponent’s hand, and began to thrust out like a gale . At a glance, it seemed like he was thrusting out at random, but in reality, he was specifically aiming for certain spots . In a matter of moments, 3 more died .


However, as the spear pierced through the 3rd person, it broke off after making contact with the spine . Luke threw away the spear as he clicked his tongue, and began to run . After killing off 6 enemies, there was no reason for him to be greedy .

“This fucker!”

“Follow him! Kill him!”

Still being unable to get out of the chaos, the thieves exploded with a murderous spirit . Luke snorted, then grabbed a rock off the ground . And, while glaring at the thief that was following behind him, he threw it . It was a speed that a normal person would be unable to see, as it hit the head of the following thief, killing him .

The enemy became very vulnerable, as they were hit during their preparations for an ambush . They did not believe that someone would be able attack them whilst they were hiding, and so they put all of their focus on their trap .

It was difficult for them to react in time, because this was an unexpected situation . Thoroughly utilizing that gap, Luke held the advantage over the thieves .


Luke’s stone throwing had killed it’s 3rd thief . As this happened, the pursuit from the enemies, were beginning to falter . Luke lowered his speed, as if he was taunting them to try and catch him, then began to throw rocks at them again once they got closer .

‘Once this is over, I should go to a blacksmith and get my hands on some throwing knives . ’

Thinking such thoughts, Luke stared at his enemies . Suddenly .


A ferocious shriek rang out from amongst the thieves . Being surprised, Luke turned back . A huge Orc that was barely dressed, was running towards him .

Staring at the Orc that was much faster than the thieves, Luke was surprised .

“What the? Not only is it a thief, but it’s also an Orc that can utilize gangchesul?”

The Orc that was chasing after Luke, was Kutan, a general within the group . It had learned how to utilize gangchesul from the leader Batlan . Although it’s stage was low, it still had monstrous power, because of its genetics . It was naturally stronger than a human .

“Damn it, these Bandits . What is their identity?”

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Luke mumbled, as if the situation was absurd . However, he was still fearless, and did not fluster . He had seen many Orcs who were able to utilize gangchesul, before he came back in time . Amongst them, there was one that was at the 5th stage, and was able to make Luke fight with his life on the line .


Kutan ran in and swung its broad sword . As a heavy sound rang out, a thicket was smashed apart by the force . It was so powerful, that it would have easily been able to destroy a human head .

However, being able to trace the orbit, Luke easily evaded . He then quickly moved up into the trees and began to throw stones . As Kutan was swinging away the stones with its sword, Luke began to run with his monkey like movements .

“If you think you can catch me, then keep chasing me you dirty Orc!”

“Kwuhhh! You dare, you little monkey!”

Having been angered, Kutan began to chase after Luke . Luke stuck his tongue out, then proceeded to move at a pace that Kutan was able to keep up with . As he was moving towards a location that was away from the thieves and the subjugation party, the other thieves had fallen behind .

“This should be far enough . ”

Confirming that the thieves were a few hundred meters behind, Luke jumped down onto the ground . Kutan, who was running forward with murderous spirit, stopped as it felt it to be strange that Luke was standing still and waiting for it .

“Little boy, are you not going to run away?”

“I’m not a little boy, is what I’d like to say, but I really am a little boy right now . ”

Grumbled Luke . Although he had grown a bit in the last few months, Luke barely grew past 160cm . He was 184cm in his previous life, and the Orc in front of him was almost 190cm, so he had nothing to say when it called him ‘little boy’ .

“Anyways, the reason why I’m here isn’t because I was running away from you, but to fight with you 1 on 1 . I’ll kill you before the others get here . ”

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“How impudent! Kutan, angry!”

“The impudent one is you . You haven’t even been able to reach the 4th stage yet, so who do you think you’re being a show off to? I’ll show you how petty your gangchesul is, so come . ”

Luke looked down at the Orc as he flicked his finger . Kutan was filled with rage as it succumbed to Luke’s provocation .


Seeing the agile 160cm body against a 190cm Orc filled with bulging muscles, it seemed like a puppy was going against a bear . In a moment, the gap between the two was diminished as Kutan swung down its sword with much vigor .

Seeing this attack, Luke did not move . He seemed like he had no thoughts of wanting to evade, and instead, threw out a punch .


As an explosive sound rang out, Kutan stopped moving . It opened its eyes widely as it groaned .

“Keuk… . . ”

To one’s amazement, Kutan’s sword had hit Luke’s side . Luke utilized the weak point that appeared during the swing, and countered . The punch that landed on Kutan’s amazing muscles, broke its spine and damaged its internal organs .

“As I thought, an Orc gangchesul practitioner is much sturdier . ”

Luke laughed . He had planned on utilizing Kutan’s running force in order to land a 1 hit kill, however, its body was unexpectedly sturdy . With its physique, body weight, muscles, and gangchesul all added together, it wasn’t strange to say that it was similar to hitting armor .

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Luke did not allow Kutan to make any movements . He immediately punched its chin, and broke its jaw . As the shock shook its brain, its mountain like body began to sway .

‘Spiral Impact!’

As Luke smashed down on Kutan’s head, Spiral Stream and the downward momentum became one, and an explosion occurred .


Unable to withstand the force, Kutan’s head exploded like watermelon, and Luke sighed while staring at its corpse .

“Sigh, an Orc with gangchesul is uselessly tough . ”

Luke was glad that Kutan’s gangchesul stage was low .

If it had reached the 4th stage, Luke would have had to fight with his life on the line . However, Kutan was only at the 3rd stage . Its skill in utilizing its ki was too low, which led to its easy defeat .

“It’s going to become a pain if there are more of these gangchesul practitioners . ”

Having caught his breath, Luke began running towards the subjugation party . Since he had broken through the enemy’s trap and ambush, they had to attack while the enemy was in chaos .



Chapter 6 Part 10 Completed .

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