Dragon Order of Flame - Volume 2 - Chapter 6.11

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Chapter 6.11

Volume 2


Chapter 6 Part 11

“What? Kutan is dead?”

Zaire was astonished after hearing his subordinate’s report . Kutan was a part of Batlan’s main fighting force, as it was 1 of the 3 that knew gangchesul . Zaire could not believe that the subjugation group was able to kill it, when he had been messing with them with his tactics .

“What exactly happened?”

Batlan was taken aback as he asked inquisitively . As the subordinate was telling the 2 exactly what he had seen, Batlan and Zaire could not hide their surprise .

“Not only is he young, but he’s absolutely crazy . I can’t believe that a strong little boy like that is a normal mercenary…… . . ”

“Do you think a Knight dressed up as a kid to try and find a gap through our defenses?”

“I don’t think Viscount Nadal is smart enough to do that, sir . Did they invite a well-known mercenary from somewhere? Either way, it’s absurd . To think that he would be able to stop an ambush, kill off 10 people, then lure out Kutan by itself to kill it…… . ”

As the plans have now gone awry, Zaire frowned .

Kutan’s death was truly a pity . Although it wasn’t sad that the Orc had died, it was quite a heavy hit for the bandits for it to have died during their current situation .

“What are you planning on doing?”

“I still have 2 other ambushes placed, so let’s wait and see what happens . I think you as the boss, should take care of the little kid that killed Kutan . ”

“I will . You take care of the Knights then . ”

“It wouldn’t be tough to take care of the injured ones, as long as our subordinates distract the others as I get rid of them one by one……”

Zaire smiled .

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Different from what Viscount Nadal knew, the Batlan Bandits had over 120 thieves . Amongst them, 30 were specially trained by Zaire to be archers, and 40 of them were Orc Warriors . Even if they were to go head-to-head with the subjugation group, they easily outnumbered them and would easily be able to defeat them . If they were to wear down the subjugation group a little bit more, they should be able to finish off the battle with little damage done their side .

However, after 2 hours had passed, Zaire could do nothing but to admit that his plans had failed . As he and Batlan continued to hear the reports from their subordinates, their faces stiffened .

Batlan spoke with a grave tone .

“That young fellow is really scary . Who is he?”

“He may look young, but actually be older than he looks . Seeing how his movements have been thus far, it seems like he’s a strong gangchesul practitioner with plenty of experience as a mercenary . If it wasn’t the case, he wouldn’t be able to fight against us like this . ”

Zaire’s 2nd ambush group had completely failed . Just like when he had killed Kutan, Luke acted independently from the subjugation group and attacked the bandits by surprise . But, he didn’t attack them right after finding them . He let his allies slowly advance forward, then using the gap when the ambush groups attention was elsewhere, he killed off everyone but 2 of the bandits .

With brows furrowed, Batlan asked .

“What would be the best course of action? If we fight them head on long this, we’ll be hit with quite the damage . ”

“Seeing as how things have become like this, it would be better to drag out the time and to get ready to leave . ”

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“You want us to run?”

“If we were to continue fighting like this, the losses would outweigh the gains . Let’s take what we can and leave . I’ve already separated the ones we can throw aside to act as bait… . . ”

They did not have any reasons to fight head on with the subjugation group . They only did what they did to survive, so what was the point of putting the lives on the line? With the situation being as it is, it was better to throw aside some bait, and then retreat with the more important people .

After thinking for a little while, Batlan nodded his head .

“Let’s do that . We should try and merge together with another Orc tribe next time . ”

“Kutan is dead now, so the rest of them are now useless . Well, I guess it’s time to slowly get rid of them . ”

Whether it was Batlan, or Zaire, they both did not treat the Orcs as their peer . They were just useful to use as reinforcements, hence the reason why they formed together as a group .

The Orcs were happy to be able to become affluent more easily, and with less sacrifices through Zaire’s tactics . And, the Batlan Bandits were happy to be able to use the strength of the Orcs, so it was a give and take business . However, now that Kutan had died, it was now time to end the compromise .

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Batlan asked .

“Then we should quickly move . Ah, but what are you going to do about that?”

“That? For now, let’s take it with us . It would be too wasteful for us to just leave it here… . ”

“As I thought, we really should huh? But, seeing as how Viscount Nadal is trying his best to put an end to this, I think it’s probably because of them . Do you think it’ll be okay?”

“Well, if worse comes to worst, we can always release them somewhere and use them as bait . We can’t just be throwing away something that’s worth as much as gold, right?”

“Alright . Then, under the pretext of you taking them away, you should retreat first . ”

“Yes, sir . ”

Zaire lowered his head as he left the barracks .

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