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Dragon Order of Flame - Volume 2 - Chapter 6.2

Published at 4th of July 2017 04:35:24 PM

Chapter 6.2

Volume 2


Chapter 6 Part 2

It was common sense that monsters were hostile towards humans, but this wasn’t the case for everyone . Amongst humans, there were people who suffered from other humans which was no different from monsters .

Thieves were such existences . When one suffers from either a human or a monster, in the end, isn’t it all the same?

Therefore, there are times when malicious organizations are created . Such as the Balan bandits; Humans and Orcs formed an alliance to loot, kidnap, traffic humans, etc .

Volkar asked .

<Is the blood of justice that’s flowing through your body boiling over?>

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

While Luke was mixing in with the mercenaries and soldiers, and inspecting his items, Volkar asked a weird question . When Luke asked back as if Volkar was crazy, a soldier stared at Luke thinking Luke had spoken to him . Luke became startled, looked away, and moved towards the back .

<I’m asking because I’m confused as to why you’re getting yourself mixed up into this situation . >

“That is because it won’t take up too much of my time and it pays pretty well . I didn’t join just because they said they were going to give special treatment to gangchesul practitioners . ”

Luke responded back as if he was confused .

It’s been half a month since Luke had fought with the Count and left on his journey .

After the fight with the Count, he had healed himself overnight at a nearby temple, then continued to polish his physical body and gangchesul .

At first, Luke was thinking of purchasing a horse with the money that was given by the Count’s wife, but changed his mind immediately after . He figured it would be better training to utilize his wind step technique and just walk during the journey . Currently, when Luke utilized the wind step technique, he was faster than the average person by 30 minutes, even if they were to run with all their worth . In that manner, he walked several miles every day and quickly got further away from the Astal territory .

And, after passing Hog Viscount’s territory (which neighbored Count Astal’s territory), Luke arrived at Nadal Viscount’s territory . The moment he arrived, he heard about the evil Batlan bandits being in the vicinity, and that two towns had already been plundered by them . Viscount Nadal was in a rush to gather people together for a subjugation quest, and because he was lacking military strength, he was recruiting mercenaries to join . Especially towards mages and gangchesul practitioners, Viscount Nadal promised great rewards, and that was how Luke had ended up joining in the cause at its final stages .

<Do you HAVE to do these things in order to make money?>

“I thought you said I needed money in order to learn magic? If I don’t do something like this, how do you expect to make money? Should I settle down somewhere and start up a business?”

Luke felt irritated .

He had information regarding the future, and it seemed like he would easily be able to make money . But, this was not the case . Luke had not been interested in worldly events, so he did not know of any way to earn money quickly and easily . Not only that, but he’s also never run a business before, so he wasn’t sure if it was even possible to make money through it .

This led to him doing what he did best, and that was to fight . Although he was able to receive 30,0000 reb from the Count’s wife, it wasn’t that much money . Of course, if this money was given to a normal family, they would be able to live without working for 2-3 years, but Luke was different . He had to buy many expensive ingredients in order to perfect his gangchesul, and even more expensive ingredients to help him learn magic .

With slight hesitation, Volkar asked .

<Is it that hard to make money?>

“Of course, it’s hard . You’ve traveled the world before, so you should have some experience in it, right?”

<I’ve never been out for too long, and I’ve never had any problems with not having money, so I don’t understand . >

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“How? Did you carry some treasures around with you when you left your nest?”

<Treasures? My nest doesn’t have such things . >

“There’s no way . When one thinks of a dragon’s nest, aren’t there usually mountains of gold and treasures stored in it?”

<That’s the result of peoples mistaken perceptions, just because of a few dragon’s . As you’ve seen from your dream, my nest was vast and desolate . >

“It’s regretful that it wasn’t big and beautiful . But I had thought that your secret storage was kept somewhere else, but you’re saying that wasn’t the case?”

<Nope . Of course, I always kept my magic materials in stock, and some of them happened to be jewels . However, I’ve never had to exchange them for money in the human world . >

“Then how have you never had issues with not having money? Did another dragon help solve those issues for you?”

<I made it . >


With such an incomprehensible answer, Luke’s eyes grew wide . Volkar began to explain .

<I had heard that anything was possible in the human world as long as I had gold and jewels, so I made them . Using those as collateral, there really wasn’t anything that I couldn’t do . >


Luke was at a loss of words . Making gold and jewels? Amongst the mage professions, Luke had heard that alchemists always dreamt of changing lead to gold, but he had never heard of any of them being successful . Yet, this had happened in reality?

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“Hey, how do you make gold and jewels? Did you scam people by making fake items?”

<It’s not that difficult to do . Gold, I could create with any stone lying on the ground, and for jewels, I could just compress the elements and process them into any shape I want . In the past, about 521 years ago, I had gifted a big diamond to the queen of Baldain and she seemed to be really happy . After that, I was there for several years, and anytime I said that I wanted to do something, the royal house would complete it for me…… . . >

“The ‘Tears of the Sun’ was created by you?”

Luke’s eyes were wide with surprise . The Queen of Baldain’s emblem, ‘Tears of the Sun’, is the continent’s biggest diamond . The size of it is bigger than a person’s fist, and even a sage had created a legend saying that it was a gift that was left behind by the Sun God .

Volkar asked with wonder .

<Aren’t human mages able to make a diamond as well, if they’re up to a certain level? That was the reason why I had just created a diamond that was bigger than any of them could ever make . >

“… . That’s definitely not possible? There’s no way such a mage can exist!”

Although Luke was acquainted with a Grand Wizard, he was told that even for alchemists, it was but a dream to change lead to gold . Yet, not only had this dream become a reality, but he’s saying, ‘It’s easy’? How was he supposed to respond?

“Think of it this way . That is……Hmm, how should I say it? If mages were able to easily make gold and jewels, wouldn’t the value of them drop to the floor? Whether it’s gold or jewels, they’re considered to be expensive because they’re hard to obtain . ”

<Is that so? Human mages really can’t do it?>

“They can’t . Much less creating money, they drink money like water . As far as I know, magic is a money eating beast . ”

<Hmmm… . . >

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Through telepathy, Luke could feel that Volkar was feeling awkward . He was totally feeling like ‘why can’t they do something so easy’?, so Luke was dumfounded . If human mages could really do such a thing, one country; no, a whole continent could fall into their hands .

Luke asked gently .

“If I’m able to learn magic from you, would I be able to make gold and jewels as well?”

<Of course . However, to be interested in magic because of gold and jewels, humans really are materialistic . Maybe I should have enticed you with this from the beginning?>

“Ah, o, of course I’m not interested in magic solely because of the gold and jewels . I just figured that it would be best to have a lot of money if I were to fight against you in the future . To say it plainly, they’re campaign funds . Honestly . ”

<Hmm . I see . Let’s leave it at that then . >

“What do you mean, ‘let’s leave it at that’…… . HEY, I’m being serious! Trust me!”


As Luke was getting angry with Volkar’s words of ridicule, the sound of a horn rang out . The Knights and Mercenaries that were gathered at the location, raised their heads and focused their eyes on one location . A slightly fleshy figure of Viscount Nadal could be seen, sitting atop a horse with full gear on, and staring into the crowd .

“Everyone should be ready, yes? We’re leaving now! All Knights follow the commands of Lord Lard and Lord Mirk!”

With 12 Knights leading the way, and 160 soldiers trailing behind, they began to move forward . Behind them were 2 Knights and 50 Mercenaries .



Chapter 6 Part 2 Completed .

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