Dragon Order of Flame - Volume 2 - Chapter 6.4

Published at 11th of July 2017 06:43:13 PM

Chapter 6.4

Volume 2


Chapter 6 Part 4

Just as Luke had thought, a mercenary affiliate was mixed in within the group of thieves . His name was Zaire Negurson, and he had received their trust . As a mercenary, he had roamed many battlefields, until around 4 years ago, where he got captured by the Batlan bandits during a subjugation quest . In order to live, he used scheming words in order to become part of their organization .

After he had joined their group, the Batlan bandits had become much better in every aspect . He had put up a series of configurations in order to enhance their strength, and also utilized a standard army’s tactics in order to mitigate the amount of damage they received during battle .

Not only that, but Zaire also helped them become wealthier, and the amount of personnel dying in battle had decreased . That’s why no one rejected the idea of Zaire becoming the co-leader of the organization .

With a shaggy beard and a body filled with bulging muscles, the leader of the Batlan bandits, Batlan mumbled .

“Hmm . Viscount Nadal seems to be on something . To think that he would hire 50 mercenaries . ”

“That’s what I’m saying . ”

Zaire nodded his head . He looked to be as if he was in his mid-20’s, and he had fiery red hair with blue eyes . However, the shape of his eyes was thin, so it was difficult to tell what color his eyes were unless it was seen from up close .

“If Crosson was there, we would have been able to give them more damage . What a pity . It would have been nice if we were able to kill Viscount Nadal’s mage, but it’s become quite problematic now . ”

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Zaire clicked his tongue and mumbled to himself as he stood at the entrance to the mountain . Crosson was a mage for the Baltlan bandits, until about 2 months ago . He was a mercenary affiliate himself, so he wasn’t able to use high leveled magic . However, there was a big difference to a group if they had a mage or not . About 2 months ago, he had ended up dying in battle, and the Batlan bandits were now without a mage .

Batlan spoke .

“There are way too many knights around so there’s nothing we can do . Quite a high number of them at that . I don’t think me, you, and Kutan will be an opponent for them . ”

The Batlan bandits were just a gang of thieves, so they only had 3 practitioners of gangchesul . Batlan had come from a fallen warrior family, and he had taught 2 people how to use gangchesul . The first being his favored co-leader Zaire, and the second being his general, Orc Kutan .

Zaire sighed .

“That’s why we need to get rid of as many of their squads as we can, while they are on their way over here . Our expenses may be a bit high this time . ”

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“Nothing we can do about it . We’ve made a lot ‘til now, so we can’t be too stingy and end up suffering a huge loss . And, just from killing the knights and selling off their armor, we should be able to make that money back . ”

If a knight was to where a full set of heavy armor, it could be sold at around 30-40,000 reb . That’s why, if they were to kill the knights and sell their armor, it would be a sufficient amount of income for the bandits .

Zaire smiled .

“If we can, we should kill them without damaging the armors, but that might be a bit difficult . ”

The subjugation party coming for them was much bigger than their organization, yet the two people did not show any signs of fear . It was because they had fought with plenty of other subjugation parties, so they were confident that they could win this battle as well .

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Once Zaire understood the topography, he pointed at a poorly drawn portion of the map and let out an evil laugh .

“Those guys will have slowly made it to the second point now . I’m really looking forward to seeing their face expressions as they get scared out of their own wits . ”



Chapter 6 Part 4 Completed .

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