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Dragon Order of Flame - Volume 2 - Chapter 6.6

Published at 18th of July 2017 08:14:35 PM

Chapter 6.6

Chapter 6 Part 6

Archers were a difficult occupation to nurture, because of their high costs . Nobles Learned archery as a basic skill, but for normal soldiers, only specially selected people would be raised as archers . It was hard to understand how a group of thieves had so many archers .

‘Are they really going to become the entire Palluka bandits?”

The use of fireballs, and possessing many archers – they were very similar to the Palluka bandits from the past . Of course, comparing them to the Palluka bandits, their group was much smaller, and the quality of their troops were inferior .

In his previous life, Luke was still duking it out with Marvin at this point in time, so he did not know what was going on in the world . That’s why, it was true that he was just thinking of possibilities .

‘It’ll become troublesome if they’re related to the Palluka bandits . If even 1 out of the 4 bosses is mixed in within the group, the me right now won’t be able to face them . No, maybe they won’t be too strong either, since it’s the past?’

If that’s the case, then there isn’t much to worry about . They were at the 4th stage, 15 years from now, which means they’re nothing much at the moment . Having made his decision, Luke tried to slowly make his way back up the tree .

“Keu ah ah ah at!”

Suddenly, something unexpected happened . 3 of the Knights that had fallen from the fireballs, yelled out a ghastly cry, as they began to run towards Luke .

Within the hollow terrain, as multiple fireballs exploded forth, a synergy effect occurred . The great majority of Knights were either severely burned and died, or had breathed in the flames, burning away their respiratory tract and dying . The flames from the fireballs had special drugs within them, and they would stick to the respiratory tract . It was difficult to survive, even if one was to try and use their ki to clear it away .

However, not all of the Knights were dead from the fireballs . A portion of the Knights were able to utilize their gangchesul, in order to evade and receive the least amount of damage possible . And, as soon as Luke got a portion of the enemy archers to face his direction, the Knights used that gap to charge forth .

‘Good! Worthy to be called Knights, they’re not just sitting there taking damage!’

Praising the Knights’ bravery, Luke jumped back into a tree . And, in a roundabout way, he began to rush towards the enemies that were getting closer, with the movements of a monkey . Being short on ki, it was difficult to pierce through the arrows that were recklessly being shot out, but it was enough to deal with those that had swords and spears .

“What the?”

As Luke spurt through the trees, a thief grew surprised . And, as Luke dropped down from above their heads, he smashed down on their head with his legs .


A thief instantly got a fracture in his skull as he breathed his last breath . Using the rebound from that attack, Luke spun his body around and flung his sharp arms that were concentrated with Spiral Stream .


Suffering from Luke’s sharp attacks, the thieves screamed and died . As they began to become tangled and confused, Luke threw out a punch .

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An explosive sound rang out as an Orc thief that was in front of him, lost his organs, coughed up blood, and fell . As if it was a logical conclusion, Luke didn’t even bat an eyelash, as he kicked away the corpse and continued to block the enemies’ movements . And, as he grabbed a spear that was thrust towards him from his back with his hand, he snorted .

“Definitely Orcs, you guys don’t even flinch . ”

The one who thrust the spear was an Orc thief . Although the human thieves weren’t able to regain their senses and continued to be confused, the simple, ignorant, and courageous Orcs at least attacked . However, with Luke being their opponent, it was useless .


A back kick smashed against the Orc’s stomach . With the force from the attack, the torso bones and innards were destroyed, and the Orc died as it bled out from its mouth . Taking the spear it was using, Luke stabbed at the thieves that were running around everywhere, when one of the human thieves screamed out .


The scream was mixed with fear, as he jumped in with his sword . However, Luke slightly tilted his body, dodged the attack, then smashed his elbow into the chest of the thief .


As the chest bone was smashed, the thief foamed at the mouth with blood, and fell .

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It was simply a massacre . Although he was short of ki, Luke was able to use his skills efficiently, and it was difficult to find a rival that was close to his level .

To the thieves that weren’t able to utilize gangchesul and didn’t even have proper armor, they were unable to be Luke’s opponents . They were bewildered with Luke’s unusual movements in the beginning, then rained on with sharp attacks like a whirlwind . It didn’t even take 3 minutes for 8 thieves to lose their lives .

“Poor guys who weren’t even trained well . ”

Luke coldly mumbled as he stared at the fallen thieves . It was beyond his capacity to face this many opponents, back when he was fighting against the Orc Dragon Controller . But, now he could . His combat abilities had grown, his body was even tougher, and he had reached the 5th stage of gangchesul .

Having slayed the first group of thieves, Luke jumped back into a tree and began to inspect the situation . As he thought, it wasn’t great . As soon as the remaining Knights charged forth, the thieves quickly retreated . Being hit with arrows as they were chasing after them, the Knights had only been able to slay 2 of the enemies .

“Hmm . Thankfully the Viscount is still alive, so I won’t have to run . ”

Finding Viscount Nadal amongst his allies, Luke mumbled to himself . Although Viscount Nadal had some burns here and there, he was comparatively fine .

It wasn’t because his abilities were high, but because he was the lord, his armor had a magic spell placed on it that could endure against fire .

Volkar asked .

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<Were you planning on running if the Viscount had died?>

“Of course . ”


“2 reasons . If the situation turns bad and the commander dies, the next thing to happen would be a massacre . I’m not strong enough yet to be able to fight against the bandits by myself . ”

Extending out his second finger, Luke spoke .

“And if the person to pay me dies, I have no reason to fight with my life on the line . If the lord dies, usually the subjugation group gets punished, and there’s a high change that I won’t even receive the reward . However, thankfully he’s alive, so I should go down there and negotiate . Since the situation is like this, I should raise my reward . ”

Picking up the spear of a dead Orc, Luke walked towards the location of the Viscount .



Chapter 6 Part 6 Completed .

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